20 December 2023

The first Pilot Phase payments of the Game Development Sector Rebate (GDSR) have headed out the door in this final week before Christmas.

For the Pilot Phase, we received 10 applications of which nine met the eligibility criteria and submitted applications. Of those nine, eight applications were recommended for rebate payments of just under $9.3m in total. One further Pilot Phase applicant is undergoing further assessment.

Payments to those eight successful Pilot Phase applicants have been made.

General Registration applicants will experience a slight delay in obtaining confirmation of their eligibility and the associated letters of acknowledgement. Eligible General Registration applicants will now receive their letters of acknowledgement in the New Year after the office reopens on Monday 8 January 2024.

We look forward to being back in touch with you then.

Until then, Meri Kirihimete!

The NZ On Air GDSR Team.