Rūrangi 2, 5 x 22 mins, Autonomouse for Prime and Māori Television, up to $1,725,000. A transgender activist returns to a remote, politically divided dairy community in the hope of reconnecting with his father.

Double Parked, 8 x 22 mins, Kevin and Co for Three, up to $1,400,970. A comedy about a young lesbian couple who both end up pregnant following a ‘botched’ home insemination.

Homebound 3.0, 8 x 22 mins, Kevin and Co for Three, up to $1,380,153. A struggling 30-something unpublished writer is forced to move back home and deal with the disappointment of his Chinese parents.

Not Even, 6 x 23 mins, Miss Conception Films for Prime and Māori Television, up to $1,130,770. Five young friends and flatmates grapple with what it means to be Māori in the 2020s.

Educators 3, 6 x 22 mins, South Pacific Pictures for TVNZ OnDemand and TVNZ 2, up to $1,010,847. A third season of improvised comedy set in a secondary school among a dysfunctional and childish group of teachers.

Feature Animation Series - Lion King and Frozen Reo Māori, 1 x 118 + 1 x 102 mins, Matewa Media for Māori Television, up to $500,000. Two iconic Disney films will be reimagined and repurposed in te reo Māori, including original waiata for each film’s soundtrack.

Comedy Festival Partnership 2022, 5 x 44 min, Three for Three, up to $230,000. Four comedy events -The Comedy Gala, The Great Comedy Debate, Last Laughs and a special live episode of 7 Days - will play out across multiple nights.

Ka Whawhai Tonu - Struggle Without End, 1 x 90 mins, Hikoi NZ for Māori Television, up to $200,000. A new feature film set in the 1860's on the eve of The Battle of Ōrākau, focusing on the unlikely bond of two battle-torn teens.


The Male Gayz: Going Deep, 6 x 15 + 13 x 1 mins, Hex Work Productions for The Spinoff, up to $370,041. An in-depth look at New Zealand's adult entertainment productions, with comedians Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson.

The Spinoff Documentary Anthology, 4 x 20 mins + 4 x 15'' + 8 x 59'', Hex Work Productions for The Spinoff, up to $368,072. Four standalone films highlighting the depth and diversity of Aotearoa.

Trans & Pregnant, 1 x 44 mins, Jack Media for TVNZ 1, up to $237,573. A documentary following two men on their journey to parenthood as they navigate societal roadblocks.

ARO, 8 x 10 mins, Te Amokura for Māori Television, up to $207,552. A first-person look at how Te Ao Māori shapes the unique way Māori think, experience, and see the world .

Being Chlöe, 1 x 90 mins, Razor Films for Three, up to $199,999. A documentary exploring the political and personal life of New Zealand’s youngest MP Chlöe Swarbrick.

State Of The Union, 7 x 4 + 1 x 40 mins, Stuff for Stuff, up to $36,900. A documentary and livestream series focused on women’s rugby and the issues that slow its progress.

Down For Love (additional), 2 x 44 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 2, up to $203,915.

A Question Of Justice (additional), 4 x 45 mins, Red Sky Film and Television for Prime, up to $40,025.

The Black Ferns - Wahine Toa (additional), 2 x 45 mins, Warner Bros Int. TV Production NZ for Prime, up to $13,400.

Hair Now (additional), 6 x 5 mins, A Grain Of Rice Production for The Spinoff, up to $16,377.

Amplified (additional), 6 x 8 mins, Vetiver Pictures for RNZ, up to $11,190.

Match Fit 2 (additional), 5 x 44 mins, Pango Productions for Three, up to $51,046.

Alice Snedden's Bad News 3 (additional), 6 x 13 mins, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $33,107.

Scratched: Aotearoa's Lost Sporting Legends 3 (additional), 6 x 11 mins, Hex Work for The Spinoff, up to $16,427.

Goodbye A.I. (additional), 10 x 8 mins, Vinewood for HEIHEI, up to $22,725.

The Hui 2021 (additional), 40 x 28 mins. Great Southern Television for Three, up to $61,320.


David Lomas Investigates 3, 12 x 44 mins, Warner Bros. International for Three, up to $1,111,384. Aotearoa's best-known investigator returns for another crack at reuniting families and solving mysteries.

Patrick Gower: On (tbc), 1 x 44 mins, Ruckus Media for Three, up to $225,325. Patrick Gower returns with another in-depth investigation.

Loading Docs: The Power Of Emotion, 8 x 10 mins, Notable Pictures for, up to $215,507. Eight short documentaries exploring the real-life impact of our emotions.

I Am…4, 6 x 44 mins, Screentime NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $781,402. Six emotional first-hand accounts of New Zealanders who are living with, or have overcome, extreme adversity.

Soul Sessions 2, 10 x 23 + 1 x 45 mins, ECG Media for TP+, up to $395,886. A journey into Aotearoa's gospel music scene, with a focus on both emerging and established Pacific musicians and artists.

ANZAC 2022, 2 x 45 mins, Screentime NZ for TVNZ 1, up to $131,606. Coverage of the annual commemorations on 25 April, 2022.

Every Voice

Long x Xia, 10 x 1 mins, Mini Monster Productions, up to $50,000. A comedy series following two Chaotic Cousins™ Ruby and CJ as they hijack a live lobster from a Chinese restaurant to stick it to their family’s expectations.

n00b, 12 x 1 mins, Lusty Ace Films, up to $50,00. A comedy series that tells the tale of six Kiwi teenagers as they navigate the cringey period of adolescence...on the internet.

The Tongan Rogue General and the 13 Chambers of South Auckland, 15 x 1 mins, Tusitala Media, up to $50,000. A comedy series starring Toks Fale as a former Army General who must battle the bosses of the 13 chambers of South Auckland.

Te Pae Tata, 15 x 1 mins, Māoriland Charitable Trust, up to $49,900. A factual series profiling incredible Indigenous creatives across the planet to inspire rangatahi Māori and Pasifika to find their own creative spark.

Te Puna Kairangi - Premium Productions Fund

Far North, 6 x 45 mins, South Pacific Pictures and White Balance Pictures, up to $200,000. Half a billion dollars’ worth of meth. A broken boat with its crew starving to death. One comically inept gang. Two salt of the earth amateur detectives. This is a true story.

The Gone, 6 x 60 mins, Kingfisher Films, Blinder Films with Southern Lights Films and m3media, up to $200,000. When a young Irish couple vanishes from a small North Island town, Irish detective Theo Richter teams with Kiwi cop Diana Henare to find them. Amidst the search they have to contend with civil unrest, a duplicitous corporation, and their own personal demons.

Black Coast Vanishings, 4 x 44 mins, Augusto, up to $63, 325. A true-crime mystery series about the disappearance of six people in a small surf town that has divided the locals and given rise to fear and suspicion.

Public Interest Journalism

Roles (funded for one year)

Allied Press, 1x Partnership Editor role, up to $145,650

Campus Radio 95bFM, 1 x Sub-Editor, up to $32,916

Discovery NZ, 1 x Newshub Cultural Partnership Navigator, up to $130,500

GlobalHQ, 1 x Digital Editor, up to $105,000

Kowhai Media Ltd, 1 x Kaiwhakatiki Hourua, up to $55,020

Mana Trust, 1 x Editor/Mentor and 1 x Digital Marketing Manager, up to $165,000

Newsroom NZ, 1 x Sub Editor, up to $91,679

NZME, 1 x Kaupapa Editor and 1 x Audio Innovation role, up to $200,280

Radio One 91FM, 1 x Digital Content Editor, up to $20,000

RNZ, 1 x Kurawhakaue Partnership Editor Role, up to $108,000

Stuff, 1 x te reo Māori Translator, up to $103,000

Te Po, 1 x Kawea Te Rongo Kaiwhakahaere, up to $68,250

The Spinoff, 1 x Sub Editor role, up to $105,450

The Pantograph Punch, 1 x Business Development role and 1 x Social Media Specialist (3 months), up to $95,040

Tikilounge Productions, 1 x Pasifika Youth Digital News Editor, up to $75,000


Allied Press, Cultural Competency and Commissioning project, 6 x long-form articles and staff training programmes, for Allied Press and associated publications, up to $61,725

BusinessDesk, Charity Sector Investigation, minimum 30 stories, up to $154,020

Discovery NZ, Newshub Nation 2022, 41 x 50 mins and a podcast series of current affairs, for Three, up to $978,175

Great Southern Television and Aotearoa Media Collective, The Hui, 40 x 28 mins shows + 40 x 28 mins podcasts for Three, up to $737,036

Kakalu Media, Online project (website creation and livestream capability) for Kakalu o Tonga, up to $9,817

Kowhai Media, A Voice for Tangaroa, 4 x 3000-word written features, 6 x 400-1,500 word stories that focus on the ocean around Aotearoa, New Zealand, for NZ Geographic, up to $146,745

Luke Nola & Friends, Kea Kids News, 80 x 4 mins videos for digital platforms and 80 x 2 mins videos for social media platforms, up to $653,773

Mahi Tahi Media, Ohinga 2, 50 x 4 mins videos, up to $264,386

Māori Television, Miria Te Pounamu (on-the-job journalism training wānanga for staff) for Māori Television, up to $189,200

Muster Vibrant Rural Communities, Rural Issues: Women’s perspectives on contemporary social and cultural issues, 9 x 3000 words, 72 x 600-1,500-word stories, 6 x 3 mins videos for Shepherdess Magazine platforms, up to $292,692

Newsroom NZ, Newsroom Investigates 2022, 60 mins video investigative current affairs, up to $336,358

Newsroom NZ, Climate Change Interview Series, 10 x 12 mins video interviews focused on how New Zealand will move to a low carbon future, up to $40,000

North & South Media, Exploring Aotearoa’s Chinese Communities, 4-6 features totaling 20,000 words exploring different facets of Chinese communities in New Zealand, up to $25,000

NZME, Whenua: Is it yours?, Interactive database and map, 4 x 1,500-3,000-word features that explores how and when land became part of the Pākehā property system in Aotearoa New Zealand), up to $80,500

Stuff, Stuff Circuit 2022, a minimum of 90 mins of video, investigative current affairs, up to $324,200

SunPix, Tagata Pasifika, 51 x 23 mins and 2 x 90 mins Pasifika news and current affairs for TVNZ 1, up to $1,919,913

Te Parerē, National Māori Students Magazine, 32 digital issues focused on Māori youth current affairs, up to $28,240

The Spinoff, The Quarter Million, 2 x 4,000 – 5,000-word feature, 8-10 Instagram tiles, 4 x 1,000-word stories plus 8 – 10 Instagram tiles, 4 x 2,000-word stories plus 8-10 Instagram tiles providing a youth perspective on the Royal Commission of Inquiry into Abuse in Care, up to $152,304

TVNZ, Kids Kōrero, 30 x 5 mins linear videos, 30 x 2 mins explainer videos, and 30 x 5 mins podcasts news and current affairs for 10 –14 year olds, up to $517,364

TVNZ, Q + A with Jack Tame 2022, 40 x 59 mins episodes, plus a two-hour special of current affairs, for TVNZ, up to $842,200

Non-incremental Roles

NZME, up to $940,000 over two years to support its newsgathering in Rotorua, Napier, Hastings, Whanganui, Manawatū, Taupō, Horowhenua, and Kapiti.

Stuff, up to $731,300 over two years for non-incremental role funding to support its Marlborough newsgathering.


New Music Development - up to $6000

Alexa Casino


Andrew Spraggon

Barnaby Weir

Ben Malone

Bevan Smith

Brooke Singer

Chris Mac

Christian Tjandrawinata

Eli Naea

Emily C. Browning

Hollie Smith

Jess Haugh

Jonny Avery

Josh Logan

Josh Naley

Marlon Timotei Taare Williams

Maude Minnie Morris

Noema Te Hau

Oliver Leupolu



Ryan Chin

Struan Finlay

Takunda Muzondiwa and Abraham Kunin


Toby Lloyd

Angus Grainger

Anna Coddington

Anna Edgington-Edie


Ben Lemi

Brown Boy Magik

Devin Abrams

Jeremy Toy

Joel Jones

Laura Lee Lovely

Matthew Young

Nic Manders

Noah Matariki Page

Peter Leupolu

Riki Gooch

Rikki Morris

Sonny Southon

TeMatera Smith


Tomi Banx

New Music Features

On the Road, Rockquest Promotions, up to $3,800

Sounz Films 2022, Centre for New Zealand Music Trust (Sounz), up to $135,000

The Most FM 2022, Taranaki FM Trust, up to $60,000

Mai FM Backyard Beats 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

Base FM 2022, Base FM, up to $80,000

Coup De Main Zine Project 2022, Coup De Main, up to $40,000

First Season 2, Hex Work, up to $99,993

Pulzar FM 2022, Pulzar FM, up to $60,000

Unsigned and Pass the Aux, Kick / IHeartRadio, up to $78,000

The Rock Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

Locals Only 2022, NZME Radio, up to $300,000

More FM Wired 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

On the Road 2022, Rockquest Promotions, up to $100,000

Rova New Kiwi Music Discovery Stations 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $20,600

George FM the Profile 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $30,000

Uncover Discover - The Edge Radio 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

Uncover Discover - The Edge TV 2022, Mediaworks Radio, up to $50,000

UTR Trash Recital Season 2, Undertheradar, up to $71,159

New Music Kids - up to $10,000

Aro, Tohora

Chris Sanders, Songs and Stories for Kids

Claudia Robin Gunn, Kids Are in the Garden

Fleabite, Fleabite Fizz

Hey Duby, Think Big

Itty Bitty Beats, Imaginarium

Jackie B & the Mini Band, Davy Jones Locker

Judi Cranston, Pakipaki Clap!

Kath Bee, E Tū Tāngata - Stand Together

Levity Beet, Dino - Bunny - Digger - Let's Go!

Loopy Tunes Preschool Music, Let's Make Lemonade

Mr Roberelli, Tūi - It's All About You

Mr Yipadee, Yipadee Tots Hoe-down

Music With Michal, Sing With Me!

Jeremy Redmore, Sing Like a Unicorn

Tom Knowles, Atarangi: Morning Sky

Waste Free Wanda, Rule of Thumb

New Music Projects

Aldous Harding, Flying Nun Records, up to $40,000

Benee, CRS Music Management, up to $40,000

Blindspott, East West Music & Events, up to $40,000

Deceptikonz, DRM, up to $32,000

Diaz Grimm, Brave Bear Publicity (Māia), up to $40,000

Foley, NicNak Media, up to $40,000

Jackson Owens, Five AM Artists Management, up to $40,000

Janine, August Avenue, up to $40,000

Lilbubblegum, Sniffers, up to $35,000

MCK, Page One Management, up to $30,000

Riiki Reid, Warner Music NZ, up to $40,000

Sola Rosa, Rosa Recordings, up to $40,000

Theia, NicNak Media, up to $40,000

New Music Single - up to $10,000

Aidan Fine, Lola Feat. Rhys Rich

Blake, Skeptical

Bub, Dreams

Christabel, Jealous

Daily J, Tides

Dallas Tamaira, Just Fine

Dartz, Learning to Drive With Dad

Dawn Diver, Not Perfect

Dbldbl, Fakey Feat. Randa

Edy & Iamtheofficial, Gameboy Feat. Jarna

Goodwill, Clinging Onto You

Graham Candy, Keep on Smiling

Guardian Singles, Manic Attraction

Jaz Paterson, Ache

Jon Lemmon, Right on Track

Kendall Elise, Honest Hand

Leaping Tiger, Gooey

Lee Mvtthews & Grafix, Underground Feat. Elipsa

Lost Tribe Aotearoa, Reflections

Lou'ana, Night Creature

Macho Macho, Blink

Mazbou Q, Go and Be Free

Mermaidens, Sour Lips

Missy, Blush

Morse Gang, Datsus

Nathan Haines, Give Thanks

Oliv, Talk With the Moon

Otosan & P Money Ft Kings, Our Worlds

Paddy Echo, Silver & Honey

Park Rd, I Got You

Rachel Leo, Last Call

Sam V, Let Me Come Thru

Skye Hine, Behind the Gun

Soft Plastics, Day Job

Sulfate, Bottle It in

Sylvee, Time for the Girls

Teeks, Oil & Water

The Beths, Your Side

The Butlers, Night & Day

Vera Ellen, It's Your Birthday

Zoe Moon, The Letter


National Pacific Radio Trust (Capital) 2021, National Pacific Radio Trust, up to $315,500


Aotearoa Music Awards 2021,, up to $75,000

Waiata Māori Music Awards 2021, Waiata Māori Awards Charitable Trust, up to $20,000

NZ Radio Awards 2022, Radio Broadcasters' Association, up to $7,500

Voyager Media Awards 2022, Newspaper Publishers' Association, up to $15,000

Taite Music Prize 2022, Independent Music NZ, up to $20,000

Big Screen Symposium 2022, Script to Screen, up to $30,000

Screensafe COVID-19 Protocol Update, Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa NZ, up to $7,500

MAP Producer Skills Training 2022, Pan-Asian Screen Collective, up to $17,880

Asian Media Use Research Webinar, Pan-Asian Screen Collective, up to $1,800

Screensafe Covid-19 Protocol Revision, Screen Industry Guild of Aotearoa NZ, up to $20,000

Cultural Sector Capability Funding

48 Hours, Timpson Films, up to $25,000

CAMA Best Practice Kete, Community Access Media Alliance (CAMA), up to $10,000

Discoverability During Delta, Aotearoa Screen Publicists Collective, up to $46,000