From the award-winning creators of Outrageous Fortune, Westside is a drama series that will take the West family's large and loyal fan-base on a journey back to where it all began.

Westside is a significant investment by NZ On Air in outstanding local drama. Following a successful first series in 2015 NZ On Air has supported South Pacific Pictures for a second series, due to air in June 2016. 

Outrageous Fortune co-creators James Griffin and Rachel Lang are the talent behind this classic drama that combines real events and the rich folklore of the West family and associates. 

A prequel to the acclaimed Outrageous Fortune, the series is set in Auckland and tells the story of legendary safe cracker and career criminal Ted West, his wife Rita and their son Wolfgang. With series one having taken viewers through the 1970's, Westside 2 launching on June 12th, is set in 1981 and will dive deeper into the murky past of the lives of Rita and Ted West. 

Antonia Prebble (Outrageous Fortune) stars as Rita - a role she played in flashback scenes during Outrageous Fortune season four while David de Latour (The Kick) plays Ted West, the incarnation of the Grandpa character (played by the late Frank Whitten) who featured in all six seasons of Outrageous Fortune.

Screening on TV3, our support for Westside is a key way NZ On Air is keeping local drama alive on screens. Drama is given special priority under the Broadcasting Act. It's important NZ On Air supports drama and scripted comedy because these are risky, high-cost programmes to develop and deliver. Without our support they would not be made.

Outrageous Fortune

Over six seasons between 2005 and 2010, Outrageous Fortune established itself as one of the country's most successful drama series. The show had a cult-like following and won more than 50 awards at home and overseas. 


Westside is a Drama programme

South Pacific Pictures for TV3

Westside 2: 10 x 1 hour

NZ On Air funding $7,597,000

Ten years ago - almost to the day - I recall the excitement at TV3 when the first series of Outrageous Fortune was green lit and it was a thrill to watch that show grow to become both beloved and acclaimed. Everyone at SPP is looking forward to taking fans back to where it all began - actually… to before it all began

— Kelly Martin, South Pacific Pictures Chief Executive

Westside audience reach


Percentage of people aged 5+ on average who watched season one, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.


Number of people aged 5+ on average who watched season one, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.

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