Twenty-five multimedia projects to spark curiosity and kōrero have been funded for diverse New Zealand audiences through the NZ On Air / RNZ Joint Innovation Fund.

Up to $4.6m of the $6m provided for the fund in Budget 2018 has been allocated so far to projects in three categories:

  • Signature Projects for major productions of interest to a broad audience
  • Growth Audiences with content for Māori, Pasifika, regional and younger audiences
  • Diverse Journalism for news, current affairs and factual content.

NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson says the response to the calls for proposals has been overwhelming.

“Assessors from both organisations have been spoiled for choice by the high quantity and quality of proposals received. As a result more projects have been funded than originally planned, a true testament to the ingenuity of New Zealand creatives."

RNZ Chief Executive Paul Thompson says the funded projects will yield exciting new content appealing to a range of diverse audiences across RNZ’s multiple platforms.

“This is an exciting and innovative collaboration producing new genres of storytelling and a focus on voices that are seldom heard but which reflect Aotearoa’s unique culture and identity.”

Signature Projects - $2.17m

66 applications were received, with six boundary-pushing projects supported. The projects include Alice Snedden Presents: Outsiders And Insiders, an issues-based current affairs comedy show and a second NZ Wars multimedia project The Stories Of Taranaki, following the success of the first award-winning project The Stories Of Ruapekapeka.

Growth Audiences - $1.03m

From 88 applications 10 insightful projects for under-served audiences have been funded. Projects to reflect and connect with Māori, Pasifika, regional, and younger audiences range from the role of tikanga in the NZ medical system in Getting Better: The Journey Of A Māori Medical Student, to Seeking A Better Life In NZ - a Samoan language podcast series which explores the experiences of early Samoan settlers in Aotearoa.

Diverse Journalism - $0.79m

The results of the Diverse Journalism category were announced here last December. Budgets for the nine selected projects have now been finalised. The projects cover a wide range of issues, from the gaming sector to the high suicide rate among Pasifika peoples.

As a result of the high quality of proposals and the additional projects funded in this round there will not be a second general call-out. An announcement will be made in due course on how the remaining $1.4m of funds will be invested.

Funding Details

Signature Projects

Alice Snedden Presents: Outsiders And Insiders, 8 x 12 mins plus audio & written content, The Spinoff for RNZ, up to $390,757. An issues-based comedy current affairs show tackling the big questions facing NZ.

Conviction, 10 x 30 mins, Monsoon Pictures for RNZ, up to $309,957. A 10-episode podcast revisiting a significant NZ court case.

NZ Wars: The Stories Of Taranaki, 1 x 30 mins documentary, 1 x 30 mins podcast plus interactive content, Great Southern Television for RNZ, up to $536,982. A follow up to the award-wining The Stories Of Ruapekapeka, exploring the Taranaki chapter of the NZ Wars.

The Citizen’s Handbook, 10 x 10 mins, Kevin and Co for RNZ, up to $386,258. An educational comedy web-series that covers the basics of NZ history, politics, law, economics, and international relations.

Protecting Paradise, 4 x 30 mins documentary plus extra audio & video content, Fisheye Films for RNZ, up to $283,826. A documentary series exploring the notion of a predator-free NZ.

Hip Hop Didn’t Stop, 7 x 8 mins, The Downlow Concept for RNZ, up to $265,060. Chris Graham celebrates 30 years of NZ Hip Hop, exploring the evolution of the genre in Aotearoa.

Growth Audiences – Māori

Getting Better: The Journey Of A Māori Medical Student, 6 x 25 mins, Bird Of Paradise Productions for RNZ, up to $75,926. Trainee doctor Emma Espiner explores the role of tikanga in the medical system.

Matangireia, 6 x 45 mins, Aotearoa Media Collective for RNZ, up to $137,981. A doco-series and podcast examining the political legacies of Māori politicians.

Growth Audiences – Pasifika

The Untold Pacific Story, 5 x 12 mins, Tikilounge Productions for RNZ, up to $230,000. A web-series exploring the history of events in the Pacific and the role NZ has played in them.

Sa’ili Mālō – Seeking A Better Life In NZ, 6 x 20 mins, Samoa Capital Radio for RNZ, up to $60,000. Interviews with Samoan early settlers to NZ who came seeking a better life for themselves and their children.

Meet The Athletes, 12 x 5 mins, The National Pacific Radio Trust for RNZ, up to $31,800. Audio documentary profiles of a selection of NZ based Pacific Island athletes preparing for the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

Growth Audiences – Regional

The Developers, 10 x 5 mins documentary, plus 10 x 10 mins audio-only, Crux for RNZ, up to $185,000. A detailed look at the relationships, legislation, money and public influence that shape the way NZ’s land is developed, planned and built on.

Growth Audiences – Younger New Zealanders

Crimepod, 15 x 4 mins, Laura Robinson for RNZ, up to $51,400. A scripted podcast series satirising the true crime genre.

What Will I Be Today, 16 x 3 mins, POW Studios for RNZ, up to $84,966. A scripted audio series for pre-schoolers enhanced by amazing sound effects.

Moe & Friends, 10 x 10 mins, Pop-Up Studios for RNZ, up to $99,384. A music exploration podcast, featuring characters from the popular children’s television series The Moe Show.

Early Ears, up to 90 mins audio, Prue Langbein Audio for RNZ, up to $80,316. A multicultural collection of audio-based stories tailored to engage young children.

Diverse Journalism

Daily Podcast, 180 x 15 mins podcasts, Newsroom NZ for RNZ, up to $554,106. A daily podcast series analysing and interpreting News and Current Affairs stories of national significance.

Taura Here, 6 x 30 mins, Ursula Grace Productions for RNZ, up to $77,215. A multimedia series exploring the experiences of young urban Māori today.

Crunch, 3 x interactive segments, Vanishing Point Studio for RNZ, up to $84,933 An interactive series that allows users to explore issues in the gaming sector.

Conversations With My Immigrant Parents, 9 x 30 mins podcasts plus video, Julie Zhu & Saraid Cameron for RNZ, up to $79,825. First generation New Zealanders share stories with their immigrant parents.

Fast Starts*

Animated History Of NZ, 14 x 15 mins, RNZ for RNZ, up to $114,000. A semi-animated series telling the nation’s story from pre-historic times to modern day.

Eating Fried Chicken In The Shower, 8 x 20 mins, RNZ for RNZ, up to $27,280. A comedy interview podcast on mental health and related issues.

Kids Science Podcast, 8 x 25 mins, RNZ for RNZ, up to $57,240. A multi-platform, interactive podcast answering kids' deep questions with science

Māori Disparity Project, RNZ for RNZ, up to $46,650. A multimedia investigation into the disparity between Māori and non-Māori in health, crime, justice and wealth.

Pasifika Mental Health, RNZ for RNZ, up to $9,275. A multimedia investigation into issues around the high Pasifika peoples’ suicide rate.

*These smaller-scale projects are all produced by RNZ alongside independent content creators, and expand the diversity of journalism and factual multi-media content available on RNZ platforms.