Our Strategy

in a flash

In a Flash, Screentime NZ

Development funding is for researching or writing scripts or treatments.

It is also occasionally allocated to complex factual series where significant research is needed to test whether there is adequate material available to tell the story.

We usually require a co-investment by the platform supporting a development funding application.

However in late 2016, we revised our criteria to extend the range of scripted drama and comedy development projects.

You can read about our approach to development funding in our new development roadmap.

In Dark Places

In Dark Places, South Pacific Pictures

We also support a limited number of eligible projects with first-stage development funding without the support of a platform.

Our Development Roadmap explains at a high level how we approach our content (and industry) development work.

We publish a full list of funded development projects at the end of each year in our Annual Reports.

We don't publish before this as projects in development remain confidential to the creator.

Development funding does not guarantee production funding.