29 Sept 2023

Youth content strategy : Within My Reach

NZ On Air is piloting a new approach to funding content for young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Based on extensive research and a profound understanding of the rapidly changing media landscape that individuals aged 15 to 24 are engaged with, the strategy is titled Within My Reach. We recognise the need to provide a more adaptable and accessible approach to funding youth content – making it within reach of younger creators, and of greater resonance to younger audiences.

Our strategy will centre on fostering mentorships, expanding career pathways, evolving funding processes, piloting a social media-first approach, and creating impactful storytelling.
You can read the strategy here.

Next week, Wednesday 5 October, we will publish a Request for Proposals (RFP) for content for youth audiences that aligns with this strategy. We are opening with a request for two-page pitches. Only applications shortlisted after the two-page pitch round will be invited to submit a full proposal in Round Toru (early next year). Recognising the strength in reaching young people by supporting content that is by youth, for youth, we hope this two-stage process will make the funding pathway more accessible to newer and younger creators.


  • 5 October, 2023 - Two-page Pitch round opens
    • All applications must be made through NZ On Air’s online application system. Applications not submitted through this system will not be accepted. You must submit a request to register with our online system well in advance of the application deadline day.
  • 4pm, 26 October, 2023 - Two-page Pitch application deadline
  • 30 November, 2023 - Shortlisted applicants notified
    • This date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.
  • 4 – 22 December 2023 - Feedback sessions
    • NZ On Air will hold feedback sessions with shortlisted applicants, and where necessary partner them with EPs/senior producers to support the development of their full proposals.
  • 18 January 2023 - Round Toru opens
    • This is the round the Youth RFP shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal to.
  • 4pm, 8 February 2024 - Round Toru application deadline
  • 12 April, 2024 - Round Toru funding decisions
    • Applicants notified following day. This date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.

The Guidelines for the Two-page Pitch Youth round will be published on our website on Thursday, 5th of October here.

Youth Funding Round Infographic_FINAL

Key data from Where Are The Audiences 2023 for the 15-24 age group