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Contract initiation

Artists or music companies must enter into a contract with NZ On Air before any funding can be paid out.

You will receive a letter to complete and execute a contract, depending on which type of funding has been approved.

Please note: NZ On Air recognises that there may be logistical and financial pressures experienced by funded artists as a result of Covid-19. Please read our Responding To Covid-19 page for NZ On Air’s response and further information.

Budget template

We release funding in stages, or drawdowns, which are agreed during the contract negotiations.

After the first payment, artists or music companies must meet agreed milestones and provide reports on progress to receive further drawdowns.

See below for a budget template and information on what to include in your reports to NZ On Air.

Project timeline

Information on the general timeline in which you are expected to deliver your funded project.

Health and safety

Producers of funded music videos must be aware of their requirements must be aware of their requirements under the new Health and Safety at Work Act (2015).

NZ On Air along with the Film Commission, SPADA and industry guilds and organisations has funded the development of the website Screensafe as an industry resource for Health and Safety information.

NZ On Air supports the Soundcheck Aotearoa, an action group with a mission to foster a safe and inclusive culture for the music community. They have a variety of printable resources and tools to assist everyone in the music community to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and assault in their workplaces. Some of the resources also address bullying and discrimination.

You can find more information & free-to-use downloadable resources on Soundcheck Aotearoa here.

Applying our logo to your music video

It is important New Zealanders know what their taxpayer dollars have funded. Consistent accreditation also helps reinforce the cultural value of this funding to Aotearoa.

There are specific requirements for the accreditation of funded content when it is broadcast or uploaded, and in publicity and promotional material. These accreditation requirements form part of the contract for funding.

On 1 November 2021, NZ On Air updated its logo and brand assets. These new assets are available below.

Please download these files and delete any saved versions of the old logo, animated logo bug, animated credit sequence or accreditations requirements document. Any NZ On Air logos or images found elsewhere are not approved for use.

If your content was funded through the NZ On Air / Te Māngai Pāho Waiata Takitahi initiative please download and apply the specific Waiata Takitahi Logo Pack, not the generic logo pack below.

Should you have further queries relating to these requirements or the NZ On Air brand, please contact: musicteam@nzonair.govt.nz