Unbelievable response to Rapid Response RFP


Oh wow - you guys just about broke the internet! We have never had a response like that to an RFP!

A week ago we had a little idea that we could use a small amount of money ($400k) to get a few creatives working on some content for the commercial media platforms who need it right now.

We couldn't believe the response: 112 applications seeking $5.6m in funding! Unfortunately a number of these applications did not meet our criteria of having a supporting platform (which is essential to ensure taxpayer funds are not wasted - our content must reach its audience).

However about half of them did meet these criteria and our funding team are now faithfully reading your amazing proposals.

We do still plan to have decisions out at the end of the day Tuesday 14th. Good luck (but please just absorb those figures!)

Innovation = success

We are aware of some really innovative ideas that are enabling content to continue to be made, even in lockdown.

If you have a success story to share, or maybe a tip that might help others in your situation, we'd been keen to hear it. You might inspire someone else, or provide them with a solution they hadn't thought of.

Let us know at communications@nzonair.govt.nz and with your permission we will share it on our website.

Back-to-production toolkit in development

We are very supportive of the work of the Screen Sector Covid-19 Action Group, and in particular their initiative with ScreenSafe to develop guidance on how to return to work.

They aim to produce a Back-to-production toolkit which will be a vital resource for the screen industry as we come out of the lockdown. Keep an eye on their website - there are other useful resources there too.

More music opportunities

New Music Pasifika

We are pleased to be able to increase the opportunity for local music artists to get funded through our New Music Single funding scheme.

We have increased our allocation for the final New Music Single round of the financial year, meaning we can distribute 40 grants for the New Music Single round closing on 23 April (our normal rounds allocate up to 25 grants).

Applications can be made through newmusicsingles.nzonair.govt.nz . Results will be available on 21 May.

We have also just announced the return of our New Music Pasifika focus round which will be held in May. Applications will open for this Pasifika round on 7 May and close 21 May for results by mid-June.

Have a safe and Happy Easter - and stay in your bubble!