A note from the CE


CE, Cameron Harland

Tēna koe,

As I near 18 months at the helm of NZ On Air and begin a new financial year and mark Matariki, I am reflecting on the massive changes that we have all seen and continue to see in New Zealand and the sectors we support.

From the moment lockdown began last year we were busy looking at ways to support these sectors. We freed up some additional pūtea and created a fast turnaround lockdown fund for content creators that delivered $700k out into the industry. We engaged early with our Ministry and submitted various bids for additional funding which resulted in several new streams of funding. These included a doubling of funding for music, funds to assist productions impacted by COVID, a subsidy for platforms, the $50m Te Puna Kairangi co-administered with the NZFC and Te Māngai Pāho and most recently $55m to support at-risk Public Interest Journalism.

Fast forward to our most recent funding round and huge congratulations to all who were successful.

Our inaugural Public Interest Journalism funding round allocated around $9.6m to projects that cover important local, regional and national projects. Included in the funding also were training initiatives that will build the journalism workforce and capability for the future.

Getting this funding initiative up and running has been quite a feat, over and above our business as usual. We are very grateful to the team of external assessors who helped with this mahi – their expertise and judgment was invaluable.

Our role in funding public media has existed for over 30 years. Through this time we have always been very strong advocates for the importance of public media. Public media plays a vital role in reflecting who we are and bringing a nation together; creating inclusion and understanding are key to this. Under the Broadcasting Act we are required to fund content about New Zealanders and New Zealand interests, promote Māori language and Māori culture and ensure content is available for a wide variety of other important audiences. In this respect some of the ground-breaking projects in this round to support Māori Journalism will make a profound difference to our media landscape beyond the timeframe of this fund.

We are buoyed by the number of media embracing the momentum for change. It has genuinely been a pleasure to see the way applicants to the fund have embraced the opportunity to collaborate, enrich their newsrooms with both capability and competency including in matters te ao Māori, and deliver a wide range of content for many different audiences.

We continue to work alongside Te Māngai Pāho and the NZFC on Te Puna Kairangi Fund and hope the recent injection of significant additional funding into the development of a number of screen projects - including some NZ On Air returning series - will bolster the screen sector for some years to come.

Additional COVID-related funding for music has meant we have been able to massively increase our support of the local music recording industry and as a result local music artists are smashing radio airplay records.

We have no shortage of excellent projects pitched to us for funding. There is much to be positive about.

Kia pai tō rā


NZ Media Fund update

Our May/July round was for production applications to our Scripted and Factual streams of the NZ Media Fund, and the Industry Development Fund (IDF).

In total we received 100 applications seeking $43.5m. We are pleased to support the funding of 41 Scripted, Factual and IDF applications for up to $14.8m.

We also received 123 applications to the Public Interest Journalism Fund, asking for more than $44m from a total pool of $9.6m available in the first round. A panel including independent industry assessors recommended 34 applications for funding.

The full details of all funding decisions are at the end of this newsletter. You can also use the funding decisions search on our website.

Brutal Lives

Brutal Lives


A new Jewish comedy series and the return of a successful Tongan drama are among a new batch of Scripted content to be made for online and broadcast TV audiences with NZ On Air funding.

Five Scripted projects were supported in our latest funding round, including the much-loved comedy series New Zealand Today, 7 Days and Patriot Brains.

Read more about the projects in our media release here.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News

Alice Snedden's Bad News


NZ On Air has announced over $9m of funding for Factual projects that reveal powerful insights about Aotearoa’s past, present and future.

23 new and returning series have been funded. Local favourites Country Calendar, Cold Case, The Check Up, and Changing South will all return to Aotearoa’s screens for another season, alongside new projects like A Boy Called Piano, When Bob Came, Unruly, and Crying At Work.

Read all the details in our media release here

The Detail

The Detail

Public Interest Journalism

Stories examining issues of importance to a wide range of communities, and programmes designed to upskill and increase the number of journalists are among projects approved in the inaugural round of the Public Interest Journalism Fund.

Established in February with a $55m government allocation to NZ On Air, the fund aims to support at-risk public interest journalism, meeting local, regional and national audience needs.

The first funding round of $9.6m has just been awarded by NZ On Air, and $3.5m from the first round will go to projects with a Māori journalism impact (with a further $1.6m already committed for a second year in one large-scale project.)

Read more in our media release here

% expenditure to date

Current round

The September round is focused on production applications intended to reflect and/or appeal to targeted audiences. It is the round where most of our funding for Children’s content for both HEIHEI and other platforms is committed.

Production applications will be considered as follows:

Factual – the focus for this round is for applications for targeted audiences that will deliver to all genres of Factual content (including Children).

  • Children’s Factual content applications supported by platforms that are not HEIHEI on TVNZ OnDemand should apply through this stream.
    • There is a separate application process for producers intending to make Factual video content specifically for HEIHEI on TVNZ OnDemand. The round information for that application process is available here.
  • These applications are most likely to deliver to the Many Perspectives and Fresh Opportunities streams of the Factual Roadmap.
  • Approximately $17m has been allocated for Factual content in this round.

Scripted – the focus for this round is for applications for Premier and Sustainable streams of our Scripted Roadmap.

  • Children’s Scripted content applications (including games for the HEIHEI games platform) supported by platforms that are not HEIHEI on TVNZ OnDemand should apply through this stream.
    • There is a separate application process for producers intending to make Scripted video content specifically for HEIHEI on TVNZ OnDemand. The round information for that application process is available here.
    • Information for HEIHEI games applications is available here.
  • Approximately $18m has been allocated for scripted content in this round.

Development – both Content (including Diverse Development) and Industry Development applications will be considered. However, funding for both streams is very limited and applications will have to reach a high bar to be successful. Please see the Development Roadmap.

  • Factual development applications will only be accepted for projects that require significant research and have co-funding from the supporting platform.
  • Further information on Industry Development and Cultural Sector Capability Funding can be seen in paragraphs F and G of the round information.
Important dates

8 July 2021, 4 pm - Funding round opens.

5 August 2021, 4pm - Application deadline. Round closes.

22 September 2021 - Decisions confirmed, applicants notified the following day.
This date may be extended at NZ On Air’s sole discretion.

Music update

New Music Pasifika

2020/21 Music funding wrap

We have completed our first full funding year since a boost in Music funds from the Arts Recovery Package, which was announced in May 2020 as a response to the challenges caused by COVID-19.

Both NZ On Air and the NZ Music Commission received extra funding for two years to bolster the local industry. Under the various NZ On Air Music grant schemes we have heavily invested in additional local music content in the 12 months since including:

  • 206 x New Music Single grants (up to $10,000 to record and promote a single release)
  • 49 x New Music Project grants (up to $40,000 to record and promote a multi-single release)
  • 80 x New Music Development grants (up to $6,000 to create new demos from emerging artists collaborating with experienced producers/songwriters)
  • 14 x Waiata Takitahi grants (a co-fund with Te Māngai Pāho investing up to $14,000 to record and promote a single release incorporating at least 25% te reo Māori)
  • 20 x New Music Pasifika grants (up to $10,000 to record and promote a single release from Pasifika artists)
  • 25 x New Music Kids grants (up to $10,000 to record and promote a single or multi-single release from children’s music artists)
  • 17 x Music Feature grants (various amounts to create content for local platforms promoting new local music releases).

We have also been able to introduce an Artist Creation Fee for all Single and Project grants, along with additional $500 Professional Services allowances for all Single-based grants to wrap more professional support around artists receiving funding to assist with release planning.

The second year of additional funding has begun with 36 New Music Single grants confirmed in the July 2021 New Music Single round, and the latest New Music Pasifika grants to be announced in early August. The additional funding is in place until 30 June 2022.

Radio airplay

Radio airplay figures for our funding year ending 30 June 2021 have seen a sustained increase in the levels of local music played on radio.

All round there has been a lot more NZ music played on local stations in the past year exposing more New Zealanders than ever to the wonderful array of great music our local artists are making.

For commercial radio stations that play contemporary music, the figure was 22.69% for 2020/21, compared with 19.27% for 2019/20 and 18.04% for 2018/19. in the alternative radio space, the 2020/21 figure was 69.81% compared with 60.24% in 2019/20 and 53.61% in 2018/19.


Pacific Music Awards 2021 finalists announced

The Pacific Music Awards is returning to a live event at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau on Wednesday 1 September. The award category finalists were announced recently at a function in Otara.

This year there are a record 27 finalists across 13 categories with multiple nominees including Tree, Lou’ana, Kings, Lepani, Church & AP along with many more talented Pasifika artists. All the nomination details can be found at https://www.pacificmusicawards.org.nz

New hires

We're delighted to welcome two new recruits to the Public Interest Journalism Funding team - Fairooz Samy who will begin on August 9th in Wellington as a Funding Advisor and Gabriel Thomas who will join the Auckland office as the Journalism Manager on August 23rd.

The Music team is also welcoming a new staff member to the crew. Casey Yeoh is a graduate of Auckland University and has a keen passion for NZ music especially of the underground variety – you will find her at gigs most weekends! Casey takes up the role of Music Promoter (Content) in Auckland from Monday 26 July.

Meet the team

Conall Aird

Conall Aird, Business Affairs Advisor (Legal)

Meet Conall, our Business Affairs Advisor (Legal) with whom many of you will already be familiar.

Conall is the first port of call for funded producers and entities when it comes to initiating a contract and finding out what needs to be done to get a project into motion.

NZ On Air administers a range of funds, from Journalism to Platforms, which means no two contracts are ever the same.

An avid film and television fan, Conall is known for his wicked sharp answers to niche quiz questions at work, and for always being up for a chat about exciting new local content.

Learn more about Conall, his role at NZ On Air, and what local content he's been loving recently on our Meet The Team page.

Asian Creative Academy Awards 2021


Entries are now open to the 2021 Asian Academy Creative Awards.

Open to the entire Asia-Pacific region, the Asian Academy Creative Awards honours excellence in craft and technical disciplines across multiple platforms including television, digital, mobile, streaming and any other emerging technologies.

The closing date for entry is 15 Aug 2021. Your project must have screened between 1 July 2020 to 1 August 2021 to be eligible.

Projects can be submitted online via https://entry.asianacademycreativeawards.com

Funding decisions


New Zealand Today, 10 x 22 mins, Kevin and Co for Three, up to $1,020,742. ‘Volunteer journalist’ Guy Williams takes viewers on another unpredictable and bizarre journey through Aotearoa, finding ‘the stories other journalists won’t go near’ for his satire comedy show.

7 Days, 20 x 20 mins, Discovery NZ for Three, up to $859,613. The team at 7 Days will return in 2022 with more laughs and a great pipeline of comedy talent development.

Brutal Lives 2 – Mo'ui Faingata’a, 6 x 12 mins, Kingston productions for The Coconet.TV, up to $855,210. Tongan drama webseries Brutal Lives 2 will continue the story of a former boxing champion battling the ancient spirit world.

Kid Sister, 5 x 23 mins, Greenstone TV for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $822,350. Kid Sister is a semi-autobiographical Jewish comedy set in Auckland.

Patriot Brains 2, 10 x 44 mins, The DownlowConcept for TVNZ 2, up to $590,524. New Zealand and Australian comedians battle it out in the hilarious comedy panel show Patriot Brains.



Documentary New Zealand 2022, 6 x 44 mins, Storymaker, Kindred Films, Great Southern Television, Octopus Pictures, Eight Productions, Ruckus Media for TVNZ 1, up to $1,311,760. A series of one-off documentaries exploring contemporary stories from around New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Most Endangered Species, 6 x 44 mins, Warner Bros. International Television Production NZ for TVNZ 2, up to $1,018,777. The series takes viewers on a journey of discovery to learn about vulnerable wildlife species facing extinction in Aotearoa.

When Bob Came, 6 x 22 mins, Stella Maris Production for TVNZ OnDemand, up to $472,010. Rose Matafeo explores the enduring cultural, political, and musical impact of Bob Marley's iconic 1979 concert through the lens of her Rastafarian upbringing.

Our Other Islands, 6 x 26 mins, Fire Fire for Māori Television, up to $353,509. Follow Troy Kingi as he goes offshore and explores the history and legends and meets the locals on Aotearoa's most interesting islands.

No Place Like Home, 6 x 10 mins, Trajectory Media for Stuff, up to $251,536. A series of heart-warming stories of Kiwis returning home and the challenges they face after years spent abroad.

Seasick – Saving the Hauraki Gulf, 6 x 12 mins, Republic Films for Stuff, up to $210,000. The Hauraki Gulf is a national treasure under threat. This series aims to educate us on what we can do to help restore the Gulf.

Menace, 4 x 35 mins, Augusto for Stuff, up to $119,548. The stories of the anarchic radical feminists who put their feet on the accelerator of social change.

A Boy Called Piano, 1 x 52 mins, The Conch for Māori Television, up to $135,226. The story of one Pasifika boy and his experiences alongside thousands of Māori and Pasifika children who suffered abuse in state care.

Unruly, 6 x 8 mins, Stuff for Stuff, up to $142,630. Follow the creative process as a unique opera is created based around a British family who became known to the NZ public as the 'Unruly tourists’.

Crown Lynn: A Māori Story, 1 x 52 mins, Mahi Tahi Media for Māori Television, up to $198,525. A documentary viewing New Zealand at a time of social and political change, through the eyes of Crown Lynn Pottery’s former Māori employees and their whānau.

Untitled project, 1 x 80 mins, Monsoon Pictures International for Māori Television, up to $199,000. A documentary following a well-known musician writing and recording their first full te reo Māori language album.

Crying At Work, 18 x 40 mins, Bird of Paradise Productions for Stuff, up to $97,162. A podcast series showing how the levers of power work and what the real-life consequences are for the women who find themselves in the brutal news cycle.

Give It A Whirl Clearances, 6 x 24 mins, Digital Media Trust for NZ On Screen, up to $118,689


Cold Case 3, 8 x 44 mins, Screentime for TVNZ 1, up to $1,066,206. A team of experts review and reassess unsolved New Zealand crimes, alongside detectives from the original investigations.

Country Calendar 2022, 40 x 22 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $596,580. Our most iconic series featuring New Zealanders who make their living from the land or sea with a focus on their work, physical surroundings, family and community.

NZ Wars: Stories of Wairau, 1 x 45 mins, Great Southern Television for RNZ and Māori Television, up to $573,914. The next chapter of NZ Wars series tells the story of the Wairau Affray - considered the first of the New Zealand Wars, and the only one to take place in the South Island.

The Checkup 3, 10 x 22 mins, Great Southern Television for TVNZ 1, up to $598,613. A series examining healthcare in New Zealand with stories designed to educate, inform and entertain.

Patrick Gower..., 2 x 44 mins, Ruckus Media for Three, up to $472,335. Two event television documentaries that will see Patrick Gower investigate issues of importance to New Zealanders.

Changing South 4, 22 x 7 mins, Frank Film for Frankfilm.co.nz, up to $392,361. In-depth, contemporary, and accessible stories of national interest from the South.

Alice Snedden’s Bad News 3, 6 x 13 mins, Hex Work Productions for The Spinoff, up to $330,280. Comedian Alice Snedden fearlessly investigates more of Aotearoa’s most important issues, teaming up with experts and fellow comedians to get to the core of our biggest and baddest news.

Aotearoa Music Awards 2021, 1 x 88 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ 2, up to $292,000. A live, two-hour television special to showcase the very best of NZ Music in an exciting, vibrant, and multi-cultural show.

Scratched: Aotearoa’s Lost Sporting Legends 3, 6 x 11 mins, Hex Work Productions for The Spinoff, up to $276,686. From tennis champions to skateboarders, the series celebrates Kiwi sporting heroes who never got their due.

Conversations With My Immigrant Parents 3, 6 x 30 mins + 6 x 8 mins, Uhz for RNZ, up to $169,773. The continuing series meets six more immigrant whānau having frank conversations covering love, ancestry, home, expectation, and acceptance.

The Attitude Awards, 1 x 44 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $189,979. Televised coverage of The Attitude Awards which celebrates Kiwis with disabilities and their achievements.

Additional funding

Terror At Lake Alice, 6 x 40 mins, Hihi Media for Stuff, up to $8,495.

A Question Of Justice, 4 x 45 mins, Red Sky Film & Television for Prime, up to $71,747.

Aotearoa Hip Hop: The Music, The People, The History, 6 x 30 mins, Mediaworks for Mai FM, up to $21,550.

Arranged 3, 6 x 44 mins, Notable Pictures for Three, up to $61,820.

Asian Art Stars Aotearoa, 6 x 22 mins, Diva Productions for RNZ, up to $40,939.

The Black Ferns - Wāhine Toa, 2 x 45 mins, Warner Bros Int. TV Production NZ for Prime, up to $61,148

Tumeke Space, 5 x 22 mins, Mukpuddy for HEIHEI, up to $217,400

Raised By Refugees, 6 x 22 mins, Kevin & Co for Prime, up to $99,250

SIS 2, 6 x 22 mins, Sis The Show for Prime, up to $30,232

NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho co-fund

Hato Tīpene – A Legacy Reborn, 1 x 52 mins, Te Imurangi for Māori Television, E-Tāngata and Re:, up to $242,762. Hato Tīpene – A Legacy Reborn will document the restoration and re-opening of St Stephens, as well as explore the school’s significant history and impact.

He Waka Eke Noa, 6 x 10 mins, Aotearoa Media Collective for RNZ, up to $194,550. The new six-part series He Waka Eke Noa will document the mammoth task of building a waka taua and examine the evolution of cultural identity in contemporary Aotearoa.

Match Fit 2, 5 x 44 mins + 1 x 66 mins, Pango Productions for Three, up to $1,871,830 plus a platform contribution reduction of $286,000. Match Fit 2 will follow a team of former All Blacks as they confront their own personal health issues in preparation for a final grudge match against familiar old foes.

Origins 2, 2 x 43 mins, Scottie Douglas Productions for TVNZ, up to $1,061,490 plus a platform contribution reduction of $113,446. Origins 2 will follow Scotty Morrison as he uncovers the latest research around scientific, cultural, and spiritual connections to his whakapapa from around the Pacific and beyond.

Taringa Podcast, 52 x 43 mins, Te Wānanga o Aotearoa, up to $250,304. The award-winning bilingual podcast series Taringa is set to connect even more audiences to te ao Māori in a fun and relaxed way every week.

The Drawing Board, 8 x 25 mins, Faultline Films for Māori Television and NZ Herald, up to $642,650. The Drawing Board will examine modern Māori architecture, from ambitious multi-million-dollar projects to award-winning residential designs, to prefabricated housing initiatives.

Public Interest Journalism

Projects – National

The Detail, Newsroom NZ for RNZ, 322 x 22 mins podcasts up to $806,135. Daily podcast explaining the stories behind the headlines, giving greater context and understanding of notable events.

The Whole Truth, Stuff for Stuff.co.nz, up to $591,465. The Whole Truth is an animated fact-checking project designed to protect public health.

Paakiwaha, UMA Broadcasting for Waateanews.com, up to $433,000. A bilingual news and current affairs show that will be expanded to provide a breakfast current affairs programme available on iwi radio stations.

IRL, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $335,746. IRL will explore the real-world consequences of online life through in-depth investigative features and personal stories.

Party People, Aotearoa Media Collective for RNZ, Tūranga FM, Radio Waatea, up to $236,930. An audio and video series bringing scrutiny and review to politics, whilst preserving an upbeat and conversational approach to political analysis.

Nē?, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $217,325. Nē? is a podcast and written series that will explore hot issues within te ao Māori through an informed and dynamic Māori lens.

Inside Child Poverty 10 Years On, Red Sky Film & Television for Three, up to $204,970. Investigative journalist Bryan Bruce will review what has or has not been done to improve the lives of our nation’s most deprived tamariki.

Ifoga, SunPix for TP+, E-Tangata, Māori Television, Pacific Media Network (NPRT), up to $181,118. A video series to investigate the ongoing stories of Pasifika who have suffered abuse in state care.

The Hui: Summer Edition, Great Southern Television for Newshub.co.nz, The Hui online platforms, up to $178,729. A summer edition of the Māori current affairs programme produced by up-and-coming Māori journalists to be broadcast during The Hui’s summer hiatus.

How Good Is Our Public Service?, BusinessDesk for BusinessDesk, up to $174,092. An un-paywalled multimedia series that will assess the quality, size, organisation, capabilities, and composition of NZ’s public service.

Maisuka, SunPix for TP+, Pacific Media Network (NPRT), E-Tangata, Māori Television up to $131,139. A documentary investigating the tsunami of Type 2 diabetes in the Moana adolescent population and its impact.

Being Teen, Kowhai Media for New Zealand Geographic, up to $98,533. A text and photography-based longitudinal series looking at the lives, hopes, dreams, desires and challenges of 10 NZ teenagers entering adulthood.

Cybersecurity In Aotearoa, Techday for SecurityBrief New Zealand, CFOtech New Zealand, IT Brief New Zealand, bizEDGE New Zealand, ChannelLife New Zealand, FutureFive New Zealand up to $73,152. A series of text-based stories and interviews focusing on issues of cybersecurity in Aotearoa.

System Overhaul, North & South Media for North & South, up to $42,500. An investigative long-form text story that will tell the behind-the-scenes story of a high-stakes effort to fix a deeply troubled state care sector.

The Living Forest, Lifestyle Publishing for Wilderness Magazine, up to $4,250. A text-based series that will visit three iwi in New Zealand to understand their relationship with the ngāhere (forest).

Projects – Local/Regional

Local Focus, Very Nice Productions for NZ Herald and NZME regional publications, up to $840,000. An expansion of the current regional video news service provided to a wider reach of regional centres.

The South Today, Allied Press for ODT.co.nz, up to $675,000. An expanded service of video news content to local communities in the South Island.

Te Awa, Awa FM for Awa FM, up to $498,370. News made from the perspective of Whanganui Māori in Whanganui dialect reo and English.

Haukāinga, Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku O Te Ika for Tehiku.nz, up to $460,000. A regional journalism initiative providing news, current affairs and live broadcasts to Māori audiences in Northland and to wider Iwi Radio.

Rotorua Weekender - Te Wāhanga Reo Rua, NZME for Rotorua Weekender, up to $440,000. A weekly bilingual Te Reo Māori and English section in the Rotorua Weekender newspaper to shine a light on local Rotorua iwi issues and people.

Forever A Foreigner, Stuff for PlayStuff, Māori Television, up to $214,360. A multimedia series investigates what it was really like for NZ’s first Asian immigrants and descendants and the issues Chinese New Zealanders face.

Deep South, Crux for Crux.org.nz, up to $189,522. An investigative video series examining complex social and economic issues in the lower half of the South Island, Te Waipounamu.

Fault Lines, Vanishing Point Studio for North & South, Westport News, the Greymouth Star, Hokitika Guardian, Nelson Weekly and Marlborough Weekly, Tahu FM, up to $166,600. A cross-platform piece of explanatory journalism looking at the science behind, and the communities at risk of, the rupture of the Alpine Fault.

Whakatupuria Te Moana A Toi, Radio Bay Of Plenty, up to $97,000. A radio-based, multimedia project that will report on the $200m worth of Provincial Growth Fund projects in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Te Ao Mārama, Salient Magazine for Salient Magazine, up to $7,291. A special edition of Salient produced by Māori students who will be mentored and supported at Victoria University of Wellington.

Industry Development

Te Rito Journalism Project, NZME, Māori Television, Newshub and Pacific Media Network with 11 support partners, up to $2,419,253 (Funding spans two financial years, $800,000 in Yr 1). A programme to identify, train, develop and hire 25 cadet Māori, Pasifika and diverse journalists.

Pīpī Paopao, Aotearoa Media Collective, up to $361,815. A training initiative providing regional workshops for more than 100 iwi radio staff, to strengthen Māori public interest journalism in Māori communities.

Training: Multi-lens Journalism, Stuff, up to $300,800. A cultural competency course for Stuff journalists (eventually to be shared across the industry) to fundamentally shift representation in NZ media.

Current Affairs and Culture Magazine Mentorship Programme, The Spinoff, up to $287,310. A training initiative pairing journalism cadets with a mentor across NZ publications incl, Metro, North & South, NZ Geographic and The Pantograph Punch.

BusinessDesk Cadet Training Programme, BusinessDesk, up to $191,000. Training for two specialist business journalists at the Auckland and Wellington newsrooms of BusinessDesk.

Disability Roadshow, Attitude Pictures, up to $121,420. Workshops around the country to upskill journalists in best practice disability rights and reporting.

Photo Aotearoa, Kowhai Media, up to $98,256. A four-day intensive workshop and a three-month mentoring programme training photojournalists with international mentors.

Newsroom, Newsroom NZ, up to $50,610. Training to upskill Newsroom’s two recently employed graduate journalists across a diverse range of journalism skills.

Coconet Reporter Training, Tikilounge Productions, up to $49,324. Training to upskill three Coconet reporter trainees in kaupapa Pasifika journalism.


New Music Project

Aacacia, HNT Ltd, up to 40,000

Bexy, Five AM Artists Management, up to $30,000

Kaylee Bell, DRM/Trigger Marketing, up to $30,000

Laiika, CRS Music Management, up to 30,000

Melodownz, Sniffers, up to 38,000

Play It Strange, Play It Strange Trust, up to 40,000

Racing, NicNak Media, up to 32,720

Rory Noble, Page One Management, up to 40,000

Stndrd, DRM, up to 30,000

Troy Kingi, Allgood Absolute Alternative Records, up to 40,000

Truth, Trigger Marketing, up to 27,891

Voom, Flying Nun Records, up to 28,800

Wells, Worldpeace.fyi, up to 40,000

New Music Single - up to $10,000

0800, Coupe

Aidan Fine, Something New

Amiria Grenell, Romeo

Asta Rangu, Too-Zooma

Bandi, Ain't Nobody

Ben & Brody, On My Conscience

Capital Theatre, People

Cassie Henderson, Complacent

Charity Children, She Still Wants You

Clap Clap Riot, It's Alright

Dartz, Toyota Corolla

Dick Move, Feel Better

Emily C. Browning, Andy

Fazerdaze, Break!

Grace Kelly, She Walks

House Of Shem, Higher

Isla Noon, I Need To Go Home

Jack Berry, Always

Jarna, On Your Mind

Kaylee Bell, Hearts Don't Break Like That

Kédu Carlö, Let's Get To It

Kylie Price, Stay

La Felix, My Kinda Love

Lévyne, I Don't Think It's Me

Marlin's Dreaming, Trophies

Mazbou Q Ft. Cee Blue, Best Of You

Mck, Tide Change

Mermaidens, I Like To Be Alone

Miles Calder, Pushing & Pulling

Molly & The Chromatics, Expectations

Name Ul & Vallé Ft. Harry Parsons, Who Do You Love

Od, Seattle

Pacific Heights, Domino

Paddy Echo, Valley Kids

Pieces Of Molly, Dead Sky

Pollyhill, Chilly

Sam V, Sex & Pain

Sid Diamond, Don't Run

Stndrd, Let's Roll

Swiss, Emergencies

Tei, Primal

Tiki Taane Ft. Dubfx, Tali & Pdigsss, Soldiers Of Fire

Transistor, Fear In All

Vince Harder, Love Will Find You

Zac Taylor, Lay

Industry Development

APRA Silver Scrolls Awards 2021, APRA, up to 35,000

Show Me Shorts 2021, Show Me Shorts Film Festival Trust, up to 3,000

Aotearoa Music Awards 2021, Recorded Music NZ, up to 125,000

NZ Game Developers Conference 2021, NZ Game Developers Association, up to 10,000

Pan-Asian Capacity Building: Web Series and Pilot, Pan-Asian Screen Collective, up to 715,000

Working Towards A Moana Strategy For Aotearoa, Coconut Rough, up to 14,090

Rotorua Indigenous Film Festival 2021, Aronui Arts Festival Charitable Trust, up to 10,250

Aotearoa Sync-posium, Mind Your Music NZ, up to 10,000