Our strategy

NZ On Air is committed providing local content for Kiwi kids and youth, as they are key audiences under the Broadcasting Act.

Children’s and youth content in New Zealand is almost entirely dependent on public investment, we prioritise funding local content that will reflect and develop the cultural identities of growing young New Zealanders.


We fund content from drama and animation to long-run magazine series, webseries and apps for young people of all ages.

The content we invest in has a clear target audience, demonstrates a sound educational framework and is as good as anything produced in the world.

Our funding ensures there is a local option for young people to enjoy amidst the sea of global offerings.

Funded by NZ On Air and operated by TVNZ, HEIHEI was launched in May 2018 to provide New Zealand tamariki with a safe, ad-free place to enjoy local stories, characters and adventures.

You can read more about HEIHEI here.

What we fund

Kiri and Lou

Kiri and Lou, Filmwork

Kiri and Lou

Kiri and Lou follows the adventures of Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur with overpowering emotions and Lou, a gentle but thoughtful creature.

Featuring the voices of Jemaine Clement and Olivia Tennet, Kiri and Lou invites children to learn about empathy, kindness and the true meaning of friendship. Together, these clay creatures navigate a forest of feelings with laughter, adventures and songs.

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Flying Kiwis

Brain Busters, Whitebait Productions for TVNZ 2 and HEIHEI


Play, laugh, and learn! HEIHEI tākaro is a safe place for our tamariki to play quality, age-appropriate games that encourage creativity and imagination.

HEIHEI Games include everything from Brain Buster's daily quizzes to Tahi Two's tips for expanding your Māori vocabulary.

You can check out more children's games we've invested in over on HEIHEI and on our Watch and Listen - Kids and Youth page.

Tales Of Nai Nai

Tales Of Nai Nai, Mini Monster Productions

Tales Of Nai Nai

Tales of Nai Nai is an animated series set in present day Auckland, where seven-year-old Chinese-Kiwi twins, Maggie and Michael, hang off their grandmother's every word as Nai Nai tells stories about tornadoes, dragons and monkeys, to help them learn valuable life lessons and embrace their heritage.

You can check out more youth content we've invested in on our Watch and Listen - Kids and Youth page.