Last call for the SPRF

The Screen Production Relief Fund, to assist productions with COVID-19 related costs, is coming to an end on 30 June. To ensure we can process any further claims to the SPRF before the financial year end we ask for all remaining claims to be lodged by 4pm on 5 June.

There will be no funding specifically set aside for COVID-19 related costs after the fund closes, so please do get those claims in on time.

Special Scripted round reminder

A reminder that we have a Special Scripted round due to open 29 June, with a deadline of 4.00pm 20 July and decisions notified 22 September.

The timing of this round has been deliberate to take into account an expected decision from government about eligibility of domestic productions to apply for the NZ Screen Production Grant alongside NZ On Air funding.

We will be issuing guidelines for this round as soon as possible.

Announcing development decisions

After a funding round NZ On Air announces content funding decisions, but we have not in the past included development funding decisions, with the rationale being that these projects are at an early and often sensitive stage. 

We will now be announcing content development decisions. This is because content development is a growing area of emphasis in our new Investment Strategy, and it is important for transparency as these are taxpayer funds. We note also that this is the practice of the NZ Film Commission and Screen Australia. 

Rest assured our content development releases will take a high level overview approach. We will be looking to reflect the diversity of creatives and ideas in the development pipeline. 
Please bear with us as we trial this approach from the July round (Round Tahi). If you've been approved content development funding you will be contacted by our Comms team about the release before it goes out. 

Having trouble finding our emails?

Microsoft has recently deployed an "update" that is sending a lot more emails to Junk/Spam. Please get in the habit of checking your Junk/Spam inbox regularly. (And yes, the irony of adding this message to a newsletter that probably went to your Junk/Spam inbox is noted!)