Hope And Wire

Award-winning filmmaker Gaylene Preston brings us Hope And Wire, a 3-part Platinum Fund drama series set in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, and telling a universal story of family, hope and triumph against the odds.

It’s the aftershocks that run the deepest, bringing to the surface the things that truly matter to us, the compassion of the many and the selfishness of the few. Hope And Wire brings us a cross-section of modern families, from the homeless pulling together to create a community, to the middle-class suburbanites whose world has been shaken to its foundations. It shows us at our most desperate and our most hopeful and echoes true events with a candid and unflinching eye.

This gripping series screened in July 2014. The production received more than $5million from the Platinum Fund which supports quality programmes with something important to say about New Zealand.

Through quality drama New Zealanders can experience stories about ourselves. Quality local drama in prime time is a key goal of NZ On Air.

The series stars Bernard Hill, Rachel House, Jarod Rawiri, Miriama McDowell, Luanne Gordon, Stephen Lovatt, Joel Tobeck, Chelsie Preston Crayford.

Gaylene Preston is the series creator; she has written, directed, and co-produced with Chris Hampson.

A live performance of the song 'The Prayer' written for Hope and Wire, directed by Gaylene Preston.

The Eastern - The Prayer (with Marlon Williams and the community of Birdlings Flat).


Hope and Wire is a Drama and a Platinum Fund programme.

GPP-H&W Productions for TV3

6 x 60 mins (to screen as 3 x 2hrs)

NZ On Air funding $5,142,664

Hope and Wire’s blend of documentary and drama, with characters breaking out and speaking first-person to the camera, is a bold stylistic move...

— Russell Brown, writer for the Hard News blog

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Number of people aged 5+ on average who watched the series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.


Percentage of people aged 5+ on average who watched the series, sourced from Nielsen Television Audience Measurement.

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