Jono And Ben

Jono and Ben take nothing in life too seriously. Funded since 2012, Jono and Ben on Three at 7:30pm on Thursdays, is a great way to end your evening on a laugh.

Cracking jokes, sketching comedy and performing parodies is their specialty.

Jono And Ben are now coming to you live every Thursday night on Three. Jono Pryor, Ben Boyce, Guy Williams and Laura Daniel host this series which provides an hour of satirical humour to an enthusiastic live audience.

The show was named one of the top five comedies of 2012 and has been nominated numerous times for Best Comedy Show in the TV Guide’s Best On The Box Awards. In 2014, host Guy Williams was named by the TV Guide as the sexiest man on TV and also won the Funniest Person on TV award. .. proof that gals like funny guys?

Laura Daniel also shone on NZ On Air funded Funny Girls and was a nominee for the 2016 Billy T award. Jono and Ben sure does host some top quality talent!

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Jono and Ben is funded as a Comedy programme.

Mediaworks for Three

Jono and Ben 2017: 26 x 60mins

NZ On Air funding $1,717,042

The sketches (Speed Dating) and musical pieces (‘F*** that Dad’) are often brilliant, but it’s the interplay between the on camera talent which keeps you hooked. The charming boorishness of Jono and Ben versus the more contemporary cynicism of Rose Matafeo and Guy Williams works both as both banter and a slow but inevitable torch-passing between two generations of New Zealand television comedy.

— Duncan Greive, The Spinoff

Audience reach


Percentage of people aged 5+ on average that watched each episode of the 2015 series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement


The average number of people aged 5+ that watched each episode of the 2015 series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement

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Three, Thursdays at 7.30pm
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