Platform Contributions - Discussions Paper

NZ On Air requires platforms to contribute to the cost of Scripted and Factual projects. Changes in our industry are fast and furious, and one of many competing tensions is ensuring that investing in local content remains financially viable for all.

We are issuing this discussion paper to set out the issues around co-investment in NZ On Air-funded content. The paper proposes several options to address industry concerns on which we are seeking feedback.

Here is the paper. Please provide your feedback by 13 December 2019 to

Any changes to the platform contribution requirements are likely to be implemented from 1 July 2020.

New Music Funding Schemes Review

New Zealand's music industry has, like the recorded music sector worldwide, experienced repeated and often disruptive change in the past 25 years.

The single most significant change in the way the music business works – the move from sales to streaming as the primary source of revenue in the past decade – has had an impact on the way NZ On Air funding is structured and its impact measured.

NZ On Air recently commissioned Russell Brown to review our New Music Funding schemes. His report is available to read on our website here.

We are currently reviewing the various options proposed and will advise any changes in the new year.

Annual Report 2018/19

We've just published our 2018/19 Annual Report which details all the results of an incredibly busy year for NZ On Air!

The past year saw a mammoth 82% increase in applications for NZ On Air, prompted by 12 specific Requests for Proposals being issued outside our five usual funding rounds.

The increase in applications and funded projects was made possible by $4m in additional crown funding direct to NZ On Air, and a $6m joint innovation fund operated with RNZ

The NZ On Air Annual Report 2018/19 can be downloaded as a PDF here or enjoyed online (including video) here.

New Zealand Television Awards 2019 Finalists Announced

Congratulations to all the finalists nominated for the 2019 NZ TV Awards.

The New Zealand production community is incredibly hardworking and consistently produces entertaining, eye-opening and heartstring-tugging local content for all New Zealanders to enjoy.

It's fantastic to see so many of you recognised for your talent and hard mahi - ka rawe!

The full list of finalists is available here.