Factual RFP for Pan-Asian Creatives

NZ On Air is seeking new Factual proposals for high-quality productions with a focus on Pan-Asian led creative teams and content.

The NZ On Air 2020 Diversity Report found a consistent under-representation of Asian creatives in core creative production roles. In this financial year, NZ On Air has earmarked up to $2m of contestable funding to support the creation of Factual content by Pan-Asian led teams.

We are seeking proposals of up to $600k per application for high-quality Factual productions, with free-to-air outcomes as well as the potential for the film festival circuit. Proposals for Factual series or one-off shorter-form Factual content may also apply.

The Assessment process for this RFP will be carried out in collaboration with the Pan-Asian Screen Collective (PASC). Pan-Asian stories and experiences are encouraged just as much as proposals featuring Pan-Asian perspectives on other/broader issues.

A limit of two applications per production company/team will be accepted for assessment.

Authenticity of the storytelling perspective will be a priority in the assessment process. Two of the three key creatives (producer, director and writer) must be Pan-Asian. In cases where the producer or production company of a proposal are not Pan-Asian, demonstration of meaningful collaboration with the creative team will be expected (i.e. how the partnership came together, nature of the collaboration, potential sharing of Intellectual Property ownership).

Proposals that factor in capacity building and talent development amongst a diverse range of practitioners on your production will be viewed favourably. Proposals should also include a cultural strategy document detailing what principles and processes you intend to have in place to ensure authentic and inclusive representation (where relevant) in front of and behind the camera.

Read the full information for Funding Applicants - Factual RFP for Pan-Asian Creatives here. The full information for funding applicants for the January/March round will be released shortly. In the interim, for an overview of the scope of the round see paragraph G of the October/December funding round information.


10 December 2020 - Funding round opens.

All applications must be made through NZ On Air’s online application system. Applications not submitted through this system will not be accepted. You must submit a request to register with our online system well in advance of the application deadline day.

14 January 2021, 4pm - Application deadline. Round closes.

Late applications will not be considered. In very exceptional circumstances, for time-sensitive projects agreed prior by the Head of Funding, we may consider an out of time application. But we won’t be generous.

3 March 2021 - Decisions confirmed, applicants notified the following day.

This date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.

Premium productions for International Audiences Fund - webinar & Q + A

The Premium Productions for International Audiences Fund is designed to support the production of high-quality feature films or series dramas that tell strong Aotearoa New Zealand stories with international appeal.

Last week the NZ Film Commission, NZ On Air, and Te Māngai Pāho hosted a webinar to updating viewers on the fund. The panelists were NZFC's CEO Annabelle Sheehan, NZ On Air's CEO Cameron Harland and Te Māngai Pāho's Kaiwhakahaere, Pouaka Whakaata, Larry Parr.

More than 150 people attended the event and we'd like to thank everyone for joining and for submitting their questions.

The webinar is now available to watch. Also available are written answers to any unanswered questions received during the live webinar.

NZ TV Award Nominations

One Lane Bridge

Congratulations to all the nominees for this year's The New Zealand Television Awards!

There were more than 570 entries across 38 categories - with NZ On Air funded projects securing 67 out of 114 of the final nominations!

Massive kudos to the following funded project nominations:

- Great Southern Film & Television's One Lane Bridge for Best Drama Series, Sara Wiseman for Best Supporting Actress, Best Contribution To A Soundtrack, Best Post Production Design and Best Script: Drama

- Screentime NZ's Ablaze for Best Feature Drama and Best Production Design

- Fearless Production's Runaway Millionaires for Best Feature Drama and Best Original Score

- Making Movies' A War Story for Best Feature Drama

- TVNZ 1's Hyundai Country Calendar for Best Factual Series, Best Camerawork: Documentary/Factual

- Warner Bros. International Television Production NZ's David Lomas Investigates for Best Factual Series

- Rogue Production's High School Mums for Best Factual Series, Best Editing: Documentary/Factual

- Ruckus Media's Patrick Gower On Weed for Best Documentary, Best Director: Documentary / Factual, Best Presenter: Entertainment

- Rogue Production's By The Balls for Best Documentary, Best Director: Documentary / Factual

- Whisky Tango Foxtrot Production's Help Is On The Way for Best Documentary, Best Editing: Documentary/Factual

- Storymaker's Unbreakable for Best Original Reality Series

- Pango Production's Class Act for Best Original Reality Series

- Attitude for Best Lifestyle Programme

- Scottie Douglas Production's Off The Grid With Pio for Best Lifestyle Programme

- Great Southern TV's The Hui for Best Current Affairs Programme, Best Presenter: News & Current Affairs, Best Camerawork: Documentary/Factual

- Stuff Circuit: Infinite Evil for Best Current Affairs Programme, Best Camerawork: Documentary/Factual

- Kiri and Lou for Best Children's Programme

- Whitebait Media's Science On Ice for Best Children's Programme

- Great Southern TV's NZ Wars - Stories of Waitara for Te Māngai Paho Best Māori Programme

- Tawera Production's The Negotiators for Te Māngai Paho Best Māori Programme

- Tikilounge Production's Fresh, Tales Of Taonga and Marks Of Mana for Best Pasifika Programme

- The Spinoff's Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends for Best Sports Programme

- Three's Vodafone NZ Music Awards for Best Live Event Coverage

- Pango Production's Aotearoa 250 for Best Live Event Coverage, Best Director: Multi Camera

- Us People Production's Life Is Easy for Best Comedy/Comedy Entertainment Programme

- NZ Documentary Board's Wellington Paranormal for Best Comedy/Comedy Entertainment Programme, Best Makeup Design, Best Script: Comedy

- Piki Film's Aroha Bridge for Best Comedy/Comedy Entertainment Programme

- Storybox's Shot Bro for Best Director: Documentary / Factual

- South Pacific Pictures' Head High for Best Actress: Miriama McDowell, Best Actor: Craig Hall, Best Supporting Actor: Jayden Daniels

- South Pacific Pictures' Westside for Best Actress: Antonia Prebble, Best Editing: Drama, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup Design, Best Script: Drama

- South Pacific Pictures' Mean Mums for Best Supporting Actress: Anna Jullienne, Aroha Rawson, Best Script: Comedy

- The Spinoff's On The Rag for Best Presenter: Entertainment: Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden, Michèle A'Court

- Q + A's Jack Tame for Best Presenter: News & Current Affairs

- Augusto's Funny As: The Story of NZ Comedy for Best Editing: Documentary/Factual

- Great Southern TV's Jonah for Best Actor: Craig Hall, Best Production Design