Guy Montgomery's Guy-Mont Spelling Bee 2, 8 x 44min, Kevin & Co for Three, up to $428,820

Happiness , 6 x 23min, Greenstone TV for Three, up to $2,962,256

Not Even 2, 6 x 23min, Miss Conception Films for Prime, up to $1,995,000

Ahikāroa 6, 20 x 26min, Kura Productions for Whakaata Māori, up to $899,000

Someday Stories 2024, 8 x 10min, Connected Media Trust for RNZ, up to $395,000

Tina, The Brown Factory for Three, up to $350,000



Learning To Dai, 3 x 44min, South Pacific Pictures for Three, up to $719,559

Desert Hikoi, 4 x 15min, Tavake Limited for TVNZ+, up to $269,983

Project Hospital, 5 x 44min, Storymaker for TVNZ 1, up to $535,109

Mana Kura, 1 x 45min, Hi Mama for TVNZ 1, up to $245,000

My Family Mystery, 6 x 44min, Warner Bros. Int. TV Production NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $897,709

NZ Wars: Stories Of Tauranga Moana, 1 x 45min, Aotearoa Media Collective for RNZ, up to $625,000

Shine On: What Katherine Mansfield Means To Me, 5 x 5min, A C Productions for Newsroom NZ, up to $189,840

Tangiwai - An Early Warning, 6 x 44 mins, NZME. Radio for NZ Herald, up to $68,965

The 501s: Inside (DNZ), 1 x 44mins, Augusto for TVNZ 1, up to $225,000

The De-Schoolers, 6 x 10min, Deer Heart Films for The Spinoff, up to $158,845

The Lost Boys Of Dilworth, 1 x 90min, Screentime New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $1,073,109


Brain Busters 2024, 60 x 25min, Whitebait Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $980,000

Extreme Cake Sports 2, 10 x 22min, Good Times Company for YouTube, up to $398,615

Young Riders 4, 8 x 22min, Greenstone TV for YouTube, up to $510,734

Alice Snedden's Bad News Saves The World, 2 x 20min, Hexwork Productions for The Spinoff, up to $191,151

Attitude 2024 + Grit And Glory, 30 x 23min, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $2,041,415

Patrick Gower On: 2023, 2 x 43min, Ruckus Media for Three, up to $490,943

Takeout Kids 2, 5 x 10min, HexWork Productions for The Spinoff, up to $393,098

7 Days 2024, 20 x 44min, Discovery NZ for Three, up to $1,094,293

Country Calendar 2024, 40 x 22min, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $725,697

Fresh 2024, 34 x 23, Tikilounge Productions for The Coconet TV, up to $1,895,631

Match Fit 4: Road To Redemption, 6 x 44min, Pango Productions Limited for Three, up to $1,639,630


Dog School, Spookysoft Games for ITCH.IO, up to $117,570

Pātiki, Arctic Arcade for ITCH.IO, up to $45,000

Uncle Stickybeak And The Great Un-Birdification, 1 x 120min Spookysoft Games for ITCH.IO, up to $67,320


Kids of Korero Lane 2, 8 x 5min, Attitude Pictures for Attitude Live, up to $324,114

Toi Time! 3, 20 x 29min, Rogue Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $1,159,692

What Now 2024, 40 x 58min, Whitebait Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $2,199,670

My Favourite Dead Person 2, 8 x 8min, The Downlowconcept for YouTube, up to $577,853

The Drawing Show 4, 20 x 5min, Mukpuddy Animation for Prime, up to $476,360

PIJF - emergency resilience funding

Hawkes Bay App , Engage Digital Media T/A Hawke's Bay App , up to $18,364

Radio Kahungunu , Te Reo O Ngāti Kahungunu, up to $26,364

Baybuzz, Bay Buzz, up to $19,500

Radio Ngāti Porou, up to $29,982

Gisborne Herald , up to $12,324

Discoverability - Platforms

Samoa Capital Radio 2023/24, Siufofoga O Le Laumua Trust, up to $240,000

The National Pacific Radio Trust 2023/24, National Pacific Radio Trust, up to $4,935,000

Nz On Screen And Audioculture 2023/24, Digital Media Trust, up to $1,800,000

Transition Heihei Games To Itch.Io, Gamelab Limited T/A Gamefroot, up to $162,824

Radio Active Capital 2023/24, Radio Active FM, up to $16,922

RDU98.5fm Capital Fund 2023/24, RDU 98.5fm, up to $7,957

Wellington Access Radio Capital 2023/24, Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc, up to $27,619

Coast Access Radio Capital 2022/23 (Additional), Coast Access Radio Trust, up to $13,978

Access Radio Taranaki 2023/24, Access Radio Taranaki Trust, up to $290,000

Arrow FM 2023/24, Access Radio Wairarapa Charitable Trust, up to $240,000

CAMA Coordinator 2023/24, Access Community Radio Auckland Inc, up to $75,000

Coast Access Radio 2023/24, Coast Access Radio Trust, up to $235,000

Free FM 2023/24, Waikato Community Broadcasting, up to $342,600

Fresh FM 2023/24, Tasman Broadcasting Trust T/A Fresh FM, up to $275,000

Manawatu People's Radio 2023/24, Manawatu Access Radio Charitable Trust, up to $280,000

Otago Access Radio 2023/24, Hills Radio Trust, up to $285,000

Plains FM 2023/24, The Canterbury Communications Trust, up to $339,000

Planet FM 2023/24, Access Community Radio Auckland Inc, up to $350,000

Radio Kidnappers 2023/24, Radio Kidnappers Charitable Trust, up to $300,000

Radio Southland 2023/24, Southland Community Broadcasters Charitable Trust, up to $277,500

Wellington Access Radio 2023/24, Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc, up to $345,000

RNZ 2023/24, Radio New Zealand, up to $66,606,000

95bFM 2023/24, Campus Radio BFM, up to $320,000

Radio Active 2023/24, Radio Active FM, up to $280,000

Radio Control 99.4FM 2023/24, Radio Massey (Radio Control 99.4FM), up to $180,000

Radio One 91FM 2023/24, Radio One 91 FM, up to $210,000

Rdu98.5FM 2023/24, Rdu 98.5FM, up to $280,000

Able - Captioning And Audio Description 2023/24, Media Access Charitable Trust (Able), up to $4,900,000

New Music Pan-Asian

(all up to $10,000)

Amol - Cool Asf, Amol Singh And Christian Ailao

Charlotte Avery - Just Before You Go, Charlotte Avery

Hanbee - Deeper, Hanju Kim

Hans. - Porcelain, Hanju Kim

Hugo Chan - Bite, Hugo Chan

Julius Black - After You, Jb Music

Lauren Gin - Don't Stop, Lauren Fong

Memory Foam - Moon Power, Yuko Miyoshi

Phoebe Rings - 아스라이, Crystal Choi T/A Phoebe Rings

Reshma - Kuih Lapis (Layer Cake), Kareshma Martin

Tei. - Sabre, Tei. Music

Terrible Sons - Thank You, Thank You, Play Nicely

Valere - Lily's March, Shana Graham

New Music Projects

Aja - Album, Lil Sister, up to $40,000

Alisa Xayalith - Ep, Alisa Xayalith, up to $40,000

Chelsea Jade - Inner Circle Lp, Banished Music, up to $40,000

Dartz - Dangerous Day To Be A Cold One Album, Flying Nun Records, up to $40,000

Estere - Diaspora Baby, Estere Dalton, up to $40,000

Home Brew - Home Brew Album, Lorraine Barry Music Management, up to $40,000

Jenny Mitchell - Dusk Album, Jenny Mitchell T/A Jenny Mitchell Music, up to $40,000

Lil Bubblegum - Album, Sniffers, up to $39,000

Mel Parsons - New Album, Cape Road Recordings, up to $40,000

No Cigar - Great Escape, Mountain Road Record (T/A No Cigar), up to $40,000

Swiss -Album, Big Lil Kids Entertainment, up to $40,000

Troy Kingi 08 - The Desert Session, Aaa Records, up to $40,000

New Music Pasifika

(all up to $10,000)

10a Feat. The Starting Line Up & The Movement-Rollin, Tenei Kesha Hapurona

A.R.T - Wtf Man, A.R.T Inc NZ

Emily Muli - Circles, Emily Muli

Evile Laloata - Nights Like This, Mellow Studios

Joe Malafu - For Me, Joe Malafu,

Mozie - Sonshine, Moana Leota

Pat Feat. Dizzy Dash & Sven Illy - What Do I Do, Danny Aumua

Poetik - Vibe, Poetik

Punialavaa - Sauaga I Aiga, Rev Iosefa Lale Peteru

Queen Shirl'e - Good Energy, Queen Shirl'e (Shirl'e Fruean)

Rex Atira - Te Vero Huri (Through The Storm), Rex Atirai

Ria Numia - Fix My Focus, Nia Vavao

Spdrtwnbby - Pixel Pixie, Anna-Maria Ria Langilangi

Te Kurahuia - Pretty Gal Club, Faith Oriwia Henare Stewart T/A Te Kurahuia

Tha Movement - The Lecture, Litia Silivale - Bladesmith & Co

Discoverability- Events

APRA Silver Scroll Awards Kaitito Kaiaka 2023, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $35,000

Show Me Shorts 2023, Show Me Shorts Film Festival Trust, up to $3,000

Capability Development

Songhubs 2024, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $25,000

Parachute Music Industry Pathway Initiatives 2023, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $30,000

Regional Upskilling Seminars 2023, Music Managers Forum, up to $5,000

The Aotearoa Music Producer Series (Amps) 2023, Greg Haver, up to $10,000

The Story Maker, The Story Project, up to $370,117 (from $10m additional funding 2023/24 FY)

MusicHelps Wellbeing Service, MusicHelps, up to $24,800