Beneath New Zealand

Beneath New Zealand provides a unique look at how the forces above and below New Zealand formed this land.

From the producers of New Zealand From Above comes Beneath New Zealand, a three-part documentary series exploring New Zealand’s natural landscape and the science behind its formation.

The history behind New Zealand’s vast landscape is extensive, and as science advances we can develop a stronger understanding of what has created this land and the natural hazards that lie dormant below the surface. Each one hour episode examines this country’s mountains and caves, volcanoes, and rocks and quakes. Follow this series as it leads us through some of the oldest and narrowest caves in New Zealand, to the crevices of Mount Cook, and onto the edges of New Zealand’s oceans.

NZ On Air's Platinum Fund supports content that informs, educates and entertains a wide local audience. With Beneath New Zealand the production team aims to celebrate New Zealand's diverse and unique landscape through sharing informative scientific research and stunning imagery that will connect the audience to the land like never before.


Beneath New Zealand is a Documentary programme supported from the Platinum Fund.
Beneath NZ Limited for Prime
3 x 60 minutes
NZ On Air Funding: $390,000

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