Criteria for Round 7 of the Public Interest Journalism Fund now available

The criteria for the final general round of the Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF) is now available.

With circa $3m available for the final general round of the PIJF, we have taken on board the recommendations of the PIJF Industry Advisory Panel. The consensus of the Panel was that the remaining funding should be focused on the greatest need, which it deemed to be maintaining Roles previously funded by the PIJF, and the long-term sustainability of the sector via Industry Development funded training programmes.

This means there will be no Project or new Role applications accepted into this final round.

The Round 7 Criteria details are now available online and, as always, we also urge applicants to read the General Guidelines as well to ensure they are eligible to apply.

Here is a reminder of the key dates for Round 7. You can find all this and other helpful information on our website.


Applications open: Thursday 12 January 2023

Deadline: Thursday 9 February 2023

All decisions made public: Monday 17 April 2023

As always, the Journalism team remain ready to help applicants so, if you have any questions, please set up a time and let’s have a kōrero. Email

NZ On Air funding portal upgrade

On Tuesday evening, we made a few upgrades to our funding portal, which means that when you next log in, you'll notice the following changes:

  • We've enabled multiple users to be connected to one account. This means that a number of staff from one company or key personnel collaborating on a project can each access applications, forms and information in the funding portal.
  • We've given the portal a fresh look, bringing it line with our NZ On Air branding and colours.
  • Keeping your data safe is a priority so we have provided the ability to turn on two-factor authentication for extra protection.

Users will still have access to existing user details, previous applications and historical information.

What do you need to do?

The upgraded version of the NZ On Air funding portal is available now. Once you're logged in you will be given a short tour of the changes to the funding portal.

To help you get familiar with the key changes to your dashboard, we've also created an NZ On Air funding portal tour guide.

Once you have become familiar with your dashboard, you can enable two-factor authentication to strengthen the security of your sign-in details by going into your individual profile. In your individual profile, you can update your contact information and also manage your email notification preferences.

As mentioned above, the portal now allows a company to add multiple users to the account. Both key staff and collaborators can have their own access to the company account. Users are managed by the company (or account manager) and can be added or removed as required. NZ On Air cannot add or remove users to your company account on your behalf - this feature is self-managing by each account holder.

Download this guide to view the steps to enable two-factor authentication and adding more users.

We're here to help

If you have any questions about the new changes, navigating the dashboard or otherwise, email us at