We fund digital media projects to provide more local content options for audiences. Prior to July 2017 we had a dedicated Digital Media Fund - now projects for all types of platforms can apply for funding from the NZ Media Fund.


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A webseries is loosely defined as an online series of short episodes.

Each episode is typically between 2-10 minutes long, and the content can be anything.

Webseries supported through the Digital Media Fund from 2012-2017:

And still to come:

  • Tragicomic - The Candlewasters
  • Pot Luck [Season 2] - Robin Murphy Productions
  • High Road [Season 4]

Interactive documentary


An interactive documentary allows the film maker to provide a deeper and richer story-telling experience for the viewer.
It uses layers of connected information to enable viewers to go beyond the linear story.
A viewer can usually watch a whole documentary in one go, but they can also click through to more detail, extra video, different angles or strands of the story. The internet is the perfect medium for this kind of extended story-telling experience.

NZ On Air is proud to have funded a diverse range of interactive documentaries over the last few years:

  • Spurred On - Gibson Group
    A Canadian co-production that explores NZ and Canadian involvement in Passchendaele through personal stories.
  • Young Ocean Explorers - Greenstone
    An interactive site for children that explores concepts of sustainability and ocean life.
  • The Valley - Stuff Circuit
    An investigation into NZ's involvement in the war in Afghanistan.
  • Unsettled - Charles Anderson / The Spinoff
    An exploration of the housing crisis and what it means for NZ's future.
  • Conversations with Teen Mums - Juliette Veber
    Exploring millennial and Gen Z young mums.
  • Together We Make A Nation - Story Inc / Rabid
    Stories of former refugee women living in NZ.
  • Poi360 - Through the Fire
    An online home for stories of poi.
  • Christchurch Dilemmas - How A City Rises - Frank Film
    Examining major decisions facing Christchurch as it rebuilds after the earthquakes.
  • I Spy With My Five Eyes - Fumes Productions
    Exploring the impact of the five eyes alliance.

And still to come:

  • Nuclear Reaction

Apps and interactives

12 huia birds

We've also supported various apps, interactive e-books, and interactive projects.

  • MOE and the Unexpected Bully - Kiwa Digital and Popup Workshop
    An interactive read along e-book based on the popular TV series The Moe Show. Includes a NZ Sign Language version as well as a game. A story about the value of treating others with respect.
  • 12 Huia Birds - Yoozoo Ltd
    An interactive e-book that tells the story of the majestic vanished huia bird - through rhyme and animation. Available in many languages including Māori.
  • The Nutters Club Digital - Mike King and Top Shelf
    An online resource designed to inspire discussion and offer help with all things related to mental health.
  • Little Legends - Luke Nola & Friends
    A story-building app for kids.
  • Jiwi's Machines - Eggbeater Productions
    A webseries with extras. Physical comedy and mechanical mayhem. Science explained and lessons learned.
  • Wild Eyes - Paul Ward and Vicky Pope
    A new way to get kiwi kids to connect with nature. A digital springboard for NZ kids to get outside, explore and learn.
  • Road Trip - KHF Media
    A documentary comedy drama webseries which played out in real time online and on the radio.
  • Sign Ninja - Deaf Aotearoa
    An engaging online game to learn the basics of NZ Sign Language.
  • Let's Get Inventin' App - Luke Nola & Friends
    An app for kids to create wild inventions.
  • Curious Critters Club - Yoozoo Ltd
    An online game, Augmented Reality app and interactive e-book. Discover new creatures drawn from Canadian and Māori mythology.
  • Mythical Creatures - Kiwa Digital
    Follow Eru, a young boy who enters a fantasy world and has a series of adventures that teach him about life, inspired by the indigenous stories of NZ and Canada.

And still to come:

  • My Guardian
  • Fierce Girls


From time to time we have supported the creation of collections of content. Usually these target a specific audience, or provide something different from what else is online.

  • The Wireless - Radio NZ
    Inspiring, insightful and entertaining stories for New Zealanders.
  • TheCoconet.TV - Tikilounge
    A digital homeland for Pacific People.
  • Loading Docs
    An annual collection of ten short (3 minute) documentaries based on a common theme.

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