What is New Music Kids?

Funding of up to $10,000 is available for artists and musicians with a children’s content focus plus a 10% mandatory Artist Creation Fee, total per fund up to $11,000.

As of January 2024, the mandatory 10% Artist Creation Fee amounting up to $1,000 plus GST (if applicable), will be appended to your grant and disbursed exclusively in the final Drawdown. This fee pertains to internal creative services provided to the project by the artist. Consequently, the New Music Kids funding grant of $10,000 will include an additional maximum payment of up to $1,000, resulting in a total funding amount of up to $11,000.

New Music Kids will help provide funding for artists to professionally record a single, create visual content to promote the single and other promotion costs to increase the amount of quality children’s content for the tamariki of Aotearoa.

The fund launched in September 2020, with an aim of supporting the creation of original audio and visual content, and the connection of that content with a children’s audience through broadcast and online platforms.

If you are wanting support for funding EP’s or albums with a children’s focus, you can look at New Music Project funding for multi-song projects.

The 2024 New Music Kids funding dates are still to be announced. Follow us at @nzonairmusic to stay informed with any updates.