The final NZ On Air funding round of 2020 has confirmed support for a number of returning specialist current affairs shows and important investigative journalism initiatives.

The award-winning Stuff Circuit and Newsroom Investigates teams of top journalists have been supported again, to continue to break stories of national significance. The daily podcast series explaining the stories behind the headlines, The Detail will also return in 2021.

The nation’s political leaders will continue to be held to account weekly on The Hui and Newshub Nation on Three and Q + A on TVNZ 1.

We are very proud supporters of excellence in journalism and current affairs. It is vital to democracy that we continue to enable a strong fourth estate, especially in challenging times for the commercial entities they are employed by,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Cameron Harland.

In addition to these projects, NZ On Air earlier in the year confirmed continued support in 2021 for the Local Democracy Reporting scheme, and continues to fund five regional media projects covering nine regions.

Current Affairs

Newshub Nation 2021, 41 x 56 mins, Mediaworks TV for Three, up to $929,092. Platform reduction up to $277,876. A weekly political and current affairs programme.

Newsroom Investigates 2021, 6 x 15 mins, Newsroom NZ for Newsroom, up to $328,217. Current affairs marrying detail and substance and uncovering stories that New Zealanders need to know.

Q + A 2021, 40 x 58 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $842,775. Platform reduction up to $80,000. A political current affairs programme comprising a weekly hour of interviews, debates and discussions that inform and educate the country on pressing issues.

Stuff Circuit 2021, 3 x 30 mins, Stuff for Stuff, up to $324,200. Platform reduction up to $376,918. A third season of in-depth investigations as the team continue to delve, probe and analyse issues of vital importance to NZ society.

The Detail 2021, 124 x 20 mins, Newsroom NZ for Newsroom, up to $311,269. A daily podcast designed to explain the stories behind the headlines and give deeper understanding of important events.

The Hui 2021, 40 x 28 mins, Great Southern Television for Three, up to $624,375. Platform reduction up to $200,000. A Māori current affairs programme for all New Zealanders.