Apply for television funding

We fund television programmes that reflect and develop New Zealand identity and culture.

What we fund

We make funding decisions under the Broadcasting Act and in line with our investment strategy.

We look for:

  • innovation and creativity in proposals
  • diversity of faces, stories and storytellers to reflect all New Zealanders
  • value for money.

Find out about the genres we support and our current priorities

Funding Deadlines

2017 is a transition year as we work to implement the new single funding strategy and NZ Media Fund.

In future all applications for funding will be made online. Businesses that will be intending to apply for funding will need to register as applicants before they can submit an application. The registration process is now open here.

Broadcaster Support

All programmes we fund must be broadcast on one of these free-to-air channels unless it is a Type 3 application (see Channel Preference Guidelines):

A commitment to broadcast is required before applying for funding. This is because we don't want taxpayer money going to waste. The support of an Online Aggregator is required for Type 3 applications.

The broadcaster/online publisher will confirm their support, including their financial contribution, to us separately using the Broadcaster Commitment form or Type 3 Broadcaster Commitment Form.

Please note: All proposals submitted to NZ On Air are covered by the Official Information Act and may be released.


Development funding is for researching or writing scripts or treatments. We mostly contribute to drama; and occasionally to documentary development.

Please read the guidelines before completing an application form.

At the end of 2016, to extend the range of scripted drama and comedy development projects we have revised our development criteria to provide a pathway for a limited number of eligible projects to access first-stage development funding without the support of a platform. Please read more about the Diverse Development initiative below.


Production funding is for shooting and completing a programme.

Funding rounds are held five times a year. Programmes in each genre must apply at different times in the year. Please see here for 2017 funding deadlines.

Please read the guidelines before completing an application form.

Platinum Fund

The Platinum Fund is a special contestable fund for programmes with something important to say about New Zealand. The fund supports quality content that is currently difficult to find on our screens or which requires a high level of public investment to be made.

Please read the Platinum Fund criteria and guidelines before completing an application form. Note the Platinum Fund will be rolled into the NZ Media Fund from 1 July 2017. It will not be a separate category for applications but we will continue to support content of this quality. 

From time to time, if we have detected a gap in content, we may go to the market to seek the content we require. In these cases we issue a Request For Proposals (RFP).

There are no current RFPs.

We support multi-platform news and information content serving regional audiences. This audio-visual content is rarely provided by national media organisations and is a key part of our support for Community Broadcasting.