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Music New Music Funding

We fund artists to record songs, make music videos, and promote their songs, so that great NZ songs find their audience, both on radio and online platforms.

Music New Music Funding New Music - Project funding

If you have a collection of great songs that you want to release in an organised campaign to connect with a significant audience, then New Music Project funding is available. There are four New Music Project contestable funding rounds a year.

Music New Music Funding New Music - Single funding

If you have a great song you want to release as a single to connect with as wide an audience as possible then New Music Single funding is available. There are five New Music Single funding rounds a year.

Factual What we fund

We invest in high quality factual content for a range of platforms. This content spans diverse topics and audiences and records important moments in our culture and history.

Research Research articles Platinum Fund Review - March 2012

A review of the first three years of the Platinum Fund.

News Articles June Making Tracks funding decisions

Decisions from NZ On Air’s June 2015 Making Tracks funding round

News Articles August Making Tracks funding decisions

NZ On Air will fund 20 new music projects in its latest MakingTracks funding round.

News Articles NZ On Air announces comedy funding

NZ On Air is pleased to announce funding for the return of three popular comedy programmes.

News Articles Joint documentary fund producing results

The first documentary project supported by NZ On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission under the Joint Documentary Fund has gone into production, while funding for two more projects has just been finalised.

Results 1 to 20 of 424


Results 1 to 20 of 424