The Festival

A colourful series giving viewers a peek inside New Zealand’s diverse ethnic communities through their most important festivals.

The Festival on TV3 goes behind the scenes of our biggest and most vibrant cultural festivals. We see the people, the planning and the preparation involved in these events. The series embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, one of NZ On Air's primary functions under the Broadcasting Act

Over 10 episodes viewers will experience special cultural events such as the Wellington Diwali Festival of Lights, the Auckland Filipino community's Halo Halo Festival, Korea Day in Christchurch and the Waitakere Indian Association's celebration of one of the most recognised festivals in the world, the Hindu Holi Festival. It’s an explosion of colour! 

The programme is funded from our Special Interest strand, which supports programmes that reflect the lives of New Zealand’s diverse cultural communities and minority groups.

Keeping our cultures alive

The Hindu Holi Festival

The Festival is a Notable Pictures production. Series creator and producer Julia Parnell says it has been a joy to create, "after all we have been essentially filming 10 parties!"

Most of the festivals the series follows were organised by volunteers from within the community – driven solely by a passion to keep their culture alive and share it with New Zealand.

Julia says the aim was to present each festival with the popular reality style aesthetic, while ensuring the content stayed authentic and diverse. She says it has been an amazing experience that has captured "the failures, trials and tribulations, as well as the drama and joy of the people who come together to make these events happen."

Ultimately, she says, this series has provided an entertaining insight into cultural celebrations in New Zealand and how they are helping to keep diverse ethnic traditions alive.


The Festival is a Special Interest programme

Notable Pictures for TV3

10 x 30 mins

NZ On Air funding $399,918

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Unfortunately, this show is now off-air and no longer available on demand.

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