Our strategy


Teeks performing at the VNZMA awards

We fund the recording of single songs and multi-song projects, music videos and music promotion to make sure great NZ songs connect with the widest audience possible.

We've been funding music since 1991, helping to maintain a reasonable percentage of local music on mainstream radio stations.

Today there's equal emphasis on providing great local songs to the major streaming platforms for worldwide audiences to discover and enjoy.

marlon williams

New Zealand musician Marlon Williams

New Music funding

Our New Music funding streams - New Music Single, New Music Project and New Music Kids - are where we co-invest with artists and their music companies in great songs.

Our funding is split between catering for mainstream and alternative audiences.

We try to cater to all tastes, whether it's pop, hiphop, country, folk, rock -if its a great song and has a potential audience it may be a contender.


Songhubs 2020

Music promotion

We take a comprehensive approach to promoting great local music.

We produce NewTracks, a monthly compilation of the best new music that radio needs to know about, we support radio specials to introduce listeners and tastemakers to new NZ music, and we work with streaming platforms to ensure local music is included in playlists.

We also sponsor awards and special music events to celebrate success in the music industry and provide operational funding to the Student Radio Network, a rich home for local music.

Check out our music promotion page for more information of how we promote New Zealand music.Our goals are set out in the Music Strategy document below.