This is a closed fund – we do not accept unsolicited applications.

In other areas of our work it’s all about the content. With this stream of funding it’s about providing core funding so that the platforms or services can provide the content to audiences that would not otherwise be served.

The business case for each of these platforms or services is different. You can read more on the Platforms & Services page.

May 2019 Information for Platform Funding Applicants

Platform funding round priorities and timeline

Applications from platforms seeking annual operating expenses for the 2019/20 financial year will be considered in the May funding round.

  • The Platforms funding stream is a closed fund for existing funded entities who deliver services to create and deliver audio/visual public media content of particular cultural or social value. These entities are described here. Applications for new platforms will not be considered.


8 Feb 2019, 4pm, Funding round opens.

All applications must be made through NZ On Air’s online application system. Applications not submitted through this system will not be accepted.

21 Mar 2019, 4pm, Application deadline. Round closes.

Late applications will not be considered. In exceptional circumstances, for time-sensitive projects agreed prior by the Head of Funding, we may consider an out of time application. But we won’t be generous.

9 May 2018 Applicants notified.

This date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.