Putting New Zealanders in the picture — our stories and people on television

We invest more than $80 million a year in local television programmes on mainstream free-to-air channels and on demand sites and in multi-platform regional media. It's so that you can see more, and a wider variety of, local content.

We invest in innovative, creative programming with a diversity of faces, stories and storytellers.

One of our primary functions under the Broadcasting Act 1989 is to reflect and develop New Zealand identity and culture. We do this by ensuring a range of broadcast content is available to New Zealanders.

We balance our priorities between audiences and programme types so that all New Zealanders can find locally made content that appeals to them.

In 2017 we are transitioning to a new single strategy and platform neutral fund, the NZ Media Fund. The below content categories relate to our existing funding processes until 30 June 2017.

The December funding round considered 36 applications across the General and Platinum Funds seeking $24.4m in funds. We allocated $16.5m to deliver 165.8 hours of content. 

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2017 is a transition year as we move to a new platform neutral funding strategy.

In future all applications for funding will be made online. Businesses intending to apply for funding will need to register as applicants before they can submit an application. The registration process is now open here.

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2017 Funding Deadlines

All deadlines are now 4pm on the date stated.

(Note our funding rounds will change effective from the July round 2017. Read more about this in the Funding Strategy document.)

Please note: All proposals submitted to NZ On Air are covered by the Official Information Act and may be released.

We have various strategy documents which producers should be aware of when preparing applications. They cover, for example, drama, documentary, Pacific content, Māori content and digital and our channel preference guidelines. See here.

From July 2017 we will be guided by a single platform neutral strategy. The rest of this section relates to processes until June/July 2017.

When funding is approved for a television programme there are a number of steps producers need to take.

  • Initiating a Production Funding Agreement
  • Meeting milestones and providing reports on progress to trigger the drawdown of funds at agreed stages
  • Specific requirements for accrediting NZ On Air on the broadcast programme
  • In some cases, supplying sales income reports regularly after the programme has been delivered to the broadcaster

Download Forms and Guidelines for each step of the process

Channel Preference Guidelines 2014