Applications update

With the inaugural Public Interest Journalism Funding round closed, and the July Scripted and Factual round just closed our teams of assessors are hard at work. Here's what they have to assess:

Public Interest Journalism
Total applications: 122
Total funding sought: $49.5m
Total funding available (this round) : $9.6m

Running a two stage process, our specialist team of assessors have decided a shortlist of 43 applications that will proceed to a full submission for consideration. 79 applications have been declined after the first stage.


Total applications: 29

Total funding sought: $18.2m
Total funding available (this round): approx $ 20m

Total production funding applications: 64
Total funding sought: approx $24.3m
Total funding available (this round): $10m

Industry Development Fund
Total applications: 6
Total funding sought: $327,090

Good luck to all applicants. As always, there is far more demand than funds available.

Meet our Head of Journalism


This week we have welcomed to our team Raewyn Rasch, as Head of Journalism. Raewyn has plunged straight into the mahi on the first round of applications.

She's also learning all about the processes, systems and people that support funding decisions.

To learn more about Raewyn you can read our earlier media release about her appointment.

You can contact Raewyn by email at but please don't overwhelm her inbox!

General journalism funding enquiries can still be directed to