University Challenge

It's time to turn back the clock - University Challenge is back!

The original New Zealand adaptation of University Challenge screened on New Zealand television for 14 years, airing from 1976 to 1989.

In 2014 CUE Productions saw a chance to revive the quiz show following a successful renaissance of the show in the UK in recent years. The 2015 season of University Challenge received NZ On Air funding for 19 x 30-minute episodes. For the 2016 season, the format has been re-vamped to 15 x 30-minute episodes which will provide entertaining viewing at 6pm on Saturday nights on Prime TV.

This modern day revival retains much of the tradition of the show, whereby teams of four are asked a “starter for 10” that is contested via a buzzer. Quizmaster Tom Conroy then asks the successful team a series of questions which are worth up to 15 points. Questions range from the intellectual to the downright quirky, providing an ultimate test of the contestants’ knowledge, mental agility and recall.

After a mighty win in the 2015 final, will The University Of Auckland be able to hold on to the title for another year? Or will one of the other seven teams triumph over them to become University Challenge 2016 winners?


University Challenge 2 is a Youth Programme.

Cue Productions Limited for Prime

15 x 30 minutes

NZ On Air funding $313,432

Watch this show

Prime, Saturdays at 6.00pm

From Saturday 15th Oct

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Also funded by NZ On Air

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