Scripted & Factual


I Spy, Resn for HEIHEI, up to $131,200 Kids race against the clock to find objects and animals within lively illustrated NZ scenes.

Tahi Two, Adrenalin Group for HEIHEI, up to $129,808 A memory game that helps to expand vocabulary and knowledge.

Hoko Helper, Vanishing Point Studio for HEIHEI, up to $123,000 A meal/shopping game that teaches users financial literacy and healthy food choices.

Riddle + Squizz Eye Spies Learning Game, Ready Steady Studio for HEIHEI, up to $149,962 A suite of educational toy-like interactions and activities with a focus on exploration and experimentation.

Count My Cube, Metia Interactive for HEIHEI, up to $147,500 An educational puzzle game set in a zero-gravity 3D cubic world..

Soundboard, Resn for HEIHEI, up to $132,020 A musical toy featuring local artists that allows children to experiment with music and beat creation.

Flying Kiwis, Adrenalin Group for HEIHEI, up to $149,331 An arcade game featuring a Kiwi who has to jump and run from a predator.

Canada NZ Digital Media Fund

Bug Hunter!, 12 x 8 mins + AR app + online game, The Gibson Group for HEIHEI, up to $220,000An entomologist compares insects in NZ and Canada and encourages children to explore the bug world around them.

Kids Cookout, 8 x 7 mins + game and recipe videos, CAB Productions for HEIHEI, up to $180,000Children learn about diverse cultures through their foods and backyard cookouts.


Easter 2019, 12 x 54 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $24,108. A mix of thoughtful Easter-focused commentary, interviews, talk back, creative production and guests from around NZ.

Real Life With John Cowan 2019, 48 x 22 mins, Christian Broadcasting Association for Newstalk ZB, up to $37,094. A weekly chat show, featuring high-profile guests talking about their life, upbringing, passions and their view of the world.


New Music Projects

ALAE, Commotion, up to $30,000

Cymbol, Delete, up to $30,000

Fazerdaze, Lester Records, up to $30,000

Marlon Williams, Heartstop Music, up to $30,000

Purple Pilgrims, Flying Nun Records, up to $19,200

Tami Neilson, Monkey Music, up to $22,000

Yoko-Zuna, Loop Media, up to $30,000

Yumi Zouma, Flying Out, up to $29,880

New Music Pasifika - (up to $8,000)

Diggy Dupe, Ci

Disciple Pati, The Boy Who Cried Woman

Emily Muli, No More

La Coco, Back When

Lani Alo, Alo I Ou Faiva

Mikey Mayz, Wild People

Queen Shirl'e, Queens Rise Up

Raze ft Poetik, Another Lover

Sheperd's Reign, Legend

Snare, Fika Gumz

Swiss ft DJ Noiz & JSQZE, Island Kings

Tazman Jack, Eyes Closed

Tommy Nee, Criminal Minds

Truce, Faded

Industry Development Funding

NZ Radio Awards 2019, Radio Broadcasters Association, up to $7,500

Pacific Music Awards 2019, Pacific Music Awards Trust, up to $24,000

Taite Music Prize 2019, Independent Music NZ, up to $10,000

Māoriland Film Festival 2019, Māoriland Charitable Trust, up to $1,500

Pasifika & Asian Newer Storytellers: Script Lab, Script To Screen, up to $42,996

Songhubs Auckland 2019, APRA, up to $25,000