September Round Information

Nau mai, haere mai - welcome to our September funding round.

This round is primarily for production applications that reflect and/or appeal to targeted audiences. Please read the full September 2019 round information here.

General production applications will only be considered for selected Scripted applications (see below) and must have been discussed with a member of the funding team prior to submission.

If you're intending to make a children's content application in this round, please ensure you read section D of the round information. 


  • Scripted genres for this round include Children’s, Drama and Comedy with applications being accepted for projects intended for targeted audiences.
  • Applications for Scripted applications aimed at general audiences will also be considered for; Premier scripted drama series or telefeatures, and Sustainable comedy series. Please see the Scripted roadmap for more on these definitions.


  • Factual genres  for this round include Children’s, Documentary, Information, and Events with applications being accepted for projects intended for targeted audiences.

Important dates:

5 July 2019, 4pm - Funding round opens.

8 August 2019, 4pm - Application deadline.

25 September 2019 - Applicants notified - this date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.

Government Consultation Paper

This is for the policy geeks among you – and is really important. As government policy is developed around wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework, the role of and contribution of culture (that’s us, folks!) is not yet well-defined.

Without a highly visible place in the LSF there is a risk culture is marginalised because its impact is so hard to quantify. The Treasury has now posted the discussion paper ‘Culture, Wellbeing, and the Living Standards Framework’ on its website here.

We’re putting our neck out and saying culture should be a fifth capital, taking equal place among the other four capitals: natural, social, human, and financial /physical.

Whether or not you agree, submissions from the sector including guilds are useful. Submissions can be made to the Treasury (, closing on 30 September 2019.

NZTV Awards

Entries for the 2019 NZTV Awards are now open! 

We hope all of our fantastic creatives are thinking about entering - the awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of our stories and the diversity of our voices. 

Remember, the awards are open to online content too!

Entries close on Sunday August 11th - everything you need to know is available on the NZTV Awards website.