A note from the CE

Cameron Harland

Cameron Harland, Chief Executive

Nau mai haere mai.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved funding in this especially competitive round. Staff and the Board work very hard to achieve balance and diversity in the funding decisions, but it is really tough when the funding doesn't stretch to all of the great proposals offered. Nonetheless, we are really excited by the extraordinary range of content funded.

Now that we are back into 'normal-ish' life (touch wood) I want to bring you up-to-date with some important projects we have underway, alongside our BAU.

We are on a learning journey to be more confident of te ao Māori, for all staff to be more confident speakers of te reo, and to demonstrate a collective commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi. The entire team has embraced this opportunity and I have been deeply moved and invigorated by the wholesale commitment to the kaupapa.

Closely aligned to this, we are committed to expanding our work in relation to diversity and inclusion both on and off-screen, so that the content we fund is authentic to the audiences we serve. Over the next year I anticipate we will have more hui with stakeholders to flesh this out.

We are also engaged in a review of content for tamariki and rangatahi. Recent research has shown that this vital group is moving away from our traditional local platforms and we need more information and insight to chart a path forward. At the same time we are engaging in a high level review of the New Zealand Media Fund, which is now into its fourth year.

We are ramping up our work on data analytics and performance metrics, hoping to achieve a better all-round picture of the audience engagement with funded content. The success of this work relies on the data we input, from how many people viewed the content through to potentially tracking audience resonance or engagement.

Cooperation and partnerships are crucial to our work. They allow us to reach beyond what we can do alone. We are working closely with NZFC, MCH and Te Māngai Pāho on the Premium Drama Fund, announced as part of the COVID-19 Relief package. We hope to have further information on this fund very soon. In addition, our recently announced co-fund RFP with Te Māngai Pāho allows both agencies to be more ambitious with original, engaging content using a range of levels of te reo Māori.

We now head into the 'crazy busy' part of the year (as if it hasn't been crazy busy up til now!) It's made even more so with many events that had been postponed due to COVID-19 now all happening in a short space of time. I hope to finally meet many of you in person at any of the upcoming events such as The Big Screen Symposium, the WIFT Awards, Aotearoa Music Awards, NZ TV Awards...

Whilst I continue to acknowledge how uncertain and concerning these times are for you all, I do hope we are headed into more settled times. We are fortunate to be in a country that has done so well when compared to much of the world that is still/again in the grips of the pandemic. In particular I hope we can show our support for the music and events industries that have been patiently waiting out the COVID-19 restrictions.

Noho ora mai,


NZ Media Fund update

Our September round was focused primarily on production applications intended to reflect and/or appeal to targeted audiences, general Scripted applications, and HEIHEI games applications.

In total we received 153 applications across our Scripted, Factual, Platforms and Industry Development streams, seeking just over $56m in NZ On Air funding. We are pleased to support the funding of 67 applications for up to $37.5m.

The full details of all funding decisions are at the end of this newsletter. You can also use the Funding decisions search on our website.


SIS, Culture Factory


Local audiences will have plenty to cheer them up in 2021, with hours of returning and new local comedy and drama headed for our screens.

Aotearoa's audiences will be spoilt for choice with the return of series like SIS, Head High, Wellington Paranormal, Mean Mums, 7 Days, Kura, New Zealand Today, Someday Stories, and Ahikāroa, as well as the new sitcom series Raised By Refugees, created by comedian Pax Assadi.

Read more in the September Scripted media release here.


Attitude, Attitude Pictures


Delivering on our vision of ‘connecting and reflecting Aotearoa’, our September Factual round produced a line-up of incredibly unique New Zealand stories, made for a range of people who call Aotearoa home.

Among the 21 projects supported in this round, audiences will rejoice in the return of much-loved series Attitude, Tagata Pasifika, and Fresh, and have plenty to look forward to with brand new documentaries such as Queer And Here, The Black Ferns – Wāhine Toa, and Portrait Of A Quiet Revolutionary.

Read more in the September Factual media release here.

Brain Busters

Brain Busters, Whitebait Media


Tamariki across Aotearoa can let their imaginations run wild with the latest drop of exciting new local shows and games funded for HEIHEI.nz (games), HEIHEI on TVNZ OnDemand, TVNZ 2 and a variety of radio stations respectively.

$11.2m has been allocated towards a mix of exciting new and returning shows.

Read more in the September Children's Media Release here.

% expenditure to date

Te Māngai Pāho and NZ On Air Co-fund

TMP & NZ On Air Co-Fund RFP

Te Māngai Pāho and Irirangi Te Motu/NZ On Air have a new co-fund to encourage high-quality, compelling Māori language content for distribution to a broad range of audiences.

The RFP seeks Scripted and Factual proposals made for diverse digital platforms including linear television, OnDemand and online viewing.

We expect the investments in this round to provide audiences with diverse Māori perspectives and original, new and engaging content.

Production companies may submit up to a maximum number of three proposals. We want your best ideas.

Important dates

5 Oct 2020 - RFP Published

17 Nov 2020, 5 pm - Deadline for 1 – 3 page(s) pitch submitted via Te Māngai Pāho’s online application portal Te Pūahatanga

30 Nov 2020 - Shortlist confirmed. Shortlisted projects invited to submit full proposals. Unsuccessful projects notified.

15 Jan 2021 - Deadline for full proposals submitted via Te Māngai Pāho’s online application portal Te Pūahatanga

16 Feb 2021 - Recommendations to our respective Boards and decision letters distributed.

Current round

The December round is for production applications intended to appeal to general audiences. This is the third funding round of the financial year, following two significant rounds for general and targeted audiences.

These first two rounds alone have seen around 72% of the Factual and around 77% of the Scripted budgets committed (excluding additional COVID-19 funds that may be applied to eligible projects).

December funding round priorities:

  • The Factual applications prioritised in this round include Quality Journalism, Premier Stories and Many Perspectives – see our Factual Roadmap for further detail on these funding streams.
  • Within these streams we have notionally allocated the following funding against these genres: Current Affairs - $3m, Events - $300,000, Documentary/Information - $2m
  • The Scripted applications prioritised in this round include Premier content and Sustainable production – see our Scripted Roadmap for further detail on these funding streams.
  • Within these streams we have notionally allocated the following funding against: Premier Drama - $2.5 - 3m, Children’s Drama - $1 - 1.5m, Comedy - $1.5m (given the limited funding available we are likely to prioritise returning comedy series that have proven audience engagement.)
  • To this round we are accepting applications to all three strands of our Industry Development Fund: Professional Development, National Conferences and National Awards. Please see our Development Roadmap for more information.
  • We are also accepting content development applications. Applications with platform support are open. Diverse Development applications (projects without platform support) are not being considered in this round as the funding for these was fully allocated in the July round.
Important dates

11 September 2020, 4pm - Funding round opens.

15 October 2020, 4pm - Application deadline. Round closes.

2 December 2020 - Applicants notified. This date may be extended at NZ On Air's sole discretion.

Music update

Remaining Music funding rounds for 2020

Thanks to increased funding from the Arts Recovery Package we have several new Music initiatives underway. These include our recently released co-fund with Te Māngai Pāho Waiata Takitahi aimed at supporting bilingual songs incorporating at least 25% te reo Māori lyrics, and our New Music Development scheme encouraging new song-writing and production collaborations between experienced music producers and emerging artists.

We have four more Music funding rounds before the end of 2020:

Thursday October 15 – New Music Project

Thursday October 22 – New Music Development

Thursday November 5 – New Music Single

Thursday November 12 – Waiata Takitahi

We will also have another New Music Kids funding round in January and our next New Music Pasifika round will be in February/March 2021.

Aotearoa Music Awards

Aotearoa Music Awards – nominees announced

The Aotearoa Music Awards will be happening on Sunday 15 November and broadcast on The Edge TV and THREE. This year's awards nominees were announced this week and you can see the full nominations list here.

NZ On Air is more proud than ever to be a key supporter of the awards after a really tough year for musicians and the wider music industry. We’re glad the show can go on and we look forward to an amazing celebration of our local musicians in mid-November.

Disciple Pati

Disciple Pati, The Man Who Cried Woman

Pacific Music Awards

Congrats to all the nominees and winners of the 2020 Pacific Music Awards which this year went online for the first time featuring performances by Church & AP, Lou’ana, Shepherd’s Reign, Lani Alo and Disciple Pati.

NZ On Air was once again proud to sponsor three awards categories – Best Pacific Music Video won by Disciple Pati and Shae Stirling, the Radio Airplay Award won by Church & AP, and the Streaming Award won by Kings. If you haven’t caught up with the online event including all the live performances you can watch it here.

Where Are The Audiences 2020? targeted audiences reports

Where Are The Audiences

Where Are The Audiences? 2020

In addition to the full report Where Are The Audiences 2020 we have now published targeted reports about four specific audiences - Māori, Pasifika, 15-24 yr olds, and lower socio-economic New Zealanders.

These reports are funded by the Health Promotion Agency who pay for additional sampling and the detailed further analysis.

You can read all the reports below.

Providing funded content to NZ On Screen

NZ On Screen

We would like to remind all funded producers that our Production Funding Agreement requires that following the expiry of the distribution agreement, or earlier if feasible, producers must make available to NZ On Screen copies of requested content (or reasonable excerpts).

NZ On Screen provides a professionally curated site that enables all New Zealanders to engage with the diverse range of local content including the excellent content NZ On Air has the privilege to fund.

We seek your co-operation in ensuring the site has access to the best representative mix of this content.

Meet the team


Funding Advisor, Heperi Mita

Meet Heperi, one of our Funding Advisors and a recent addition to the NZ On Air whānau!

Having joined the team just a few days before lockdown 2.0 (and smack-bang in the middle of a funding round!), Heperi took to our mahi like a fish to water, quickly immersing himself in the wonderful world of application assessments and paper writing.

When he's not meeting with producers and commissioners or testing out our latest HEIHEI games, Heperi can be found spending time with his whānau or indulging his love for American Football.

Learn more about Heperi and his role at NZ On Air on our Meet The Team page.

Funding decisions


Head High 2, 8 x 44 mins, South Pacific Pictures for Three, up to $6,070,000 plus a platform contribution reduction of $416,000. The Roberts/O'Kane whānau return, bringing all the drama and emotion as their sons strive for rugby careers and learn there’s a price to success.

Mean Mums 3, 8 x 22 mins, South Pacific Pictures for Three, up to $1,110,000 plus a platform contribution reduction of $192,000. A family friendly sitcom celebrating school mums in all their crazy, earnest, exhausted glory.

SIS 2.0, 6 x 22 mins, Culture Factory for Prime and Comedy Central NZ (free-access), up to $1,751,342 plus a platform contribution reduction of $240,000. SIS returns as a six-part sketch show that addresses weighty cultural issues with 'unique comedic aplomb.'

Wellington Paranormal 4, 6 x 22 mins, New Zealand Documentary Board for TVNZ 2, up to $2,590,000 plus a platform contribution reduction of $168,000. Paranormal Officers Minogue and O'Leary continue to investigate supernatural activity in our capital city.

7 Days 2021, 20 x 23 mins, Mediaworks TV for Three, up to $792,375 plus a platform contribution reduction of $633,900. 7 Days sees New Zealand's top comedians pit their wits against the week's news and each other.

Kura 2, 6 x 15 mins, Plus6Four Entertainment for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $500,000 plus a platform contribution reduction of $46,000. After choosing to remain in Papakura instead of leaving for a new life on the Gold Coast, Billy-John finds himself in an even bigger dilemma.

New Zealand Today 2, 10 x 22 mins, Kevin and Co for Three, up to $876,879 plus a platform contribution reduction of $240,000. Guy Williams goes on an adventure to investigate weird and wonderful stories from the heart of New Zealand.

Raised By Refugees, 6 x 22 mins, Kevin and Co for Prime, up to $979,380 plus a platform contribution reduction of $144,000. Comedian Pax Assadi invites viewers into the confusing, and at times harsh, reality of being a part-Pakistani part-Iranian kid growing up in post-9/11 Aotearoa.

Someday Stories 2021, 6 x 10 mins, Connected Media Trust for Stuff, up to $230,000 plus a platform contribution reduction of $800. Short sustainability focused films made by emerging New Zealand film-makers that push the envelope, take story risks and look to the future.

Ahikāroa 4, 20 x 26 mins, Kura Productions for Māori TV and TVNZ OnDemand, up to $425,000. A realistic snapshot of young urban Māori mindsets, the bilingual drama series Ahikāroa returns for a fourth season, continuing to deliver gritty, funny and sexy storylines to engage rangatahi audiences.

Creamerie (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 6 x 22 mins, Creamerie Limited for TVNZ 2, up to $199,175

Patriot Brains (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 10 x 44 mins, The Downlowconcept for TVNZ 2, up to $105,080

One Lane Bridge 2 (additional), 5 x 44 mins, Great Southern Television for TVNZ 1, up to $22,450


Tokyo 2021 Paralympics: We All Participate, 12 x 23 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $500,000. Follow the fortunes of our champion Paralympic athletes at the Tokyo 2021 games. (Funded from the Prime Minister’s Emerging Priorities Fund.)

The Black Ferns: Wāhine Toa, 2 x 45 mins, Warner Bros. Production TV for Prime, up to $386,167 plus platform contribution reduction of $84,000. An intimate two-part documentary profiling the Māori and Pasifika women in the world champion Black Ferns rugby team.

O’Town Dreaming, 8 x 15 mins, Bloom Pictures for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $358,743 plus platform contribution reduction of $31,888. Profiles of young talented artists striving to make a future for themselves against the urban backdrop of Ōtara.

Asian Art Stars Aotearoa, 6 x 22 mins, Diva Productions for RNZ, up to $276,049. 18 mini-profiles on young pan-Asian NZ artists, and exploring themes of cultural identity.

Panthers: The Next Chapter, 7 x 13 mins, Four Knight’s Film for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $270,041 plus platform contribution reduction of $24,003. A factual companion to TVNZ 1's The Panthers, this webseries aims to engage young Pacific audiences with their history and place in this country.

Giants, 7 x 26 mins, Fire Fire for Māori Television, up to $255,578. Legacy, whakapapa, and heritage is explored through the lens of different migrant communities in Aotearoa.

Queer & Here, 6 x 26 mins, Jack Media for Māori Television, up to $224,000. A fresh factual series hosted by Aniwa Whaiapu Koloamatangi thats takes us on an adventurous journey among the LGBTQIA+ community.

Portrait Of A Quiet Revolutionary, 1 x 46 mins, Tawera Productions for Mana Trust / E-Tangata, up to $158,606 plus platform contribution reduction of $1,320. An intimate biographical documentary about one of our leading Māori academics - activist and societal commentator Moana Jackson.

#Digital Fagogo, 8 x 5 mins, Tikilounge Productions for TheCoconet.tv, up to $134,700. This series uses videos and podcasts to look at the Pacific storytelling taonga and artform that is Fāgogo.

Attitude 2021, 30 x 23 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $1,876,967. A series highlighting how ordinary Kiwis respond to adversity and empowering people by sharing their stories.

Tagata Pasifika 2021, 50 x 23 + 2 x 90 mins, SunPix for TVNZ 1, up to $1,781,974. A Pacific Islands current affairs, talanoa, sports, issues, events and entertainment programme.

Fresh 2021, 35 x 23 mins, Tikilounge Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $1,765,000. Fresh is a special brand of cross-cultural Māori & Pasifika content exploring rangatahi issues and passions.

Unbreakable 2, 6 x 44 mins, Storymaker for TVNZ 1, up to $727,904 plus platform contribution reduction of $264,000. Season two brings a brand-new cast of inspirational bucket-listers determined to follow their dreams.

Breaking Silence 2, 8 x 10 mins, Magnetic Pictures for Stuff.co.nz, up to $242,364 plus platform contribution reduction of $4,000. A documentary series that confronts the issue of domestic abuse in New Zealand.

Loading Docs: Tūmanako / Hope, 8 x 8 mins, Notable Pictures for LoadingDocs.net, up to $195,342. A short documentary initiative that will produce eight documentaries united by the theme of Tūmanako / Hope.

Rural Delivery 2021, 10 x 23 mins, Showdown Productions for TVNZ 1, up to $156,109. Rural Delivery recognises and celebrates the stories of New Zealanders working and living in the rural sector.

The Nutters Club 2021, 48 x 90 mins, The Key To Life Charitable Trust for Newstalk ZB, up to $81,680 plus platform contribution reduction of $46,080. A radio show discussing key issues in mental health and encouraging us all to take ownership of our own health and well being.

He Kākano Ahau 2, 7 x 45 mins, Ursula Grace Films for RNZ, up to $79,435 plus platform contribution reduction up to $9,200 (for Re; secondary platform). He Kākano Ahau is a podcast that prioritises uniquely Maori and youth-focused world views.

Real Life With John Cowan 2021, 48 x 22 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $38,448. A weekly chat show, featuring high-profile guests talking about their life, upbringing, passions and their view of the world.

Christmas 2020, 18 x 51 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $34,174. 18 hours of creative, award-winning Christmas Eve and Christmas Day radio.

Easter 2021, 12 x 54 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for NewstalkZB, up to $32,799. A mix of thoughtful Easter-focused commentary and interviews.

Cowland (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 6 x 22 mins, TVNZ for Re:, up to $20,850

Scratched: Aotearoa's Lost Sporting Legends 2 (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 6 x 10 mins, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $23,000

New Zealand International Comedy Gala 2020 (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 2 x 66 mins + 1 x 15 mins, Augusto for TVNZ 2, up to $8,852

House Talk (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 10 x 5 mins + 3 x 25 mins, Crux for RNZ, up to $9,633

Aotearoa Music Awards 2020 (additional from Screen Sector Relief Fund), 1 x 1,240 mins, Mediaworks for Three, up to $48,500


Extreme Cake Sports, 10 x 15 mins, Good Times Company for HEIHEI, up to $378,715. Reality series where teams compete in sports and maths challenges in order to obtain ingredients for a cake making contest.

Life Savers, 10 x 10 mins, Scottie Douglas Productions for HEIHEI, up to $300,000. Profiles of junior life savers from Mount Maunganui Surf Live Saving Club as they train toward the 2021 Oceans contest.

What Now 2021, 40 x 117 mins, Whitebait Media for TVNZ 2, TVNZ OnDemand and HEIHEI, up to $3,253,000. Up to $3,253,000. Sunday morning children’s programme teeming with fun, games and gunge.

Brain Busters 2021, 155 x 25 mins, Whitebait Media for TVNZ 2, TVNZ OnDemand and HEIHEI, up to $2,675,000. A daily quiz show that sees Kiwi kids compete in a series of increasingly tricky challenges involving maths, memory, spelling and more.

Code Fun 2, 30 x 15 mins, Pickled Possum Productions for TVNZ 2 and TVNZ OnDemand, up to $499,053. A fun, highly interactive programme helping preschoolers take their first steps into the exciting world of digital technology.

Young Riders 3, 20 x 10 mins, Greenstone TV for HEIHEI, up to $477,764. This series profiles four new riders who will be competing in Eventing - a combination of cross country, dressage and show jumping.

K-Pop Academy 2, 8 x 15 mins, Greenstone TV for HEIHEI, up to $425,146. Graduates of season one return to mentor their own groups from within their own schools and communities.

Taiohi Gods, 8 x 6 mins, Mahi Tahi Media for HEIHEI, up to $499,778. This series follows the adventures of a whānau of teenaged Māori gods living in contemporary times as they learn to control their powers.

Bird’s Eye View, 8 x 5 mins, Sweetshop & Green for HEIHEI, up to $344,500. Animation series about a group of native birds that entertain themselves by observing and commenting on the absurd behaviours of humans.

Endling, 8 x 6 mins, Tomorrow Rain for HEIHEI, up to $325,215. Animation series that explores a place filled with should-be-extinct creatures and supernatural happenings through the eyes of a young girl.

Weirdos, 12 x 11 mins, Ready Steady Studio for HEIHEI, up to $300,000. An animated series about a group of ‘weirdos’ who meet at a bizarre dance class, where they discover their most original moves and invent whacky ways to confront all the out-of-whack situations in their world.

Goodbye A.I., 10 x 8 mins, Foundation Animation for HEIHEI, up to $252,410. Animation / Live Action series about two rejected robots who awaken at an Auckland refuse centre and embark on a quest to return home to Invercargill.

The Feijoa Club 2, 6 x 10 mins, Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions for HEIHEI, up to $500,00. Sitcom series about a diverse team of kids, known as The Feijoa Club, who solve mysteries in their home community of Taranaki.

The Drawing Show 3, 13 x 4 mins, Mukpuddy Animation for HEIHEI, up to 260,000. This series stars Penny and her friends as they teach viewers how to draw their favourite things.

Suzy And Friends 2021, 53 x 45 mins, Treehut for Various Stations, up to $136,000. A radio show that shares Kiwi kids voices, stories, and songs.

Children's - Games

Postcards From Aotearoa, Method Studios for HEIHEI, up to $75,000. A dress-up game where players must ready themselves with clothing and accessories as they prepare to visit real New Zealand landmarks.

Handle The Jandal, Watermark Creative for HEIHEI, up to $70,000. A last-player-standing arena game set in the world of The Vloggingtons'.

Mitts, Resn Global for HEIHEI, up to $70,000. A reaction game that is the digital (and less painful) successor to the school yard version of 'slapsies.'

Critters – An Adventure Puzzle Game, Gamefroot for HEIHEI, up to $69,675. An adventure-puzzle game that sends players on a treasure hunt for items of kiwiana in underground caves and tunnels of Aotearoa.

Kunekune Shopkeeper, Tough Love Tonic for HEIHEI, up to $50,477. A trade simulation game where the player controls a kunekune pig who trades different fruits with a variety of happy customers.

Mū Tōrere, Adrenalin for HEIHEI, up to $45,878. A digital version of a traditional Māori board game played by two players on an eight-pointed, star-shaped board.

New Music Project

Bakers Eddy, Mushroom Group NZ, up to 35,000

Baynk, NicNak Media, up to $40,000

Blkcity, Great Things, up to $40,000

Kimbra, August Avenue, up to $40,000

Ladyhawke, NicNak Media, up to $32,800

Mel Parsons, NicNak Media, up to $30,000

Miss June, CRS Music Management, up to $30,000

Mousey, The Label, up to $40,000

Play It Strange 2020 Recordings, Play It Strange Trust, up to $40,000

New Music Single – up to $10,000 each project

Abby Christo, Bring Your Body

Abby Wolfe, Lose Myself

Carb On Carb, Be My Mirror

Cases, Feel Like This ft. Cassie Henderson

Chelsea Jade, Good Taste

Deadbeat, Rage

Die! Die! Die!, Keep On (Kicking)

Finn Andrews / The Veils, Time

Hans Pucket, My Brain Is A Vacant Space

Jackson Owens, Just Loving You

Jed Parsons, Feeling Sad

Jenny Mitchell, Somehow

Jol, Theorize

Kane Strang, Moat

Lévyne, Misconcptions

Lips, Stop Looking At Me

Mazbou Q, Don't Stop Regardless

Mel Parsons, Carry On

Nadia Reid, Woman, Apart

Noah Slee, Seuke

Nouri, Problem

Otosan, Nowhere ft. Julia Lostrom

Popstrangers, In Spirit

Sally, Bad Mood

So Below, Fear

Terrible Sons, You Are The Gold

Vallé, Prodigy

Womb, Dust To Dust

Cee Bluedy, Trying

Diaz Grimm, Manuka

La Felix, Unlovable

Lion Rezz, Rockin

Maisey Rika, Waitī Waitī

Pacific Heights, In Bloom ft. Georgia Lines

Pickle Darling, Achieve Lift!

Riiki, In The Moment

Sit Down In Front, Don't Push The Buttons

The Datsuns, Brain To Brain

Truth, Pass Me By ft. Lelijveld

New Music Kids – up to $10,000 each project

Anna van Riel, Waste Free Wanda

Captain Festus McBoyle, Breathe and Pants

Chester Travis, New Zoo

Chris Lam Sam, The Octopus Song

Chris Sanders, The Songs and The Stories for Kids

Claudia Robin Gunn, Seasons

Deano Yipadee, Deano Yipadee the Singing Author

fleabite, A Pirate Meets a Flea

HMG Kids, HMG Kids

Jed Parsons, Jeff Parsnip

Judi Cranston, Happy Minds

Kath Bee, What’s Bugging You?

Little Ripples, Little Bee

Moana Maniapoto and Paddy Free, Island of Mystery

Moe & Friends, Moe Makes Music

Mr Roberelli, Where’s the Piwakawaka?

Music With Michal, I Feel…

Rainbow Rosalind, The Sign Language Song

The Front Lawn, Kiri and Lou Singalongs 2

The Nukes, The Nukes 2020 project

Industry Development

Taite Music Prize 2021, Independent Music NZ, up to $10,000

SPADA Screen Industry Awards 2020, SPADA, up to $7,000

NZ Radio Awards 2021, Radio Broadcasters Association, up to $7,500

Doc Edge Awards 2021, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $10,000

Doc Edge Industry Forum 2021, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $15,000

Songhubs Aotearoa, APRA, up to $100,000

Doc Edge Industry Clinics 2021, The Documentary New Zealand Trust, up to $15,000