A note from the CE

Ngā pou arā ngā whetū o - 23

Island Of Mystery - Te Wā o Matariki, Adrenalin. Hiwa-I-Te-Rangi is the ninth star in the Matariki constellation. It is known as the wishing star and represents the promise of prosperity.

Tēnā koutou.

As we prepare to celebrate Matariki, it’s a great time to take stock – reflect on the past, celebrate the present and look forward to the future.

When I think about the past year, since we last celebrated Matariki, I think about the incredible quality and quantity of content New Zealand creatives have been able to make, and audiences enjoy, with our funding support. The live broadcast tomorrow Mānawatia a Matariki will be a truly special event that has been supported by all our major national broadcast partners, ensuring people across Aotearoa New Zealand can participate. It’s an example of the strength of a funding system that enables public media content to be everywhere.

Where we are today as an agency compared to a year ago is in a position of much greater clarity about the future. We are privileged to not only have funding restored so that we can serve audiences on the platforms they use, but also to have new funding streams, that will help to build and support a thriving screen and games sector, and continue to enable great NZ music and a range of important public media platforms.

So, looking ahead, I feel filled with optimism for the sectors we are here to support. I am also really excited about what audiences will get to experience. Supporting the creation of content that reflects our identity and culture is equal parts a privilege, an opportunity and a challenge.

In this newsletter you’ll see that we have had a huge first funding round under our new investment strategy. And we now roll straight into the Special Scripted funding round, bolstered by the new opportunity for productions to use the NZ Screen Production Rebate alongside NZ On Air funding. We are also now working closely alongside officials on development of the Game Development Sector Rebate.

We also provide some more detail below of the year ahead, via our just published Statement of Performance Expectations, and some further detail on how we intend to use the additional one-off $10m in funding for this year.

Our team has a number of celebratory events planned for Matariki and is looking forward to a day off to spend with whānau and friends, and I hope that you too will have an opportunity to stop and reflect.

Ngā mihi maioha


The year ahead

We've recently published our Statement of Performance Expectations for 2023/24. This a key document required by Government to outline how we will allocate taxpayer funds, where our work priorities lie, and how we will measure our performance. Due to timing, it doesn't include detail on how we will utilise the $10m one-off additional funding, or the work programme around the establishment of the Game Development Sector rebate.

However we have recently confirmed the below outline of how we will put the $10m to the best use for the benefit of audiences in Aotearoa New Zealand this year. We have deliberately kept this high-level to allow flexibility and responsiveness. We also need to bear in mind the limitations of one-off funding, in so far as it can be disappointing to start something that might not be able to be continued if further additional funds aren't secured in future years.

$10m additional

The objective of this one-off funding is to provide support for... “innovative content to reach new audiences… to deliver trusted public media news, information, and entertainment through cross-sector collaboration. Its aim will be to reach groups who are currently under-represented across the media system (such as Māori, Pacific, Asian, rangatahi and children) including new initiatives for tamariki that parents, caregivers and educators can trust.”

We’ll be focused on a significant $5m investment in Youth and Children with a key focus on rangatahi and tamariki content (including bi-lingual content). There will also be other key delivery areas across Pacific and Asian audiences, direct music funding, and large scale capability and development initiatives.

We are intending to work with partners to both leverage the $10m wherever possible, and to ensure we have strong delivery partners and distribution pathways to audiences.

You can expect our usual transparency around allocation of funds - any funds allocated from the $10m will be identified as such.

Latest funding round

Round Tahi was the first round of the new financial year, and the first under our new investment strategy, which welcomes all types of applications into every round.

In this round we were focused on Tier 2 and 3 Scripted projects, Non-Fiction projects, games for 10-14 year-olds, children's content, development applications supported by a platform, capability funding, and annual funding for important public media platforms.

Across these categories, we received a total of 168 funding applications, from 127 entities, seeking $81m. We had allocated a minimum of $7m funding for Scripted projects and $12m for Non-Fiction, $300k for games and $100k for development.

We ended up committing $9.1m for Scripted production projects and $16.9m for Factual. We decided to upweight the funding in this first funding round of the financial year because after a long period of instability in the sector, we want to ensure that there are as many productions underway as possible.

We have supported content across 12 platforms in this round.

Not Even

Not Even, Miss Conceptions Films


Local screens will soon be graced with a dynamic line-up of drama series, including two brand new shows and three highly anticipated returns. These series will delve into various themes, offering a diverse blend of musical comedy, inspiring drama, cultural exploration, and a platform for emerging storytellers to showcase their talent.

They include a new musical comedy series Happiness, and a feature film Tīna, both for Three and ThreeNow, and the return for a second season of Not Even, for Prime and Neon. Read more about funded Scripted projects in this round.


Toi Time!, Rogue Productions


Aotearoa New Zealand’s youngest audiences will continue to be engaged, entertained, and educated with a $7m boost to content and games made for them by talented Kiwi creators.

For pre-schoolers, the popular Toi Time will be back for a third season, to educate and entertain through singing and dancing. Also returning is The Kids Of Kōrero Lane a series that embraces Deaf children as lead actors and introduces tamariki to New Zealand Sign Language in the most natural setting - at play. Comedian Josh Thomson will also be back with a second season of the fun and slightly irreverent educational show My Favourite Dead Person.

Read more about funded Children's projects in this round.

Alice snedden bad news

Alice Snedden's Bad News, Hex Work Productions


New content to engage and inform local audiences will be lifting the lid on a range of topics including historic abuse in care, family mysteries and the lives of young medical professionals in our hospital system.

Heading up the list is a docudrama to screen on TVNZ 1, The Lost Boys Of Dilworth. The survivors of abuse at one of the wealthiest and well-respected boys’ schools, Dilworth College in Auckland, are ready to tell their story. Written by one of those survivors, the story will explore the issue from a deeply personal viewpoint.

The inimitable Patrick Gower will return with a further investigation of a pressing New Zealand issue continuing the very popular Patrick Gower On: series on Three, and comedian Alice Snedden takes on another tough assignment in Alice Snedden's Bad News Saves The World.

Read more about funded Non-Fiction projects in this round

In this round we also confirmed funding for another year for 12 Access Radio stations and podcast hub accessmedia.nz, five student radio stations, Pacific Media Network, Samoan Capital Radio, NZ On Screen and AudioCulture, and Able.

And we agreed funding for a number of intiatives that support the discoverability of content or upskilling of creatives, under our new investment strategy (and previously known as Industry Development funding.) Full details are in the list at the end of this newsletter.

However, of note, we have supported Story Maker, which is an intensive year-long development programme that will take six visionary writers through a development process, providing the conditions and support to create distinctive work. This project is the first to come out of the $10m additional one-off funding for this year.

Special Scripted round

This round is now open for applications. We welcome projects intended for both hard-to-reach and general audiences with our usual priority emphasis on hard-to-reach audiences. Only Scripted drama and comedy production applications will be considered. We are not considering children’s or feature film projects in this round.

  • Application deadline - Tuesday 1 August, 4pm Late applications will not be considered. In very exceptional circumstances, for time-sensitive projects agreed prior by the Head of Funding, we may consider an out-of-time application.
  • Applicants notified - Friday 22 September This date may be extended at NZ On Air's sole discretion.

For more essential information please read the Information for funding applicants Special Scripted Round 2023.

Music update

New Music Pan-Asian - Reshma

Reshma - funded in the inaugural New Music Pan-Asian funding round

This round was our fifth and final New Music project round for 2022/23 - and it was the second biggest New Music Project round ever! We received 21 applications and were able to fund 12.

We've also completed the final New Music Pasifika round for the financial year (61 applications for 15 grants) and a whopping 115 applications for 15 grants in our inaugural New Music Pan-Asian round. We also had 255 applications for 35 grants in the final New Music Single round of the year. To say demand is high is a big understatement.

The full funding details are at the end of this newsletter but here are a few highlights.

New Music Pan-Asian

Fifteen artists were selected as the very first recipients of funding via a NZ On Air New Music Pan-Asian focus round, the first funding initiative of its kind to support the Pan-Asian music community in Aotearoa New Zealand. The new focus funding round was designed to support artists to connect with Pan-Asian and mainstream audiences and increase the amount of quality Pan-Asian content across Aotearoa. It was created due to the lack of equitable representation of Pan-Asian artists in the music sector identified in the NZ On Air Music Diversity Report.

We received applications from artists who identify as Chinese, Indian and Filipino, as well as South Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Thai and Iraqi.

Of the 15 funded songs, seven are from first time-funded recipients and six are for bilingual songs featuring Pan-Asian languages, including Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, Malay and Punjabi.

Read more about the New Music Pan Asian funding round here.

Pacific Music Awards 2023 - Finalists

Pacific Music Awards 2023 finalists

Celebrating Pacific Music

We're stoked for the finalists in the 2023 Pacific Music Awards. Across 13 awards categories, this year’s 24 finalists encompass a wide range of new artists and established musicians. There are 10 first time finalists, alongside 13 previous award winners.

This year’s lead finalists including MELODOWNZ, Olivia Foa’i and Sam V who are each nominated for four award categories at this year’s awards.Find out more about the finalists here. You can also enjoy their music on the finalist Spotify playlist here. And you can have your say in the Sunpix People's Choice Award by voting in the poll here.

Silver Scrolls 2023
2023 Silver Scroll Awards

The Top 20 finalists for the 2023 APRA Silver Scroll award have been announced, along with the Top 5 for the APRA Maioha Award. As always, it is so exciting to see NZ On Air funded song and artists up for these prestigious awards. Music is created to be appreciated by audiences, but its also important to acknowledge excellence through awards such as these. We salute all the finalists. You can read the full list here.

Tamariki showcase

Tamariki-NZ-On-Air (1)

Have you checked out the new tamariki showcase on our website? We're pulling together a directory of all the funded content available online for children in one place, to make it easier for whānau to find and enjoy the screen and radio content, songs and games. If you have content we don't know about please get in touch with us at communications@nzonair.govt.nz.

Compliance with industry standards

A friendly reminder to producers that it is our expectation funded productions will adhere to relevant employment legislation and agreed industry work standards when contracting crew and cast and managing their projects. This applies to development and production projects and includes but is not limited to:

The following are also helpful guides and references for setting up and running your production:

Meet the team

Casey yeoh

Casey Yeoh, Music promoter - Content

Casey is part of our Music Team, primarily focused on promoting the amazing music coming from Aotearoa. She's all across our Music social media channels, and puts together the NewTracks monthly compilations. She's a big fan of music and film, so it's not hard to get her to come to work each day! read more about Casey in our Meet the Team section.

Funding details


Guy Montgomery's Guy-Mont Spelling Bee 2, 8 x 44min, Kevin & Co for Three, up to $428,820

Happiness , 6 x 23min, Greenstone TV for Three, up to $2,962,256

Not Even 2, 6 x 23min, Miss Conception Films for Prime, up to $1,995,000

Ahikāroa 6, 20 x 26min, Kura Productions for Whakaata Māori, up to $899,000

Someday Stories 2024, 8 x 10min, Connected Media Trust for RNZ, up to $395,000

Tina, The Brown Factory for Three, up to $350,000



Learning To Dai, 3 x 44min, South Pacific Pictures for Three, up to $719,559

Desert Hikoi, 4 x 15min, Tavake Limited for TVNZ+, up to $269,983

Project Hospital, 5 x 44min, Storymaker for TVNZ 1, up to $535,109

Mana Kura, 1 x 45min, Hi Mama for TVNZ 1, up to $245,000

My Family Mystery, 6 x 44min, Warner Bros. Int. TV Production NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $897,709

NZ Wars: Stories Of Tauranga Moana, 1 x 45min, Aotearoa Media Collective for RNZ, up to $625,000

Shine On: What Katherine Mansfield Means To Me, 5 x 5min, A C Productions for Newsroom NZ, up to $189,840

Tangiwai - An Early Warning, 6 x 44 mins, NZME. Radio for NZ Herald, up to $68,965

The 501s: Inside (DNZ), 1 x 44mins, Augusto for TVNZ 1, up to $225,000

The De-Schoolers, 6 x 10min, Deer Heart Films for The Spinoff, up to $158,845

The Lost Boys Of Dilworth, 1 x 90min, Screentime New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $1,073,109


Brain Busters 2024, 60 x 25min, Whitebait Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $980,000

Extreme Cake Sports 2, 10 x 22min, Good Times Company for YouTube, up to $398,615

Young Riders 4, 8 x 22min, Greenstone TV for YouTube, up to $510,734

Alice Snedden's Bad News Saves The World, 2 x 20min, Hexwork Productions for The Spinoff, up to $191,151

Attitude 2024 + Grit And Glory, 30 x 23min, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $2,041,415

Patrick Gower On: 2023, 2 x 43min, Ruckus Media for Three, up to $490,943

Takeout Kids 2, 5 x 10min, HexWork Productions for The Spinoff, up to $393,098

7 Days 2024, 20 x 44min, Discovery NZ for Three, up to $1,094,293

Country Calendar 2024, 40 x 22min, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $725,697

Fresh 2024, 34 x 23, Tikilounge Productions for The Coconet TV, up to $1,895,631

Match Fit 4: Road To Redemption, 6 x 44min, Pango Productions Limited for Three, up to $1,639,630


Dog School, Spookysoft Games for ITCH.IO, up to $117,570

Pātiki, Arctic Arcade for ITCH.IO, up to $45,000

Uncle Stickybeak And The Great Un-Birdification, 1 x 120min Spookysoft Games for ITCH.IO, up to $67,320


Kids of Korero Lane 2, 8 x 5min, Attitude Pictures for Attitude Live, up to $324,114

Toi Time! 3, 20 x 29min, Rogue Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $1,159,692

What Now 2024, 40 x 58min, Whitebait Productions for TVNZ 2, up to $2,199,670

My Favourite Dead Person 2, 8 x 8min, The Downlowconcept for YouTube, up to $577,853

The Drawing Show 4, 20 x 5min, Mukpuddy Animation for Prime, up to $476,360

PIJF - emergency resilience funding

Hawkes Bay App , Engage Digital Media T/A Hawke's Bay App , up to $18,364

Radio Kahungunu , Te Reo O Ngāti Kahungunu, up to $26,364

Baybuzz, Bay Buzz, up to $19,500

Radio Ngāti Porou, up to $29,982

Gisborne Herald , up to $12,324

Discoverability - Platforms

Samoa Capital Radio 2023/24, Siufofoga O Le Laumua Trust, up to $240,000

The National Pacific Radio Trust 2023/24, National Pacific Radio Trust, up to $4,935,000

Nz On Screen And Audioculture 2023/24, Digital Media Trust, up to $1,800,000

Transition Heihei Games To Itch.Io, Gamelab Limited T/A Gamefroot, up to $162,824

Radio Active Capital 2023/24, Radio Active FM, up to $16,922

RDU98.5fm Capital Fund 2023/24, RDU 98.5fm, up to $7,957

Wellington Access Radio Capital 2023/24, Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc, up to $27,619

Coast Access Radio Capital 2022/23 (Additional), Coast Access Radio Trust, up to $13,978

Access Radio Taranaki 2023/24, Access Radio Taranaki Trust, up to $290,000

Arrow FM 2023/24, Access Radio Wairarapa Charitable Trust, up to $240,000

CAMA Coordinator 2023/24, Access Community Radio Auckland Inc, up to $75,000

Coast Access Radio 2023/24, Coast Access Radio Trust, up to $235,000

Free FM 2023/24, Waikato Community Broadcasting, up to $342,600

Fresh FM 2023/24, Tasman Broadcasting Trust T/A Fresh FM, up to $275,000

Manawatu People's Radio 2023/24, Manawatu Access Radio Charitable Trust, up to $280,000

Otago Access Radio 2023/24, Hills Radio Trust, up to $285,000

Plains FM 2023/24, The Canterbury Communications Trust, up to $339,000

Planet FM 2023/24, Access Community Radio Auckland Inc, up to $350,000

Radio Kidnappers 2023/24, Radio Kidnappers Charitable Trust, up to $300,000

Radio Southland 2023/24, Southland Community Broadcasters Charitable Trust, up to $277,500

Wellington Access Radio 2023/24, Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc, up to $345,000

RNZ 2023/24, Radio New Zealand, up to $66,606,000

95bFM 2023/24, Campus Radio BFM, up to $320,000

Radio Active 2023/24, Radio Active FM, up to $280,000

Radio Control 99.4FM 2023/24, Radio Massey (Radio Control 99.4FM), up to $180,000

Radio One 91FM 2023/24, Radio One 91 FM, up to $210,000

Rdu98.5FM 2023/24, Rdu 98.5FM, up to $280,000

Able - Captioning And Audio Description 2023/24, Media Access Charitable Trust (Able), up to $4,900,000

New Music Pan-Asian

(all up to $10,000)

Amol - Cool Asf, Amol Singh And Christian Ailao

Charlotte Avery - Just Before You Go, Charlotte Avery

Hanbee - Deeper, Hanju Kim

Hans. - Porcelain, Hanju Kim

Hugo Chan - Bite, Hugo Chan

Julius Black - After You, Jb Music

Lauren Gin - Don't Stop, Lauren Fong

Memory Foam - Moon Power, Yuko Miyoshi

Phoebe Rings - 아스라이, Crystal Choi T/A Phoebe Rings

Reshma - Kuih Lapis (Layer Cake), Kareshma Martin

Tei. - Sabre, Tei. Music

Terrible Sons - Thank You, Thank You, Play Nicely

Valere - Lily's March, Shana Graham

New Music Projects

Aja - Album, Lil Sister, up to $40,000

Alisa Xayalith - Ep, Alisa Xayalith, up to $40,000

Chelsea Jade - Inner Circle Lp, Banished Music, up to $40,000

Dartz - Dangerous Day To Be A Cold One Album, Flying Nun Records, up to $40,000

Estere - Diaspora Baby, Estere Dalton, up to $40,000

Home Brew - Home Brew Album, Lorraine Barry Music Management, up to $40,000

Jenny Mitchell - Dusk Album, Jenny Mitchell T/A Jenny Mitchell Music, up to $40,000

Lil Bubblegum - Album, Sniffers, up to $39,000

Mel Parsons - New Album, Cape Road Recordings, up to $40,000

No Cigar - Great Escape, Mountain Road Record (T/A No Cigar), up to $40,000

Swiss -Album, Big Lil Kids Entertainment, up to $40,000

Troy Kingi 08 - The Desert Session, Aaa Records, up to $40,000

New Music Pasifika

(all up to $10,000)

10a Feat. The Starting Line Up & The Movement-Rollin, Tenei Kesha Hapurona

A.R.T - Wtf Man, A.R.T Inc NZ

Emily Muli - Circles, Emily Muli

Evile Laloata - Nights Like This, Mellow Studios

Joe Malafu - For Me, Joe Malafu,

Mozie - Sonshine, Moana Leota

Pat Feat. Dizzy Dash & Sven Illy - What Do I Do, Danny Aumua

Poetik - Vibe, Poetik

Punialavaa - Sauaga I Aiga, Rev Iosefa Lale Peteru

Queen Shirl'e - Good Energy, Queen Shirl'e (Shirl'e Fruean)

Rex Atira - Te Vero Huri (Through The Storm), Rex Atirai

Ria Numia - Fix My Focus, Nia Vavao

Spdrtwnbby - Pixel Pixie, Anna-Maria Ria Langilangi

Te Kurahuia - Pretty Gal Club, Faith Oriwia Henare Stewart T/A Te Kurahuia

Tha Movement - The Lecture, Litia Silivale - Bladesmith & Co

Discoverability- Events

APRA Silver Scroll Awards Kaitito Kaiaka 2023, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $35,000

Show Me Shorts 2023, Show Me Shorts Film Festival Trust, up to $3,000

Capability Development

Songhubs 2024, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $25,000

Parachute Music Industry Pathway Initiatives 2023, APRA AMCOS NZ, up to $30,000

Regional Upskilling Seminars 2023, Music Managers Forum, up to $5,000

The Aotearoa Music Producer Series (Amps) 2023, Greg Haver, up to $10,000

The Story Maker, The Story Project, up to $370,117 (from $10m additional funding 2023/24 FY)

MusicHelps Wellbeing Service, MusicHelps, up to $24,800