Rapid response RFP hits the right note

Wow! The response in just over 24 hours to our Rapid Response RFP has been overwhelming!

We've been taking calls and emails from far and wide - the lockdown has clearly fired up the creative juices. Because the RFP has a limited budget (circa $400K total) we want to reiterate what we are looking for so that we don't have to disappoint too many people.

Our objective with this RFP is to provide some much needed funded work for creatives, and some fresh content for audiences. Preference will be given to content for commercial media platforms that are currently reeling from slashed advertising revenue and needing new content.

These tough commercial times are also why we have waived the usual expectation of a platform contribution. We do still expect you to have a strong platform supporting your application but they don't have to co-invest.

We know the time frame is tight - do remember our usual funding rounds are all still operating - this is a one-off and just a small part of our overall response to the current crisis. A reminder the deadline is 4pm Monday 6 April.

Current round status

May round: closed and applications being assessed. Decisions announced w/c 20 April

July round: opens early May, closes 28 May, decisions 15 July.

Hit pause


Last month we published a Platforms Contribution Draft Policy Paper. We asked for feedback from platforms and we indicated we would introduce a new policy from July this year.

Feedback was due to be received by today.

We think given the seismic shift happening in the market at present now is not a good time to be introducing a new policy, and it's also clearly not a good time to be seeking feedback on it.

So we've decided to pause this work for the moment, and we will come back to the industry following our May Board meeting with more on this.

What you can expect from us

Cameron Harland

I want to reassure creative teams, producers, platforms, and musicians that at NZ On Air we are working hard for you.

We know you are all reeling right now. Please make sure you have applied for the government relief package where appropriate, and that you are looking after your own and your families' health and well-being.

We think we need to be doing two important things right now - ensuring there is work ready and able to be jumped into as soon as "normal" returns. And creating a clear plan to support the sector through what will be a bumpy year ahead. We are working on this, with sector representatives, with government, with other funding agencies.

We all want a vibrant, successful local media, music and production sector again.

Next week we will come out with a survey to content producers of current funded projects. This survey aims to gather vital information on the status of productions, and what will be needed to get them finished. We need this information in order to plan how we can assist you to safely complete your projects, and deliver great content for NZ audiences.

Until next time, stay safe in your bubbles.

Cameron Harland,