What is New Music Project?

Funding ranging from $11,000 and $44,000 (including the Artist Creation Fee) is available for multi-song projects, with NZ On Air operating on an 80% reimbursement basis. This means that the music company/applicant must co-invest a minimum of 20% of the costs of completing the Project.

As of January 2024, the mandatory Artist Creation Fee (ACF) amounting to up to 10% of your total NZ On Air funding, will be applied in addition to your grant and disbursed exclusively in the final Drawdown. The ACF covers creative work provided by the artist for the funded project. For example: if your funding commitment is $40,000, the addition of the ACF will bring the project's total NZ On Air funding to $44,000.

Project funding requires the involvement of a third-party NZ-based professional music company in the project. Confirmation of this involvement will be required in writing to go alongside your funding application.

Pre-application Criteria

Potential applicants must first email an Expression of Interest that contains a one-paragraph project overview to project@nzonair.govt.nz at least two weeks before the funding deadline.

Before you apply for New Music Project funding you must also ensure your project fits a set of minimum criteria.

The level of funding granted will depend on the level of co-investment from the third-party music company and the potential for the project to assist with NZ On Air’s strategic objectives of increasing the percentage of NZ music on radio, and the potential to achieve high levels of online streaming and engagement.

If you are eligible to apply for Project funding, the full application must contain:

  • A project overview, including KPI's
  • Recording, production plan and budget
  • Release plan for the project
  • Marketing and promotional plan and budget
  • Full project timeline
  • Evidence of co-funding commitment
  • Artist track record
  • Company track record for music releases
  • Audio of 2 – 3 demo recordings, provided as MP3 files or as a link to download

New Music Project Jan/March

Applications Open: Thursday 18 January

Applications Close: Thursday 8 February, 4pm

New Music Project Apr/Jul

Applications Open: Thursday 4 April

Applications Close: Wednesday 24 April, 4pm

The remaining New Music Project funding dates for July 2024 onwards are still to be announced.