Screen Production Relief Fund Criteria

On February 9 the Government announced an extension to the Screen Production Recovery Fund (SPRF), which allows screen productions that meet eligibility criteria to claim some of the costs imposed by increased alert levels and/or the traffic light system.

A maximum of $10.6m of screen production recovery funding has been set aside to be administered by NZ On Air, this funding is available until January 31 2023.

NZ On Air is now accepting applications to the SPRF. These funds are for productions funded through NZ On Air that have been shut down, delayed or constrained by COVID-19.

The updated General Criteria for SPRF applications is available here.

The Screen Production Recovery Fund Guidelines for General Video Productions are available here.

The Screen Production Recovery Fund Guidelines for Music Video Productions are available here.

Please note, it is expected that you will have investigated all other options before you apply to this fund. Where possible we would prefer to receive just one application per production. Subsequent applications from an individual production will potentially be de-prioritised, behind first-time applicants.

If you have questions please contact Abbi Maidment or Glenn Usmar.

Screen Industry Child Safety Guidelines

To ensure the wellbeing and safety of all children and young people in the screen sector, NZ On Air and the NZ Film Commission have provided funding to ScreenSafe to develop the below Screen Industry Child Safety Guidelines.

ScreenSafe Child Safety Guidelines

ScreenSafe Child Safety Code of Conduct

ScreenSafe Child Safety Report Document

These guidelines set minimum recommended standards for the screen sector to create and maintain child safe environments, free from abuse, exploitation and hazards.