What is NewTracks?

New Tracks is a monthly compilation of new music from New Zealand artists which is distributed to radio stations, broadcast, and online media platforms.

The song does not need to be funded by NZ On Air - both funded and non-funded songs are included each month.

NewTracks is also a great avenue to get your song across our NZ On Air Music team, it is also the resource we use to update our NZ On Air Music playlists.

Starting in 1990 and now with over 250 volumes, New Tracks (previously called the Kiwi Hit Disc) is the most comprehensive catalogue of New Zealand contemporary music ever assembled.

In May 2021, we introduced the NewTracks Kids compilation, a targeted compilation full of local kids’ focused music releases.

We have two rounds of NewTracks Kids each year. We feature releases on our NZ On Air Tamariki platform, as well as sending to broadcasters and media who have a kids focus on their platforms in the hopes to showcase more local tracks.

To apply for New Tracks, you must have:

  • A completed, airplay-ready song in MP3 and WAV
  • An accompanying single cover image in JPEG or PNG
  • Press release and/or release information to help promote your song and give background on the release
  • If successful onto the compilation, we also require a high-quality press image of the artist/band applying

Does your song sit within the recommended release dates for NewTracks?

If you apply for NewTracks and your song sits outside of our recommended release dates, then we will not accept your application.

Please make sure your song sits within the recommended release dates for the months compilation. These dates are to ensure we are servicing new songs which are released within the month of the compilation.

You can find these on the homepage of the NewTracks website. If you need clarification on the dates, please contact newtracks@nzonair.govt.nz with any queries.

You can only submit one song each month, not including features (e.g. feat. Artist Name).

Is it a 'New Zealand' song?

New Zealand music is music made by New Zealanders, where 'made' means 'performed or recorded' and 'New Zealander' means 'New Zealand citizen or resident."

If you're not sure if your song qualifies, check out the NZ Music Definition checklist below, you must answer yes to 3 out of 5 of both sections to consider your music 'New Zealand Music.'

  • February compilation – Round open Tuesday 2 January | Deadline Monday 15 January
  • March compilation – Round open Thursday 1 February | Deadline Thursday 15 February
  • April compilation – Round open Friday 1 March | Deadline Friday 15 March
  • May compilation – Round open Tuesday 2 April | Deadline Monday 15 April
  • June compilation – Round open Wednesday 1 May | Deadline Wednesday 15 May
  • July compilation – Round open Saturday 1 June | Deadline Saturday 15 June
  • August compilation – Round open Tuesday 2 July | Deadline Monday 15 July
  • September compilation – Round open Thursday 1 August | Deadline Thursday 15 August
  • October compilation – Round open Monday 2 September | Deadline Sunday 15 September
  • November compilation – Round open Tuesday 1 October | Deadline Tuesday 15 October
  • December compilation – Round open Friday 1 November | Deadline Friday 15 November