A note from the CEO


Cam Harland, Chief Executive

As the year end looms ever closer the pace of work is definitely picking up. While our 'business-as-usual' mahi continues to deliver funding outcomes, we are also working hard behind the scenes on a proposed change programme. You will have seen in our recent Shorts newsletter that we now have confirmation of a significant funding cut next year, with $84m being transferred from our baseline to the new ANZPM. There’s been a lot of reaction to this in the media and that’s entirely understandable. It is the biggest change in the public media landscape in Aotearoa in three decades. And it does have a profound impact on NZ On Air, and you our stakeholders.

We will roll out more information as soon as we are able, on what our thinking is around a new strategy, and how we manage that change process. I highly recommend you attend SPADA as we will have more to say there, but if you can’t we’ll make sure we get information to you via our usual channels. Our aim is to give you as much certainty as we can, as early as we can. So stay tuned!

In the meantime the greatest impact is on projects we are funding now for either TVNZ or RNZ as primary platforms, that will in effect be under the mantel of the new ANZPM when they are released. We think it’s important to ensure that funding in this financial year does not duplicate funding appropriated by the ANZPM from 1 July 2023, and we want to ensure as much of our now very limited funding as possible is available for content on other platforms. It’s a tricky balancing act, and our team is working with all those affected, and we are also ensuring the Ministry for Culture and Heritage (and ANZPM) are aware of the transition issues.

That said, we are excited by the range of content funded in this round. Being a targeted audience round, it has once again shown the talent pool across many different communities is growing. This is an important focus area – growing the breadth of representation in the content creation community helps to ensure we better reflect Aotearoa in all its richness. Read on for more about the projects funded in this round.

I am delighted to announce, on behalf of our Chair Dr Ruth Harley, the appointment of Petrina Togi-Sa'ena to our Board under the Associate Director programme. Petrina joins us with an impressive background in the music industry and arts, in particular working with APRA and the Pacific Music Awards. She also produces short documentaries and music videos, and has been involved with the Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust. As an Associate Director Petrina will be a non-voting member at Board meetings to learn more about a Director's responsibilities, but at the same time we will welcome her music and arts sector knowledge and experience at our Board table.

Finally, we will be catching up with a lot of you over the coming months at events, something we very much look forward to. Already mentioned is SPADA, but also the TV Awards, and we will be launching our latest audience research in Auckland at the end of November. This year it is focused on the elusive youth market (15-24) and combines both qualitative and quantitative findings. We’ve got some fascinating insights to share, and off the back of our new research-led Children’s content strategy, this work is going to provide an important compass point for our new strategic direction.

Ngā mihi nui


Profile of Creative Professionals research - please participate

We have again collaborated with Creative NZ on research into the working lives of people working in the creative sectors in Aotearoa. The Profile of Creative Professionals research repeats research undertaken last in 2019 and seeks to understand the sense of wellbeing, income and hours worked by those engaged in creative professions to help us better serve the sector.

The research is being undertaken on our behalf by Kantar Public. They'd like to hear from anyone working in creative roles in media and music production and online gaming.

You can participate in the research here.

The survey closes this Sunday 9 October and we urge you to participate as the more people surveyed the more robust the conclusions.

You can read the 2019 Profile of Creative Professionals Research report here.

NZ Media Fund update

The September round was our second funding round of the new financial year, and was focused on production applications intended to reflect and/or appeal to targeted audiences .

In total, we received 139 applications seeking $47.8m. We are pleased to support the funding of 71 Scripted, Factual and IDF applications for up to $26.6m.

We also received 39 applications to the Public Interest Journalism Fund, plus two out of time applications, seeking $7.1m against an available pool of up to $5m. A panel including independent industry assessors recommended 24 applications for funding.

The full details of all funding decisions are at the end of this newsletter. You can also use the funding decisions search on our website.

Kid Sister (1)

Kid Sister 2, Greenstone TV


We've invested in six drama and comedy projects that support the development of talented emerging and mid-career Aotearoa storytellers.

Two new Scripted projects, Miles From Nowhere and Mysterious Ways, will be making their way to New Zealand audiences, alongside much-loved returning series such as Kid Sister, Kairākau, Someday Stories and I Got You.

Read more in our September 2022 Scripted media release.

Still Here

Still Here 2, Four and Five Films


We have funded a raft of new and returning Factual projects by, for, and about under-represented communities in Aotearoa.

These include new series that delve into issues affecting Māori, Pasifika and Chinese communities, as well as those living with disabilities or exploring issues of gender and sexuality.

Returning to our screens for further seasons are the popular series Still Here, Unbreakable, Soul Sessions, Attitude, Fresh and more.

Read more in our September 2022 Factual media release.

Bird's Eye View

Bird's Eye View 2, Sweetshop and Green

Children's content

Parents get ready - we've just funded 16 dynamic new local series and games for your tamariki to enjoy on all their favourite platforms!

More Kea Kids News, Kiri and Lou, Bird's Eye View, Toi Time, Suzy and Friends and The Poo Files are on the way - as well as new games such as Kai Navigator, Comic Creation Kit, The Hua Company and more.

Read more in our September 2022 Children's media release.


Haukāinga 2022/23, Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ika

Public Interest Journalism

Our penultimate Public Interest Journalism funding round focused on supporting industry development and capacity building within Aotearoa newsrooms.

24 projects have been funded to a total of $3,994,956 - including a cadetship programme for five Māori journalists in Taranaki, and cadetships focused across Chinese language, disability and agri-journalism.

Read more in our September 2022 Public Interest Journalism media release.


This round included our second New Music Project round for 2022/23.

We have supported 12 projects. Project grants are for multi-single release campaigns including subsidy for recording, video content, and promotions and marketing campaigns.

% expenditure to date

Music update

Since the end of July, we have completed four Music funding rounds - New Music Single, New Music Project, New Music Kids and New Music Development, resulting in 78 music grants.

We have just closed the final rounds for 2022 for New Music Pasifika, New Music Project, New Music Development and Music Features.

Before the end of the year, we still have one more New Music Single round and the annual Waiata Takitahi (in partnership with Te Māngai Pāho). More information on all our music funding opportunities can be found here.


Rob Ruha

Waiata Anthems week

Waiata Anthems week is always one of the highlights of the year but this year is particularly special as it is the 50 year anniversary of when the Māori Language Petition, calling for active recognition of te reo Māori, was presented to Parliament.

To celebrate Waiata Anthems week, once again a huge range of waiata te reo Māori was released via radio and streaming services, and we saw several waiata achieving great chart positions over the month.

More details and playlist links for Waiata Anthems can be found here.


Eight songwriters will take part in the 2022 Reo Māori SongHubs.

Music industry awards and events

It's Music industry awards season! NZ On Air supports a wide range of sector award events including the Waiata Māori Awards, Pacific Music Awards, APRA Silver Scroll and the Aotearoa Music Awards. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners announced so far.

After a two year COVID-19 hiatus, many in-person music industry events have returned. Over the last couple of months, NZ On Air has supported the following upskilling events:

  • IMNZ and the NZ Music Commission's Going Global – a two day seminar and showcase event with international and local speakers.
  • The Music Managers Forum Aotearoa Regional Seminars with the topic 'How to Market and Promote Your Music'.
  • APRA AMCOS NZ Reo Māori Songhubs curated by APRA Board Writer Representative Bic Runga and Sir Tīmoti Kāretu with eight songwriters, four producers and four mātanga reo/Māori language consultants.

PIJF Profiles

In our feature PIJF Profiles, we talk to some of the journalists that NZ On Air has supported into media roles through the Public Interest Journalism Fund (PIJF). In our latest profile, we talk to Atutahi Potaka-Dewes, a cadet with Te Rito.

Te Rito is a programme from four major media partners – NZME, Whakaata Māori, Newshub and PMN – funded by the PIJF to identify, train, develop and hire 23 cadet Māori, Pasifika and diverse journalists to better reflect the communities of Aotearoa. Atutahi's PIJF Profile can be found here.

Meet the Team

We continue to profile members of the team here at NZ On Air, so you can meet some of the individuals working hard to ensure that the best local content is produced to connect and reflect Aotearoa audiences.

This time, we talk to Suzanne De Spong, senior communications advisor, about what she does day-to-day, what she loves about her job and what she likes to do when she's not at NZ On Air. You can view our Meet the Team page here.

Funding details

Note: Funding marked with an asterisk (*) is for content intended for broadcast on TVNZ or RNZ. Assuming the legislation establishing the new ANZPM passes, NZ On Air funding would end at 30 June 2023. This means these funding amounts may be subject to change. (Funding of $1m or less is unaffected in this round for timing reasons).


Miles From Nowhere, 6 x 22.5 mins, Gibson Group for Prime, up to $1,900,000. A darkly inventive new series that tells the story of a young Muslim songwriter who forms an unexpected friendship with the SIS agent monitoring him.

*Kid Sister 2, 5 x 22 mins, Greenstone TV for TVNZ+ and TVNZ 2, up to $1,273,486. Now Lulu and Ollie are together and out in the open, can their relationship withstand the realities of their differences?

Kairākau 3, 6 x 26 mins, Velvet Stone Media for Whakaata Māori, up to $540,000. Now in its third season, Kairākau is a drama series set in pre-colonial Aotearoa that highlights the struggles, relationships, and ultimately, revenge between warring tribes.

Someday Stories 7, 6 x 10 mins, Connected Media Charitable Trust for RNZ, up to $280,000. The youth-focused development initiative Somedays Stories 7 will continue to nurture a new generation of filmmakers in 2023.

I Got You 2, 8 x 5 mins, Cadness Street for RNZ, up to $270,000. Despite her lack of relationship experience, Mac is back to continue helping others find love in the second season of I Got You.

Mysterious Ways, 1 x 90 mins, Sunpix for TP+, up to $100,000. When a media storm threatens the marriage between a gay vicar and his boyfriend, God intervenes in the new feature film Mysterious Ways.



Four Go Flatting, 5 x 44 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 2, up to $586,770. An observational documentary series that follows four diverse young adults who have an intellectual disability and gives them a real-life temporary experience of flatting.

West Coasters, 6 x 26 mins, Fire Fire for Whakaata Māori, up to $438,580. An observational series for Whakaata Māori, West Coasters chronicles the triumphs and challenges of Māōri who are keeping the home fires burning in the most remote, most beautiful place, in Aotearoa.

TransGenerations, 8 x 10 mins, Trajectory Media for NZ Herald, up to $361,121. A documentary series that tells the stories of several high-profile trans rights activists and shines a light on the experiences of transgender New Zealanders.

Queer Academy, 5 x 10 mins, Re: for Re:, up to $246,891. A documentary series, hosted by queer comedian James Mustapic, that explores the value of the LGBTTQIA+ experience and everything that’s good about being queer.

Farewell Guangdong, 6 x 15 mins, Tawera Productions for RNZ, up to $238,230. A series based on the book Farewell Guangdong by Lily Lee which details the experiences of Lee’s family, and many others, escaping war in China and dealing with cultural diversity in present-day New Zealand.

Sidelines with the Sugas, 12 x 12 mins, Tikilounge Productions for Coconet.TV, up to $206,265. A unique series that delves into the behind-the-scenes realities for Pacific athletes, from sportswomen mothers with full-time jobs to young aspiring Pasifika punching above their weight.

This is Wheel Life with Sophia & Indy, 12 x 8 mins, Boxed Media for RNZ, up to $199,490. A raw, authentic and comedic series that documents the lives of two young women – Sophia and Indy – one living with quadriplegia and the other her carer.


*Attitude 2023, 20 x 23 mins + 10 x 23 mins reversioned, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $1,675,050*. A series of empowering stories reflecting the lives of some of the 1.1 million people in Aotearoa who live with disability or chronic ill health.

*Fresh 2023, 35 x 23 mins, Tikilounge Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $1,807,990*. A magazine/reality series for Māori and Pasifika rangatahi, engaging them across linear and digital platforms.

Unbreakable 3, 6 x 44 mins, Storymaker for TVNZ 1, up to $727,870. A six-part observational documentary series which follows 10 contributors with disabilities and focuses on their hurdles, dreams and successes.

Soul Sessions 3, up to 10 x 25 mins, ECG Media for TP+, up to $435,444. A series that celebrates Aotearoa gospel music which includes special episodes for Christmas, New Year’s and Matariki.

Youth Wings 2, 5 x 10 mins + 1 x 30 mins, Hexwork Productions for The Spinoff, up to $276,059. A documentary series that follows the youth branches of our political parties, big and small, as they start their engines for the 2023 election.

Still Here 2, 4 x 15 mins, Four and Five Films for Re:, up to $228,107. A docu-series profiling millennials from Pasifika families still living in Auckland’s affluent inner-city suburbs, namely Grey Lynn, Herne Bay, Westmere and Ponsonby.

Rural Delivery 2023, 10 x 23 mins, Showdown Productions Limited for TVNZ 1, up to $161,642. A series looking at the science of farming with stories that focus on new farming technologies and practices.

The Nutters Club, 48 x 90 mins, The Key to Life Charitable Trust for Newstalk ZB, up to $85,460. A radio interview series designed to change the way people think, feel, talk and behave in relation to our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, culture, sexual health and wellbeing.

Real Life with John Cowan 2023, 48 x 22 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $37,964. Weekly nationwide chat show series that reflects the diverse religious and ethical beliefs of New Zealanders, featuring a different high-profile guest each week.

Christmas 2022, 18 x 51 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $36,896. A mix of live and pre-recorded features, interviews, vignettes, music, audience participation and guests for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day radio content.

Easter 2023, 12 x 54 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $31,522. An Easter-focused range of radio content with commentary, interviews, talk back, creative production and guests from around NZ.



Kea Kids News 4, Luke Nola, 132 x 4 mins for NZME – NZ Herald online, 33 x 20 mins for Prime, 624 x 1.5 mins for TikTok, 132 x 4 mins for YouTube, and 208 x 1 mins for Nickelodeon / Cartoon Network, up to $1,141,544. Kea Kids News will continue to keep our youngest citizens informed about all the issues that matter most to them in 2023.

*Brain Busters 2023, 160 x 25 mins, Whitebait Media for TVNZ 2, up to $1,979,964. Kiwis compete in a series of increasingly tricky challenges involving maths, memory, spelling and more - working towards the ultimate test of smarts and stamina, the Brain Buster!

*What Now 2023, Whitebait Media for TVNZ 2. Funding and duration to be confirmed. What Now is back with more gunge, foam, games and fun than ever!

*Toi Time! 2, 20 x 29 mins, Rogue Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $1,152,088. Join Tama, Māia, JoJo and guests including Aunty Anika (Anika Moa) as they dance, sing and have fun around their whare in this fun and educational new series!

Bird’s Eye View 2, 10 x 5 mins, Sweetshop and Green for TVNZ+, TVNZ 2, RNZ and Whakaata Māori, up to $731,305. Bird’s Eye View returns with more feather-brained perspectives and misguided theories about the true weirdos of the animal kingdom – humans!

Fresh Fairytales 2, Tikilounge Productions 5 x 15 mins Scripted + 5 x 2 mins for TVNZ+, TVNZ 2, Coconet TV, and YouTube, 30 x 1 mins for TikTok, for, and TikTok, up to $697,000. Classic fairytales will be given a musical Island twist in the second season of Fresh Fairytales.

Kiri and Lou 4, 10 x 5 mins, Kiri and Lou for Prime, TVNZ 2, TVNZ+ and YouTube, up to $499,999. Following the adventures of two fanciful creatures in the primeval forest of Aotearoa, this award-winning claymation series is back to teach kids more important life lessons.

KPA – Battle Squad, 8 x 20 mins, Greenstone TV for TVNZ and TVNZ+, up to $489,603. A spin-off from the popular TVNZ+ K-Pop Academy series, KPA – Battle Squad follows the next generation of wannabe squad dancers as they compete across a mash-up of street dance genres.

Moe and Michal, 8 x 20 mins, Pop Up Workshop for YouTube and Prime, up to $319,200. YouTube creators Michal Bush (Music With Michal) and Dave Martin (Busy Beavers) will team up with Pop Up Workshop’s Jeremy Dillon to create a wealth of new Moe and Michal crossover content.

Speak Māori for Kids 2, 150 x 4 mins, Adrenalin for YouTube, the Speak Māori For Kids website, and Māori Language.net, up to $567,820. Learn to speak Māori with the help of Ārai, Tairua, their whānau and friends.

Suzy and Friends 2023, 53 x 45 mins, Treehut for 26 regional radio stations, up to $136,000. A weekend radio programme for New Zealand children and their parents.

The Poo Files 2, 20 x 2 mins, Rude Girl Productions for TVNZ+, TVNZ 2 and Rova, up to $267,730. Zoo-ology meets poo-ology, in this bizarre and hilariously fascinating investigation of animal poos and the creatures that make them!

What Will I Be Today?, 9 x 5 mins, POW Studios for TVNZ+ and RNZ, up to $500,000. A series where the characters daydream, imagining themselves to be heroes and adventurers on an important mission.


Comic Creation Kit, Spookysoft Games for HEIHEI Games, up to $53,040. Comic Creation Kit allows players to create comic strips by mixing and matching characters, dialogue, and story elements.

It’s Kooky - Land of Aotearoa, Roshan Shaffeq Nowshad for HEIHEI Games, up to $39,380. It's Kooky – Land of Aotearoa is a hidden object video game set within the beautiful landscapes and historical regions of Aotearoa.

Kai Navigator, Mad Carnival for HEIHEI Games, up to $77,340. Kai Navigator will take kids around the world on a quest to discover and collect native fruits, vegetables and kaimoana for local kaitiaki in a race-the-clock scavenger hunt.

Māoringo, Teramon for HEIHEI Games, up to $8,052. Māoringo is a fun, dungeon-crawler game that teaches players basic te reo Māori.

The Hua Company, Thousand Tonic for HEIHEI Games, up to $59,500. From the creators of Kune Kune Shopkeeper comes The Hua Company, an exciting new local farm management simulation game.

Public Interest Journalism


Haukāinga 2022/23, Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ika, up to $460,000. To produce an additional 12-month season of the video news series, produced by and for Northlanders on Te Hiku platforms, with Whakaata Māori and Iwi radio as content partners.

Mata Media, Aotearoa Media Collective, up to $452,198. A new and cutting-edge Māori current affairs project that will provide a suite of multimedia content designed for a digital-first audience, for TVNZ digital platforms and RNZ.

Video Kickstart, The Big Idea, up to $181,800. A series of 26 videos covering topical arts news and investigations, prioritising the viewpoints of diverse, regional and underserved communities, including Māori, Pasifika, Pan-Asian, youth, LGBTQIA+ and disabled perspectives.

The Hui: Summer Edition Series 2, Great Southern Television Ltd, up to $187,114. A second series of The Hui: Summer Edition which will produce six current affairs stories from a Māori perspective while providing mentorship and training to four young Māori journalists.

The Business of Health, BusinessDesk, up to $85,255. This project will investigate the involvement and efficacy of the companies and agencies involved in healthcare spending across Aotearoa, through a series of 50-70 articles.

Who Owns Auckland? Metro Media Group Limited, up to $30,460. An investigative series of long-form feature articles that examine multiple aspects of commercial property development in Tāmaki Makaurau.

Community Oriented Programmes, Indo Kiwi United Trust, up to $169,440. A weekly series of 48 videos covering the topics of health, social issues, parenting and elder care, for Punjabi and Sikh audiences.

Te Reo Māori Project, Kiwi Kids News, up to $46,706. A 12-month project which will produce two weekly news articles written in te reo Māori and accompanied by an English translation and an audio file of the reo text, for a tamariki audience aged 8-13.

Tova O'Brien Special, Mediaworks, up to $50,000. A range of audio and video packages, including a one-on-one interview with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, that cover the ongoing impacts of the Ukraine war on Aotearoa and New Zealanders within Ukraine and at home.

Industry Development Funding

Te Ia Ka Oho, Te Korimako o Taranaki, up to $395,000. A nine-month local journalism cadetship programme to nurture five Māori journalists with the aim of growing the Māori journalism sector more broadly, especially in the Taranaki region.

Disability: Our Voices, Attitude Pictures, up to $142,520. To extend the training of one existing PIJF-funded intern who lives with a disability and provide coaching for a second intern also living with a disability.

Agri-Journalists Mentorship, Global HQ, up to $25,000. A 12-month mentorship for two tertiary students to learn about agricultural journalism and produce youth-focused content about primary industries for Global HQ publications.

Chinese Journalism Cadetship Programme, Go Global Ltd, $137,280. A 12-month training programme, with in-house and external modules, for two cadets from Chinese backgrounds to increase the quality and quantity of trusted news content for Chinese audiences.

Cadetships for Central students, Inland App Company, up to $7,800. A 12-month programme to engage and encourage high school students in the Central Otago district to experience journalism as a career option and produce weekly content.

The Next Page – Editors, The Spinoff, up to $201,036. A 10-month cross-platform initiative to support the development and upskilling of journalism editors across Aotearoa. Led by The Spinoff, partner publications include North & South, Metro, NZ Geographic, E-Tangata, The Pantograph Punch and Ensemble.

Content Roles

A contributing Editor/Presenter and a Video Journalist for two years, for Hawke’s Bay App, up to $388,700. To conduct interviews, write stories and offer editorial oversight, and to increase the quantity and quality of video news.

A Community Reporter for one year, for Consumer NZ Incorporated, up to $85,600. To cover consumer news with a focus on non-Pākehā and economically marginalised groups.

A Reporter for one year, for Migrant News, up to $55,854. To produce news content specifically for and about migrant communities and Filipino audiences.

A Digital Content Designer and a Digital Producer for one year, for Radio Ngāti Porou Charitable Trust, up to $128,784. To create audio-visual online content from Radio Ngāti Porou daily radio content and share it across various digital and social platforms.

A Local Democracy Journalist for two years, for Inland App Company, up to $101,400. To continue local democracy reporting across Central Otago, with increased hours.

A Pasifika Affairs Correspondent for two years, for Warner Bros Discovery NZ, up to $248,240. To report on Pasifika issues for Discovery NZ’s news organisations, including Newshub.

Targeted Roles

A Digital Graphic Designer and an Audience Engagement Expert for one year, for Indian Newslink, up to $186,992. To improve the design of the news site and add graphics to print and online stories, and to connect with new and younger audiences over social media channels.

A Chief of Staff and a Newsreader for one year, for The National Pacific Radio Trust, up to $207,461. To provide coordination, sub-editing and organisational leadership in the newsroom, and to provide specialist news reading services.

A part-time Sub-Editor for one year, for Metro Media Group Ltd, up to $20,316. To increase the magazine’s overall capacity to produce quality journalism.


(Capital fund)

Radio Control 99.4FM, Radio Massey, up to $5,850

95bFM, Campus Radio bFM, up to $14,381


New Music Development - up to $6,000

Woodcut Production

Abraham Kunin

Brooke Singer

Carly Gill, Jess Penson

Christian Tjandrawinata

Dave Khan

Edy & Astro

Elena Siljic

Joe Faris

Joel Jones

Josh Edmonds

Mazbou Q

Samuel Scott

Sophie Bialostocki

Steven Marr

The Response

Tiki Taane

New Music Project - Kids - up to $10,000

Chris Lam Sam, Silly Funny Action Songs for Kids!

Em & Me, 1-2-3 Dis-Go!

Huia, The Good Monster

Itty Bitty Beats & Claudia Gunn, Sunshine & Kindness

Jackie B & the Mini Band, Summertime

Jayav, Aotearoa Sun

Judi Cranston, Wave Your Scarf

Levity Beet, Levity Beet & Friends LP

Little Lips, Little Lips LP

Loopy Tunes Music, Pohutukawa Christmas Song EP

Miss Nicky Says, Because I’m Māori LP

Suzy Cato & Kath Bee, I Can Do It!

New Music Projects

Arjuna Oakes, Square Sums & Co, up to $40,000

Coterie, Massive Records, up to $30,000

Grayson Gilmour, Flying Nun Records, up to $27,240

Kaylee Bell, Trigger Marketing, up to $20,000

L.A.B., LOOP Media NZ, up to $40,000

LEISURE, Goldie Management, up to $40,000

Lani Alo, Precise Digital, up to $20,000

LOU’ANA, NicNak Media, up to $26,496

Nathan Haines, Zoot Music, up to $30,000

Play It Strange Trust, Play It Strange Trust, up to $40,000

Rhian Sheehan & Arli Liberman, LOOP Media NZ, up to $40,000

The Chills, Southbound Distribution, up to $40,000

New Music Single - up to $10,000

0800, Vapour

10:32, Coffee Shop Girl

Abby Christo, Slow Down Girl

Amamelia, C’est Chic

Ashy, L.A. Talk

Avya, You Don’t Get It

B O K E H, Encore

Corrella NZ, Skanking

Coterie, West Coast Drive*

Dbldbl, Hot Cakes

Dick Move, Small Man Big Tweet

Ebony Lamb, Take My Hands at Night

Edy X Hales, In My Head

Elliott Dawson, Truman

Erny Belle, Island Time

Ethan Jupe, Maurice & Fynn, The One

Hayley Westenra, Don’t Say You’re Sad

Ingrid and the Ministers, Porcelain God

K M T P, First Date

Lawrence Arabia, The Developed World

Masaya, Black Sheep

Mazbou Q, Lucky All Day Feat. Xj-Will

Mild Orange, Right or Wrong

Mohi, Moments

Neive Strang, Living in Two

Nganeko, Change

O & the Mo, Make Way for the Sun

Razé, Blush

Robinson, Teenage Renegade

Rubi Du, Brown Skin

Soft Plastics, Disembody

TK Paradza, Energy Feat. Raiza Biza

Valkyrie, Lights Go Down

Villainy, The Launch

Zanderr Pierre, You Don’t Feel

Zoe Moon, Casual

Music With Michal, TBC

Aidan Fine, Sunday Morning

Ashy, Do Not Disturb

Bailey Wiley, Baby Mama

Ballot Box, Carpet Stain

Ben Woods, Chimes

Big Sima, Growth

Brandn Shiraz & Diggy Dupe, Outside Outside

Bridges, Misfits

Cellarr, Freak Out

Chores, Feel the High Feat. Ashy

Coast Arcade, Highest Heights

Dallas James, Demons & Angels

Dual, Lights Go Out

Estère, Oh Well

Haz & Miloux, March 12

Hi-Nes, Are You Here?

Israel Starr, Spiritual Healing Feat. Lomez Brown & Natural Roots Ban

Jack Panther, Weekend at Bernies

Jujulipps, Airplane Mode

La Felix, Good Times

Lauren Gin, Flight Feat. Reshma Martin

Louisa Nicklin, No Good

Mareko, What Are They Saying Feat. Inf

Miakie, Flicker

Mikey Dam, The Eagles

Osqar, Don’t Leave

Ray Leslie, Dog Days

Reb Fountain, Faithless Lover

Shapeshifter, Crystal Eyes

Swiss Feat. Poetik, Everything on Me

Vallé, Hold Me

Volts, When You Go

Who Shot Scott, Demons

Yahyah, Go

Grace Lawrence, Differently Now

Industry Development

Waiata Māori Music Awards 2022, Waiata Māori Awards Charitable Trust, up to $20,000

Songhubs 2023, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $25,000

Reo Māori Songhubs 2022, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $15,000

Going Global Music Summit 2022, Independent Music NZ, up to $2,000

Eq (Equaliser), Recordedmusic.co.nz, up to $10,000