Topp Country

The inimitable Topp Twins take us on a uniquely Kiwi culinary journey, seeking out the real people behind our food.

This is not another cooking show.

The Topp Twins, Lynda and Jools Topp bring their comedy and songs along for a second series of the ever popular Topp Country. 

They take viewers to heartland New Zealand in search of the folks behind our favourite foods. Along their culinary journey the Topp Twins meet passionate food producers, home cooks and lovers of life. 

This 10 part factual series significantly raises the quota of genuine Kiwi characters on our screens. Alongside Lynda and Jools, and the passionate foodies they find, viewers also enjoy the return of Camp Mother and Camp Leader with some Saucy Tips, and rural blokes Ken and Ken.

It's a celebration of our rural lifestyle and the origins of great down-home cooking, all served with humour and yodelling.

Our funding of documentary and factual programmes extends the diversity of what’s available on screen through different styles and story-telling techniques, designed to appeal to a range of tastes. 


Topp Country is a Documentary/Factual programme.

Diva Productions for TV One

Series 1: 10 x 30 mins

NZ On Air funding $586,763

Series 2: 10 x 30 mins

NZ On Air funding $685,095

Topp Country was so full of stories and good humour it felt bigger than it was. In Christchurch, it was sausage worship with a chorizo-making couple - "you've got to put love in your sausage" - and out on Banks Peninsula, John and Anna, who run "pig in a day" workshops and showed Lynda how to make killer pancetta. They even squeezed in a couple of skits starring classic Topp characters - "Camp Mother's Saucy Tips" and a pig-themed poem at the end from the two Kens. Truly wonderful television.

— Colin Hogg, reviewer - NZ Herald

Audience reach


People aged 5+ on average watched the second series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement


Of people aged 5+ on average watched the second series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement

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