Songs From The Inside

A third series of the ground-breaking documentary programme that seeks to rehabilitate prisoners through song.

NZ On Air has now supported 3 successful series of Songs from the Inside in which four musician mentors enter New Zealand prisons to provide rehabilitation through the power of music.

In series three Anika Moa, Troy Kingi, Ladi6 and Scribe share their musical talents with inmates at two Christchurch prisons.

The mentors teach selected inmates how to write and perform music as part of a rehabilitation programme. This experience offers them new skills, a voice and an opportunity to change their lives.

As we follow the inmates and their mentors we gain insights to Māori perspectives and experiences.


Songs from the Inside series 3 is funded as a Documentary and Māori Programme.

Awa Films for Māori Television

9 x ½ hour & 1 x 1 hour finale

NZ On Air Funding $285,000

It's a remarkable show - emotional, confronting and heart-warming in almost equal servings, and with the considerable bonus of some great musical performances

— Colin Hogg, NZ Herald (series 2)

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