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These documents are for the current financial year, or are currently applicable.

Transitional Strategy 2023/24 Consultation Document

In November 2022, NZ On Air has produced a consultation document outlining the proposed transitional strategy for Irirangi te Motu|NZ On Air for 2023/24. This document outlines how we plan to work towards redefining our role, focusing on serving our priority audiences, and evolving our mahi to be complementary to but different from the public media entity, ANZPM.

We welcome feedback on this transitional strategy before noon Wednesday 14 December 2022. Feedback should be sent to

You can read the consultation document below.

NZ Media Fund review

In late 2020 we engaged media consultant Hal Crawford to review the three-year old NZ Media Fund. As an independent person with direct experience of the NZ media and NZ On Air funding he was briefed with asking whether the fund is working, and what could be better.

His comprehensive review is below. It highlights some things we could change so that the funding model continues to evolve and deliver to its promise. We've taken some time to chew over the recommendations and you can read about what we are doing in the Response document also below.

Platform Contributions - Summary of feedback and Draft Policy

In November 2019 NZ On Air issued a Discussion paper to inform a review of Platform Contributions.

Given the competing tensions described in the paper, the sharp increase in applications submitted and funded in the past two years, and the emergence of new digital platforms seeking to stream and produce local video content, NZ On Air recognised the need to clarify guidelines and expectations of platform contributions.

We have now created a document which summarises the public feedback NZ On Air received and that outlines a proposed approach that will form NZ On Air’s first official Platform Contributions policy, designed to clarify our expectations.

You can read this paper below.

Premium Productions $50m Fund - sector consultation

The Premium Productions for International Audiences fund is part of the Screen Sector Recovery Package announced by Ministers in July. It applies to 2021-2022 and is designed to support the production of high-quality feature films or series dramas that tell strong New Zealand stories with international appeal.

On Wednesday 28 October the NZFC, NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho held a live webinar to give an update on the Fund.

The Fund is a jointly administered initiative between the NZFC and NZ On Air, developed in partnership with Te Māngai Pāho.

The webinar panelists were NZFC CEO Annabelle Sheehan, NZ On Air CEO Cameron Harland and Te Māngai Pāho Kaiwhakahaere, Pouaka Whakaata, Larry Parr.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

More than 150 people attended the event and we'd like to thank everyone for joining and for submitting their questions.

Questions that remained unanswered at the end of the session have been collated and answered in the document below.

The consultation document the webinar discussed is below.

New Music Funding Schemes Review

NZ On Air recently commissioned Russell Brown to review our New Music Funding schemes.

We are currently reviewing the various options proposed and will advise any changes in the new year.

RNZ /NZ On Air Joint Innovation Fund

This fund was established with $6m allocated in Budget 2018 for the two organisations to collaborate on commissioning public media content for NZ audiences. The fund effectively closed at the end of 2019/20 with all funds distributed.

Local Democracy Reporting service

A pilot scheme aimed at boosting the reporting of local democracy issues across New Zealand launched by an alliance of publishers, RNZ and NZ On Air. The $1m funding in its first year came from the RNZ/ NZ On Air Joint Innovation Fund. A second year has been funded in 2020/21 through the NZMF.


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