2 November 2023

The 2023 Review of NZ On Air's Music Funding was commissioned to provide a comprehensive view of where the music industry in Aotearoa New Zealand is at in 2023 – and then examine closely the role and efficacy of our NZ On Air Music funding initiatives within that.

The aim was to understand the challenges the industry faces both at home and globally. And then ensure that our music funding initiatives are fit-for-purpose, future-focused and continue to give audiences a range of quality local songs to enjoy.

The depth and breadth of this review has resulted in a number of insights and highlighted potential solutions that we can work towards.

NZ On Air has considered all the Review recommendations and produced a response to each of those recommendations. The NZ On Air Response document and the Review of NZ On Air's Music Funding can be found below. You can also read a Media release announcing a key change resulting from the review.