Aitu, 1 x 60 mins, Tikilounge Productions for Prime, up to $660,000. A contemporary horror series based on supernatural legends from the Pacific islands.

Frickin Dangerous Bro On The Road, 8 x 22 mins, Kevin & Co for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $434,612. A comedy series that sees Jamaine Ross, James Roque and Pax Assadi visit provincial towns and explore what makes each one unique.

Good Grief, 6 x 10 mins, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $500,000. Two millennial sisters inherit a funeral home from their koro, forcing them to confront the realities of their own life and what they want to make of it.



Centrepoint, 1 x 88 mins, Warner Bros NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $1,119,682. A docudrama with new information and interviews about what took place at the infamous Centrepoint cult in Albany over 22 years.

Forgotten Pacific, 2 x 44 mins, Tikilounge Productions for Prime, up to $700,000. Pacific people look to their ancestors for localised solutions to save their islands from climate change.

Voyage Back To The Future, 3 x 45 mins, Frame Up Films for Prime, up to $666,667. A documentary series charting the journey of Māori, Pacific and Aboriginal art from ‘down under’ to the international art world.

The Naki Hard, 4 x 44 mins, Workparty for Three, up to $556,985. Based in Taranaki, the series chronicles the triumphs, challenges and tragedies of growing up in heartland Aotearoa in 2020.

Aotearoa Without Action, 7 x 5 mins + additional content, Hex Work T/A The Spinoff for The Spinoff, up to $366,013. An interactive documentary series outlining two possible scenarios for NZ’s future.

Cowland, 6 x 22 mins, TVNZ for Re:, up to $345,650. A comprehensive overview of the local dairy industry, its impact on climate, and the moves towards sustainability.

The Brains Trust, NZME for NZ Herald 6 x 8 mins, up to $150,968. A personal look into the issues surrounding dementia in New Zealand.

Collapse, 6 x 40 mins, Fairfax NZ for Stuff, up to $55,220. A podcast series that will examine the Christchurch CTV building collapse through the eyes of those directly affected.


Newshub Nation 2020, 42 x 56 mins, MediaWorks TV for Three, up to $916,905. A current affairs programme that offers long-form interviews and in-depth investigative stories into issues that affect all New Zealanders.

Q + A With Jack Tame 2020, 40 x 44 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $846,000. A current affairs programme focusing on the stories of the day with an emphasis on the economy and people.

The Hui 2020, 40 x 28 mins + 7 x 60 mins, Great Southern Television for Three, up to $623,375. A Māori current affairs series for all New Zealanders, which in 2020 will include streamed debates from the seven Māori seats.

The Check Up 2, 10 x 22 mins, Great Southern Television for TVNZ 1, up to $590,102. The doctors will return with another series delivering educational and informative public health stories.

The Detail 2020, 230 x 20 mins, Newsroom NZ for, up to $549,777. A daily news podcast focused on explaining current news stories.

Patrick Gower On... 2, 2 x 44 mins, Ruckus Media for Three, up to $435,000. Patrick Gower will be back with two more in-depth documentaries on important issues facing New Zealand.

The NZ-VR Project – South, 8 x 15 mins, Kowhai Media for NZ Geographic, up to $378,861. NZ-VR will complete its interactive virtual reality tour of the country, exploring eight locations across the South Island and Stewart Island.

The Negotiators 2, 7 x 26 mins, Tawera Productions for Māori Television, up to $329,980. The dramatic story behind the Treaty Settlements and the Lead Negotiators who are taking on the crown.

Newsroom Investigates 2, 6 x 15 mins, Newsroom NZ for, up to $311,396. The Newsroom team, led by Melanie Reid, will continue to unearth stories that become part of the national discourse.

On The Rag 2, 8 x 20 mins, Hex Work T/A The Spinoff for The Spinoff, up to $238,529. An online variety shows that tackles life, media and current affairs from the New Zealand woman's perspective.

NZ International Comedy Gala 2020, 2 x 66 mins, Augusto for TVNZ 2, up to $121,662. Showcasing the best of local and international comedy talent featured in the annual Comedy Festival Gala.

ANZAC Day 2020 – National Commemorative Service, 1 x 60 mins, Screentime NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $98,000. Live, multi-camera coverage of the ANZAC Day Commemorative Service at the National War Memorial Park.

Paakiwaha 2020, 48 x 120 mins, UMA Broadcasting for Radio Waatea 603am, up to $75,000. A current affairs program that provides a Māori worldview that gives voice to all issues affecting Māori,


New Music - Projects

Anna Coddington, Loop Media, up to $30,000

Avantdale Bowling Club, Lorraine Barry Management/Years Gone By, up to $25,500

Don McGlashan, Royale Dalton, up to $30,000

Mikey Dam, Richmond Music, up to $19,000

Mitch James, Sony Music Entertainment, up to $22,000

Paige, Sony Music Entertainment, up to $22,000

Rei, Kog Mastering, up to $30,000

Soaked Oats, The Label NZ Ltd, up to $30,000

Wax Chattels, Flying Nun Records, up to $21,070

New Music - Singles

Ashley Alexander, Lunar Phase, up to $8,000

Being, I Don't Believe In Love, up to $8,000

Bexy, Cheap Hallucinations, up to $8,000

Bleedrs, Darkness Falls, up to $8,000

David Dallas, Type Of, up to $8,000

Dual, Running Around My Head, up to $8,000

Iva Lamkum, Don't Mind If I Do, up to $8,000

Kaylee Bell, Trying Not To Love You, up to $8,000

Lepani, Breathe, up to $8,000

Milly Tabak & The Miltones, Liven Up The Night, up to $8,000

Nomad, She's Getting Away, up to $8,000

Sam V ft. Lion Rezz & Juwan, Ain't Slowin' Down, up to $8,000

Sheperd's Reign, Le Manu, up to $8,000

The Beths, Jump Rope Gazers, up to $8,000

Thomston, Los Angeles, up to $8,000

Valle, Trip Advisor, up to $8,000

Wax Chattels, Efficiency, up to $8,000

Coridian, Rite Of Passage, up to $8,000

Fred, Polyamorous, up to $8,000

Hiiata, Soul, up to $8,000

Jamie McDell ft. Robert Ellis, Worst Crime, up to $8,000

Jordan Gavet, Hesitation, up to $8,000

Joseph & Maia, Amsterdam, up to $8,000

Lou'ana Whitney, Feel This, up to $8,000

Raze, Jump, up to $8,000

Deena, A Normal Day, up to $8,000

There's A Tuesday, Pinata Head, up to $8,000

Arlo Mac, Ease My Mind, up to $8,000

78 District, Vieni E Balla, up to $8,000

New Music - Features

Smokefree Rockquest & Smokefree Tangata Beats 2020, Rockquest Promotions, up to $50,000

Base FM 2019/20, Army Of You T/A Base FM, up to $120,000

The Profile 2019/20, Mediaworks Radio, up to $30,000

Backyards Beats 2019/20, Mediaworks Radio, up to $60,000

Wired 2019/20, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

Most FM 2019/20, Taranaki FM Trust (The Most FM), up to $60,000

Locals Only 2019/20, NZME Radio, up to $300,000

Pulzar 2019/20, Pulzar Broadcasting Company, up to $60,000

Sounz 2019/20, Centre For New Zealand Music Trust, up to $130,000

Uncover Discover 2019/20, Mediaworks Radio, up to $60,000

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

The Audience, Amplifier Holdings, up to $28,462

Industry Development Fund

Doc Edge Awards 2020, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $10,000

Taite Music Prize 2020, Independent Music NZ, up to $10,000

Voyager Media Awards 2020, Newspaper Publishers Association, up to $10,000

Big Screen Symposium 2019, J & A Productions, up to $30,000

Doc Edge Forum 2020, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $15,000

Doc Edge Clinics 2020, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $15,000

Preventing Sexual Harassment In NZ's Screen, Screen Women's Action Group, up to $100,000

Producer Training Initiative, Pan-Asian Screen Collective Inc, up to $12,940