Short Poppies

A mockumentary series created by Flight of the Concords star Rhys Darby. The show follows a day in the life of seven small town New Zealanders, with a comedy twist.

We fund local Comedy and Drama that offers a fresh and funny take on New Zealand life.

Rhys Darby as you’ve never seen him before!

A hilarious take on everyday New Zealand life; not the Tall Poppies…the Short Poppies.

Journalist David Farrier visits the regions, interviewing seven unique small town New Zealand characters, the sort of people that aren’t normally in the lime light.

This programme aired in 2014 on TV One and episodes are available via TVNZ OnDemand. Episodes are also available on Netflix for subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland.


Short Poppies is a Drama & Comedy programme

Augusto for TV One

8 x 30 mins

NZ On Air funding $700,526

Sweet and absurd and a little melancholy, the series features Darby in a different role, male or female, in each episode...To an American ear there is already something whimsical and winsome about the New Zealand accent; with its rising lilt, it sounds a hopeful note. Nothing here contradicts that.

— Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times television critic

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