Behind every wedding there is a story.

The time-honoured tradition of arranged marriage is more widespread than most New Zealanders would think. From small celebrations to lengthy, grand ceremonies, Arranged gives New Zealanders the opportunity to witness the nerves and excitement in the lead up to this very special day. Weddings are becoming more varied with our nation’s ever-increasing cultural diversity.

Arranged is an eight-part series which provides a unique perspective into the religious ceremonies, and lifelong commitments that are taking place in New Zealand through arranged marriage. For some the journey to finding their spouse is extensive. Witness the course taken by both families and individuals as they search, often across continents, for their suitable partner, and make their biggest life commitment in saying ‘I do’.

Notable Pictures have extensive experience producing factual and documentary programmes. To ensure the success of Arranged, Julia Parnell and her production team have explored various avenues to showcase arranged marriages within a range of different cultures and religions.


Arranged is a Special Interest Programme. 

Notable Pictures for TV3

8 x 60 minutes

NZ On Air Funding: $670,809

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