New Scripted Content:

New Blood 2, 5 x 5 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ On Demand, up to $50,000. The second web series pilot competition designed to help Kiwi creatives make the kind of content they want to see.

Suffrage Scripted Content:

The Funny Girls NZ Suffragette Special, 1 x 44 mins, MediaWorks TV for Three, up to $268,678 Sketches, interviews and stand-up comedy shedding a hilarious light on feminist issues and achievements.


Suffrage Factual Content

Secret Life Of Girls, 2 x 44 mins, Screentime New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $269,717 A hidden camera experiment exploring how young Kiwi girls see their place in society, and their own futures.

The Forgotten Wāhine, 1 x 52 mins, Villainesse Limited for Māori Television, up to $250,558 The stories of the Maori women who stood alongside suffragists in their own fight for equality.

All That Separates, 42 mins, Vanishing Point for Noted, up to $242,208 NZ’ers bring modern relevance to Kate Sheppard’s words through an interactive spoken word video.

What Women Want?, 1 x 120 mins, Diva Productions for, up to $208,326 A Q&A show asking what needs to change for women to truly be equal with men in 21st century NZ.

Minimum, 10 x 4 mins, Notable Pictures for The Wireless, up to $158,472Interviews and animations of NZ women of all ages, races and sexualities working minimum wage.

125 Years of Suffrage - The Three Waves Of Feminism, 3 x 20mins, White Paper Industries for, up to $142,225 Exploring three waves of feminism, and their impact on NZ women today.

Conversations, 6 x 12 mins, Tawera Productions for E-Tangata, up to $139,640Acknowledging the women of colour who are often ignored in suffragette celebrations.

Kiwi Women Who Changed The World, 12 x 3 mins, NZME for NZ Herald online, up to $115,168 A web-series celebrating the NZ women who – in major and small ways – changed the world.

Aren’t, Can’t, Don’t, 2 x 13 mins, Storybox for The Spinoff, up to $99,997Exploring the stories of women who can’t, don’t and aren’t able to vote, and why that matters.

Daughters Of The Migration, 5 x 12 mins, Tikilounge Productions for, up to $98,958 Contrasting the lives of five Pasifika women in NZ with their 1st generation migrant mothers and grandmothers.

General Factual Content

That’s A Bit Racist, 2 x 44 mins, Jam TV for TVNZ 1, up to $388,331 Examining the cause and effect of casual or unconscious racism in NZ.

Slow, 12 x 60 mins, Greenstone TV for Prime, up to $263,749 A real-time road trip showcasing the unique and beautiful landscape of NZ and its history.

Dreaming, 1 x 44 mins, Notable Pictures for Three, up to $204,586 Exploring the impact of addiction on a life, career and family.

The Centenary Of The Battle Of Le Quesnoy, 6 x 4 mins + 5 x 2 mins, Homegrown Television for NZ Herald online, up to $113,156 Short clips and podcasts telling the story of NZ men who freed an occupied French town in WWI.

Renee’s Brain, 1 x 42 mins, 2B Media for Prime, up to $110,000 Renee, severely afflicted by Tourette’s syndrome embarks on treatment that could save her life.

The Parris Project: World Tour, 12 x 12 mins, Taktix Films for, up to $100,800 A behind the scenes look at Parris Goebel’s creative process and struggles as she tours with her Royal family.

The Kiwi, The Knight and the Qashqai, 1 x 48 mins, Top Shelf Productions for Choice TV, up to $95,426 A NZ woman’s love of an Iranian tribe and their dying art and culture leads to a surprise invitation from Sir David Attenborough.

Smokefree Rockquest/Tangata Beats Webisodes, 29 x 3 mins, Rockquest Productions for ZM, up to $50,000 NZ youth showcase their talent, original music and unique cultural identities in NZ’s biggest youth music event.

Kaikoura: A Big Year, 1 x 42 mins, DC Media for TVNZ 1, up to $48,972 A story of resilience and community in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the small tourist town of Kaikoura.


New Music Projects

Anika Moa, Homespun Music, up to $30,000

Broods, Page One Management, up to $30,000

Frills, NicNak Media, up to $30,000

Ladi6, MTCO Limited, up to $30,000

Dead Favours, Noise PR, up to $30,000

Avalanche City, NikNak Media, up to $30,000

New Music Kids

Anna Van Riel, Anna Van Riel Music, up to $10,000

Captain Festus McBoyle, up to $7,988

Chris Sanders, Angel Star Publishing House, up to $9,840

Fleabite, Robin Nathan, up to $6,864

Judi Cranston, Famous Fish Music, up to $10,000

Mr Roberelli, up to $8,000

Mr Yipadee (Deano Yipadee), Yipadee Entertainments, up to $10,000

Te Kotare, up to $10,000

NZ Music Feature 2018/19

Base FM, Base FM, up to $60,000

Pulzar FM, Pulzar FM, up to $30,000

Most FM, Taranaki FM Trust, up to $30,000

Platforms 2018/19

National Pacific Radio Trust, National Pacific Radio Trust, up to $3,250,000

Samoa Capital Radio, Siufofoga O Le Laumua Trust, up $180,000

NZ On Screen And Audioculture, Digital Media Trust, up to $1,193,000

HEIHEI, TVNZ, up to $776,730

Air Project (Various Stations), Waikato Community Broadcasting, up to $45,000

Access Manawatu, Manawatu Access Radio Charitable Trust, up to $170,000

Access Radio Taranaki, Access Radio Taranaki Trust, up to $178,000

Arrow Fm, Access Radio Wairarapa Charitable Trust, up to $138,000

Coast Access Radio, Coast Access Radio Trust, up to $135,000

Free Fm 2018/19, Waikato Community Broadcasting, up to $237,500

Fresh Fm, Tasman Broadcasting Trust, up to $170,000

Otago Access Radio, Hills Radio Trust, up to $178,000

Plains Fm, The Canterbury Communications Trust, up to $235,000

Planet Fm, Access Community Radio Auckland Inc, up to $250,000

Radio Kidnappers, Radio Kidnappers Charitable Trust, up to $175,000

Radio Southland, Radio Southland up to $175,000

Wellington Access Radio, Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc, up to $220,000

95bfm, 95bfm, up to $220,000

Radio Active, Radio Active, up to $140,000

Radio Control, Radio Massey (Radio Control 99.4fm), up to $75,000

Radio One, Radio One 91 Fm, up to $120,000

RDU 98.5fm, Rdu 98.5fm, up to $140,000

TV Captioning & Audio Description, Media Access Charitable Trust (Able), up to $2,800,000

Industry Development

2018 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards, Pacific Music Awards Trust, up to $24,000

New Zealand Music Awards 2018,, up to $50,000

NZ TV Awards 2018, J&A Productions, up to $50,000

Big Screen Symposium 2018, J&A Productions, up to $15,000

Songhubs Sphere 2018, Apra, up to $30,000

The Official NZ Music Month Summit, Music Managers Forum, up to $2,000