At home with New Zealanders in their regions

We support multi-platform news and information content serving regional audiences. This audio-visual content is rarely provided by national media organisations and is a key part of our support for community broadcasting. 


We fund regional news and information content to extend local content choices for regional audiences. In 2016 we have moved from supporting regional television channels, to supporting four multi-platform projects providing converged media content in seven regions. This funding supports an important outlet for regional communities' own interests and views. 


In 2015 we began a review of our funding of regional television.

An independent review by former television executive Paul France was undertaken, and we conducted audience research through Colmar Brunton in 2014 of regional audiences.

Following the review NZ On Air decided to:

  • roll over funding for existing funded regional television channels for the 2015/16 year to assist business planning and
  • issue a call for Expressions of Interest to seek ideas for converged regional media content.

Our priorities for this fund remain regional news and information programmes.

From September 2016 our $1.3m in funding support will provide a new range of multi-media regional news and information services to audiences in seven regions. Our call for new proposals resulted in collaborations and innovation, and services tailored to specific regions.

For more on the 2016/17 funded projects please read our Media release here and FAQs below.

Apply for funding

Funding is considered annually. Applications for funding in 2016/17 have now closed. We will next call for applications in the second half of 2017, after we have reviewed the outcomes of the four funded projects.

Please note: All proposals submitted to NZ On Air are covered by the Official Information Act and may be released.