Allowing New Zealanders from all communities to see themselves on screen

Our support for special interest programmes reflects the lives of New Zealand’s diverse cultural communities and minority groups. These programmes would not be made without public funding.


A primary function of NZ On Air under the Broadcasting Act is to ensure there is a range of television programming that reflects and provides for the interests of: 

persons with disabilities; minorities in the community including ethnic minorities; the diverse religious and ethical beliefs of New Zealanders

These programmes have high cultural value but lower commercial value, and would not be made without our support. They often play in non-commercial or off-peak time slots, but all can be viewed any time on broadcasters’ on-demand sites for a period after they first go to air.

This genre also includes programmes for and about people with disabilities. We also provide funding to Able to make captioning and audio description so that sight and hearing-impaired New Zealanders can enjoy a wide-range of television programmes.

Annually we spend around $11million  on programming for minority and disabled audiences (includes captioning and audio description).



March 2016


Meet the kiwis putting faith in their families to find their partner in the tradition of arranged marriage.


May 2017


An inspiring weekly special interest programme for and about New Zealanders living with disabilities.


October 2015


New Zealand's television captioning and audio description service for hearing and vision-impaired audiences. Making television accessible for all.


Pacific audiences are an important and sizable  group in New Zealand. Programming for these audiences is a significant part of our special interest output.

In 2012 we undertook a review of our funding activities in this area. We commissioned research into audience needs and held a forum of Pacific broadcasting leaders. The result was a strategy that guides our funding decisions for content made specifically for Pacific audiences.


Digital · Radio · Television · External · 1st June 2012

Broadcast programming For Pacific Audiences June 2012

Researchers look at current broadcast content provided for Pacific audiences in New Zealand, and what is important to the various audiences.

19th July 2012

Pacific Media Forum July 2012

Notes on NZ On Air's Pacific Media Forum - Serving Pacific People as Media Audiences

Apply for funding

There is one funding round a year for Special Interest programmes. Decisions in 2015 will be announced in September.

Funding deadlines and how to apply

Funding to date, 2016-17

Pukana Subtitles 2017 $38,412

Dec 2016 · Cinco Cine Film Productions · TV3 · 26 x 60 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Neighbourhood 2017 $1,249,964

Sep 2016 · Satellite Media Group · TV One · 30 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Rural Delivery 2017 $1,000,003

Sep 2016 · Showdown Productions · TV One · 35 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Tagata Pasifika 2017 $1,600,000

Sep 2016 · Sunpix · TV One · 54 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Arranged 2 $504,677

Sep 2016 · Notable Pictures · TV3 · 6 x 60 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Fresh 2017 $1,766,125

Sep 2016 · Tikilounge Productions · TV 2 · 37 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Back Benches 2017 $617,798

Sep 2016 · TVNZ · Prime · 20 x 60 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Attitude 2017 $1,787,300

Sep 2016 · Attitude Pictures · TVNZ 1 · 30 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Both Worlds 6 $349,516

Sep 2016 · Notable Pictures · TV3 · 8 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Media Take 4 $479,865

Sep 2016 · Top Shelf Productions · Maori Television · 20 x 30 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Attitude Awards 2016 $159,429

Jul 2016 · Attitude Pictures · TV One · 1 x 60 mins · Special Interest · TV Production

Media Access Charitable Trust 2016/17 $2,800,000

May 2016 · Captioning & Audio Description · Able