The Moe Show

A pre-school puppet series about the joy of discovery. Our funding allows the youngest New Zealanders to hear our languages and accents, and see our people and places, on television.

Loveable puppet Moe and his group of puppet friends help young New Zealanders understand themselves, the people around them, and the country they live in.

Our funding of programmes for Children and Young People seeks to provide content for New Zealanders at every age and stage. Quality programming for children and young people is an important responsibility and is specified in the Broadcasting Act. 

Pre-school programming offers good value for money as shows are able to be repeated many times to new learners.


The Moe Show is a Children's and Young People's programme currently in its second series

Pop Up Workshop for TV3

52 x 11 mins 

NZ On Air funding $1,974,926

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TV3, Weekdays at 7.35am

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Also funded by NZ On Air

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