Red Rocks, 8 x 22’, Libertine Pictures for Prime/Sky, up to $2,250,000. Based on Rachel King’s novel, Jack is in a struggle to protect his family from danger after being drawn into a world of mythical creatures and adventure.

Māui and Elvis – How I Alienated my Nan, 8 x 24’, Whitebait Media for Prime/Sky and YouTube, up to $2,000,000. The live-action-drama stars best friends and neighbors Māui and Elvis, who discover an alien device and accidently blast Māui’s beloved nan with it.

Black Sand Beach, 13 x 22’, Amo Studios for TVNZ+, up to $1,900,000. In this animated series, four courageous kids unravel spine-chilling mysteries involving monsters, ghouls, and supernatural thrills.

Tralala, 52 x 7’, Filmwork for Prime/Sky and YouTube, up to $1,640,768. A playful new animated preschool series about the relationship between a solo dad and his daughter. The frog duo live in the countryside in an imaginative world where the hills sing.

Mr. Hugo’s Little Library, 8 x 12’, Gibson Group for TVNZ+ and RNZ, up to $596,849. Fabulous fables told through the medium of drag. The show centers on an eccentric library custodian who has retreated into a fantasy world of books.

Kiri and Lou Make Friends, 1 x 60’, Filmwork for Prime/Sky, up to $200,000. A prequel to the series and tells the story of how an adventurous little dinosaur (Kiri) and a kindly and lazy palorchecie (Lou) became unlikely friends.



Vince, 8 x 22’, Kevin and Co for ThreeNow and Three, up to $1,709,052. The new prime time comedy follows the eponymous television presenter who is dumped by his network after an unfortunate mishap. Scheming with his shambolic agent, Vince is determined to clear his name and get back on screen.

n00b, 6 x 22’, Great Southern Television for ThreeNow and Three, up to $1,499,541. n00b which follows a group of adolescent outcasts in small-town Aotearoa New Zealand in 2005 who use the internet and its newly invented social media to escape their depressing realities.